News from our Department

The HandsOn project


24.9.2009 Looking for Master's Thesis and Doctoral Students on Augmented Reality, Virtual Interaction, and Virtual Acoustics

Read more about the open positions.

21.9.2009 Postdoc position in the Virtual Acoustics team

We are looking for a post-doc researcher for two years to strengthen our team. The duties include supervision of MSc and PhD students and carrying out own research. Read more

31.8.2009 PhD student position: Augmented Reality

Possible research topics are related to the use of computer vision in augmented reality and interaction. Deadline for applications is Sept. 28th. More information

14.11.2008 "Blender meets Minority Report"

The HandsOn project is researching new methods in interacting with a 3D modeling/animation software. Blender, the open source 3D content creation suite, has been used as the test platform. BlenderNation has published a story in their 3D news section about the developments in the project so far.

16.10.2008 New site for the department

Our department finally got a website! Some things, like publications, are still at the old laboratories' pages, but they will eventually find their way here... Old pages of the Laboratory of Media Technology have been archived.