Sunday, October 11, 2009

BMW F800R Chris Pfeiffer: Riding impression

Despite the racy appearance, the F800R Chris Pfeiffer edition remains a practical, comfortable and all-around competent bike that's perfect for riding in the city

BMW had announced the Chris Pfeiffer edition F800R earlier this year and we thought the bike looked rather cool. Now, since they’re only making 68 units of this machine, you aren’t very likely to see one in your neighbourhood, ever. But that didn’t stop the guys at Motociclismo from getting their hands on one. Here are some excerpts from what they have to say about the CP-edition F800R:

The special edition F800R has been built to look like Chris Pfeiffer’s stunt bike, so it gets the the red-white-and-blue colours, Akrapovic exhaust, black (rear) and white (front) wheels, LED turn indicators and red rear shock.

Since BMW wanted the F800R CP to be able to perform like the real stunt bike, they’ve also increased the engine oil capacity (an extra two litres) for added reliability, and bolted on bits like Magura handlebars, a shorter brake pedal and an idle adjustment knob. The engine has been modified for smoother power delivery and more low-rpm torque, so pulling wheelies should now be easier than ever.

The F800R CP is nice and responsive, if not hugely powerful. It’s the ideal bike for riding in the city and less experienced riders will appreciate its smooth, progressive power delivery. Also, the Akrapovic system improves upon the standard bike’s exhaust note and maybe even provides a minor performance boost.

The front fork is, perhaps, a bit too stiff for normal street use, the brakes are powerful and have good ‘feel,’ and the on-board computer provides all the information you could ever want. And apart from its capabilities, the F800R CP also gets you lots of attention – everybody looks when you stop at traffic lights, as if you’re riding a full-on racebike on the streets. But if you leave aside that ‘image,’ this is a comfortable bike that’s easy to ride and comes with helpful extras like heated grips and optional ABS.

The F800R CP edition is a very practical, all-around competent bike and as a bonus, some people will think you’re Chris Pfeiffer when they see you on this bike. And that’s a good deal!

BMW F800R Chris Pfeiffer: Tech Specs

Engine: Liquid-cooled, DOHC, 8-valve, 798cc parallel-twin
Power: 89bhp@8,000rpm
Torque: 85Nm@6,000rpm
Gearbox: Six-speed
Final drive: Chain
Chassis: Aluminium twin-spar, aluminium swingarm
Suspension: 43mm fork (front), adjustable monoshock (rear)
Brakes: Twin 320mm discs with four-piston callipers (front), single 265mm disc (rear)
Wheels: 17-inch
Tyres: 120/70 (front), 180/55 (rear)
Claimed dry/wet weights: 171kg/199kg


Zero to 100km/h: 4.2 seconds
Standing kilometre: 23 seconds
Top speed: 220km/h
Average fuel consumption: 5.9 litres/100km

For the original article, please visit the Motociclismo website here


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