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The Sport Australia Hall of Fame introduced the Legend status to recognise those members who have distinguished themselves at the highest level and in doing so have offered inspiration and example to Australia. One member, selected by his or her peers, is elevated each year. We have now honoured 28 Members as Legends of Australian sport.
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Name Sport Year Inducted Info
  Barassi AM, Mr Ronald 'Ron' Australian Football - Athlete & Coach 1987
  Brabham AO OBE, Sir Jack Motor Racing 1985
  Bradman AC, Sir Donald Cricket - Athlete & Administration 1985
  Breasley AM, Mr Arthur 'Scobie' Horse Racing 1986
  Cawley AO MBE, Ms Evonne Tennis 1985
  Court AO MBE, Ms Margaret Tennis 1985
  Cummings AM, Mr Bart Horse Trainer 1991
  Cuthbert AM MBE, Ms Betty Athletics 1985
  de la Hunty AO MBE, Ms Shirley Athletics 1985
  Elliott AC MBE, Mr Herb Athletics 1985
  Flack, Mr Edwin Athletics 1985
  Fraser AO MBE, Ms Dawn Swimming 1985
  Gasnier AM, Mr Reg Rugby League 1985
  Gould MBE, Ms Shane Swimming 1985
  Gray, Mr Edgar 'Dunc' Cycling 1985
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