The Green Book: Part One

Chapter Six



  Popular congresses are the only
means to achieve popular democracy.
Any system of government other than
popular congresses is undemocratic.
All the prevailing systems of govern-
ment in the world today are undemo-
cratic, unless they adopt this method.
Popular congresses are the end of the
journey of the masses' movement in its
quest for democracy.
  Popular congresses and people's
committees are the final fruit of the
people's struggle for  democracy.
Popular congresses and people's com-         |No democracy
mittees are not creations of the imagi-      |without
nation so much as they are the product       |popular
of human thought which has absorbed          |congresses
all human experiments to achieve
democracy. Direct democracy is the
ideal method, which, if realised in
practice, is indisputable and noncon-
troversial. The nations departed from
direct democracy because, however
small a people might be, it was impos-
sible to gather them all together at one


Graphic entitled 

time in order to discuss, study and
decide on their policy. Direct democra-
cy remained an Utopian idea far from
reality. It has been replaced by various
theories of government such as repre-
sentative assemblies, parties, coali-
tions, and plebiscites. All led to the
isolation of the people from political
activity and to the plundering of the
sovereignty of the people and the
assumption of their authority by the
successive and conflicting instruments
of governing beginning with the indi-
vidual, on through the class, the sect,
the tribe, the parliament and the party.
  The Green Book announces to the
people the happy discovery of the way
to direct democracy, in a practical
form. Since no two intelligent people
can dispute the fact that direct demo-
cracy is the ideal -- but its method has
been impossible to apply -- and since
this Third Universal Theory provides
us with a realistic experiment in direct
democracy, the problem of democracy
in the world is finally solved. All that
the masses need do now is to struggle
to put an end to all forms of dictatorial
rule in the world today, to all forms of


what is falsely called democracy --
from parliaments to the sect, the tribe,
the class and to the one-party, the
two-party and the multi-party sys-
  Democracy has but one method and
one theory. The disparity and dissimi-
larity of the systems claiming to be
democratic is evidence that they are
not democratic in fact. The people's
authority has only one face and it can
be realised only by one method, name-
ly, popular congresses and people's
committees. No democracy without
popular congresses and committees
  First, the people are divided into
basic popular congresses. Each basic
popular congress chooses its secretar-
iat. The secretariats together form
popular congresses, which are other
than the basic ones. Then the masses of
those basic popular congresses choose
administrative people's committees to
replace government administration.
Thus all public utilities are run by
people's committees which will be re-
sponsible to the basic popular congres-
ses and these dictate the policy to be


followed by the people's committees
and supervise its execution. Thus, both
the administration and the supervision
become popular and the outdated de-
finition of democracy -- Democracy is
the supervision of the government by
the people -- comes to an end. It will be
replaced by the right definition Demo-
cracy is the supervision of the people by

  All citizens who are members of
those popular congresses belong, pro-
fessionally and functionally, to cate-
gories. They have, therefore, to estab-
lish their own unions and syndicates in
addition to being, as citizens, members
of the basic popular congresses or the
people's committees. Subjects discus-
sed by basic popular congresses or the
people's committees, syndicates and
unions, will take their final shape in the
General People's Congress, where the
secretariats of popular congresses,
people's committees, syndicates and
unions meet. What is drafted by the
General People's Congress, which
meets annually or periodically, will, in
turn, be submitted to popular congres-
ses, people's committees, syndicates


and unions. The people's committees,
responsible to the basic popular con-
gresses will, then, start executive ac-
tion. The General People's Congress is
not a gathering of members or ordin-
ary persons as is the case with parlia-
ments. It is a gathering of the basic
popular congresses, the people's com-
mittees, the unions, the syndicates and
all professional associations.
  In this way, the problem of the in-
strument of governing is, as a matter
of fact, solved and dictatorial instru-
ments will disappear. The people are
the instrument of governing and the
problem of democracy in the world is
completely solved.


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