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2009 Admission

1 Hour Tour (Boone Home or Boonesfield Village):
Adults - $7.00
Seniors (55+) - $6.00
Children (4-11) - $4.00

2 Hour Tour (Boone Home and Boonesfield Village):
Adults - $12.00
Seniors (55+) - $10.00
Children (4-11) $6.00

Group rates available, please call for information, reservations are required for groups of 10 or more.

Hours of Operation:

We are open daily for guided tours. We are closed New Years Day, Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve & Christmas Day . Please call for further information.

Daylight Savings Time Hours:
Everyday: 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Last tour starts at 5:00 PM

Standard Time Hours:
Everyday: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Last tour starts at 4:00 PM

Daniel Boone (Barney Combs) greets a visitor.    ©2009 Lindenwood University

Daniel Boone Home - 2009 Partial List of Events

Many new, exciting events have been added this year. If you have been here before, please come again and enjoy the new additons to the Boonesfield Village experience.

May 30: Spring Planting Day

July 11: Town Ball

September 19-20: Pioneer Days

October 3-4: Occupation! A Community at War

October 24: Halloween: Spirits of the Past

December 4&5 and 11&12: ANNUAL CANDLELIGHT TOUR -
Usher in the holiday season with a visit to the Boone Home & Boonesfield Village. More than a dozen buildings are decorated in 19th century fashion and are illuminated with thousands of candles, lanterns, bonfires and starlight. Period music will echo through the valley offering a simpler, more delightful holiday experience.

Lindenwood University

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For information on all special events call (636)798-2005

Welcome to the Daniel Boone Campus of Lindenwood University

Lindenwood University welcomes you to the home of Daniel Boone during the years he and his son, Nathan, lived in Missouri. Please stop by when in Missouri.

STEP BACK INTO MISSOURI'S PAST! The Historic Daniel Boone Home is a four-story structure built between 1804 and 1810 in the Femme Osage Valley of St. Charles County. It was the last permanent residence of Daniel Boone and his wife, Rebecca, and was where he died in 1820. The adjoining Boonesfield Village is a collection of historic buildings from throughout Missouri that are being reconstructed to form a living history village and a center for the study of history, traditional arts, natural sciences and ethics.The Historic Daniel Boone Home and Boonesfield Village are part of the Lindenwood University system.

The Lindenwood University's goal is to create a living-history village that that reflects the time of the Louisiana Purchase and early statehood, which came for Missouri in 1821, a year after Boone died.

General Description of the Boone Home Site

The Historic Daniel Boone Home and Boonesfield Village are open all year round. The grounds are accessible by guided tour only, except for special events.

The Historic Daniel Boone Campus and Boonesfield Village are likely to impress visitors not only with the size of the home but also the scope of the village that is coming to life behind it. The village has expanded to include over a dozen other 19th-century structures, including a chapel and schoolhouse. The village is populated by interpreters in period dress, with more performers and artisans to come as the village grows.

The Boone home, nearly 200 years old, is large even by today's standards. It rises four stories -- counting a kitchen and dining room in what might be considered a basement -- with limestone walls that are 2 1/2 feet thick. The home has seven fireplaces and a ballroom on the top floor.

One famous structure is the Sappington/Dressel Home, formerly located on Gravois Road in St. Louis. After being obtained by Lindenwood University it was disassembled in the spring of 1988 by Randell Andrae, two full time paid staff members of the then Historic Daniel Boone Home, Inc., and 2 volunteers, Bob Pecoraro and Barney Combs. It was then reconstructed at its present site. There is a bronze plaque inside the Sappington/Dressel Home describing this historic restoration..
Other historic structures have also been acquired, primarily from St. Charles and Warren counties.

Academic Programs

There is no greater way to learn than by doing. In addition to the standard tour of the Boone Home, Boone Campus staff will work with teachers and youth leaders to select program activities that provide experiential learning opportunities. These programs involve the participants in such hands-on activities as splitting fence rails with gluts and a maul, riving cedar shingles with a froe, fire starting with flint and steel or cooking a meal in a Dutch Oven. Participants may also observe a black-powder firearms demonstration or the "village blacksmith" forging an "S" hook.

Go directly to Lindenwood University's site for more information:



Interested in history and looking for something to do with your time?

Consider being a Boone Home Volunteer. Lindenwood University's Daniel Boone Home and Boonesfield Village has many opportunities for someone willing to volunteer their time once a month, once a week or as often as you are willing to enjoy being part of the family. The Boone Home is locat

Interested in history and looking for something to do with your time? Consider being a Boone Home Volunteer. Lindenwood University's Daniel Boone Home and Boonesfield Village has many opportunities for someone willing to volunteer their time once a month, once a week or as often as you are willing to enjoy being part of the family. The Boone Home is located in the Defiance, MO area on Highway F between Highway 94 and New Melle.

Volunteers can participate in activities such as Demonstrators, Heritage Landscaping, Curatorial Assistant, Special Events and Programming, Retail Services in our Museum Shop and as an Historic Escort Interpreter.

Volunteering at the Boone Home is rewarding and a great place to escape to. Daniel Boone and his family chose to settle here when they arrived from Kentucky and the reason is clear. The landscape is beautiful and the vision is to preserve that essence of frontier life.

Training is available for each volunteer opportunity and we will try to fit you in a position that will suit your interests. If you would like to be part of Pioneer Days or the Candlelight Tour, the time to prepare is now.

Don't wait, call Grady Manus at 636-798-2005 or e-mail GManus@lindenwood.edu to schedule an interview.


Boone Fellows Society

The Boone Fellows Society is an organization of men and women who are pillars of industry, government, sports and entertainment, education, and community service. Through their respective life accomplishments, each has demonstrated determination, innovation, and entrepreneurship. A Boone Fellow is an exemplary leader and role model, committed to the principles of the Boone Fellows Society and capable of enlisting the support of his/her peers, both programmatically and financially.

Through their personal and professional lives, Boone Fellows represent the best of their communities in their personal character and in their commitment to the Judeo-Christian values embodied in the Lindenwood University founder Mary Easton Sibley and America's foremost frontiersman Daniel Boone. Boone Fellows see their century as the likes of Mary Sibley, Daniel Boone and Thomas Jefferson saw theirs - as one filled with both serious challenge and unlimited potential; one awaiting creative, ambitious and energetic leadership; and one that calls for each individual's best efforts in both philosophic and practical arenas.

The Boone Fellows activities include:

* Promoting the vision of the National Center for the Study of American Culture and Values of Lindenwood University
* Drawing attention to traditional college-level curriculum with non-traditional approaches at the 1,030 acre setting of the Daniel Boone Home and Boonesfield Village located in the heart of the Boone Valley
* Encouraging students to explore the entrepreneurial, free enterprise aspects of our past that led to the creation of this country and which will affect it in the next centuries
* Providing recommendations and referrals for candidates for membership in the Boone Fellows Society
* Representing the Center in their day-to-day activities by helping grow the Society and all it represents in this country
* Committing $50,000 over a five year period.

Benefits of Membership:

* Life membership
* Annual dinners at the Daniel Boone Home
* Admittance to Daniel Boone facilities and tours
* Annual acknowledgement in the Donors and Annual Reports of the University
* Plaque in the Visitor's Center recognizing membership

Are you interested in joining?

Please contact Dr. Lucy Morros, Vice President for Institutional Advancement, at 636-949-4532.

Daniel Boone Home & Boonesfield Village Membership

The mission of the Boone Home and Boonesfield Village Historic Site is to preserve and protect the historic structures, collection, and natural resources that comprise the facility; to interpret the early American frontier experience in Missouri as exemplified by the Boone family and their contemporaries; and to provide a center for fully integrated learning on all education levels from elementary through the University level.

Please click HERE for more information on this topic.

The Boonesfield Village currently contains:

* The Hope School House, circa 1831, from St. Paul, Missouri.

* A milliner's shop, circa 1840.

* A woodworker's shop, circa 1837, from Flint Hill, Missouri.

* The Peace Chapel, circa 1840-60, from New Melle, Missouri complete with a reconstructed 28-stop Wicks pipe organ

* Stake House, circa 1828-40, formerly a merchant's house in the Femme Osage Valley of Missouri.

* The Sappington-Dressel House, circa 1807, from south St. Louis County. The Lindbergh School District in St. Louis was planned and a charter was written for it in the house's dining room.

* Borgmann Animal Driven Mill, circa 1840, a gristmill originally constructed in Missouri's Femme Osage Valley.

* Fritz Von Der Bruelge General Store, circa 1830, from Schluersburg, Missouri.

* Flanders Callaway House, circa 1812, the home of Daniel Boone's daughter Jemima Boone Callaway, originally constructed near Marthasville, Missouri.

*The Squire Boone Home

*Grape Arbor

*The Covered Bridge

*Fort San Carlos

*Barn by Van Bibber

Boonesfield Village has acquired another treasure: a newly discovered small Spanish Fort [Fort San Carlos] built in 1793. Click Here for an article courtesy of the St. Louis Post Dispatch and St. Louis Today.

One of the most historic homes in Missouri has been reconstructed.

by Margy Miles. ©2007

* For the full article and many more photos viisit Margy's wonderful Boone website at http://www.danielboonefamily.org

The large 2 story log home of Daniel Boone's daughter, Jemima, and her husband, Flanders Callaway, was built by them shortly after the Boone clan moved to Louisiana Territory (present state of Missouri). It was located on their farm near the little village of LaCharette which was at the present town of Marthasville.

Flanders and Jemima raised their family in this home and lived out the remainder of their lives here. This is where several of their children were born and the site of their weddings. It is where grandchildren were brought into the world and where Flanders and Jemima died in 1829 and 1834. The house is also where Daniel's wife, Rebecca, died in 1813 and where Daniel's only life portrait was painted by artist Chester Harding in 1820 .[See photo of painting below]

The house is now owned by Lindenwood University and has been reconstructed on the old farm at the Historic Daniel Boone Home in the Femme Osage Valley. This is a very important relic from the Boone family and Missouri history.

Chester Harding, Daniel Boone, 1820

TAKE A QUICK TOUR OF THE HOUSE: Click HERE to see some photos of the historic Daniel Boone home.

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