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New Bad Brains documentary: Where were you?

The people behind a forthcoming documentary about legendary Washington DC hardcore punk band Bad Brains have released a trailer, mostly consisting of footage from the band's 2007 Build a Nation tour. The clip shows everyone from Henry Rollins to Don Letts waxing lyrical about this "bunch of black guys doing music black guys ain't supposed to do". Look closely, and you'll spot Lil Wayne popping up too. However, the film has yet to be finished and its makers have put the call out for anyone with archive footage of Bad Brains in action, from 1977 onwards, to help them out. So, were you there?

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New Bad Brains documentary: Where were you?

This article was published on at 15.29 GMT on Friday 6 February 2009. It was last modified at 15.39 GMT on Friday 6 February 2009.

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