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Battle rapper Jin finds the Light Print E-mail
by Rapzilla   
Saturday, 29 August 2009

Battle rapper Jin (about) released a new song on his myspace and youtube called "Welcome to the Light Club..", listen to it here: (lyrics below)

I got a session booked for 7 and its 6:35
so I got 25 minutes to conjure up this rhyme
its been a long time right stepped away from the limelight
but the breaks over Holy Spirit takeover
they say the truth will set you free if you so believe
Jesus is the truth with Him freedom can be achieved
I feel the need to let loose right at this instance
confession booth vocal booth really what's the difference
see when I use to battle I declared I'm the boss
I couldn't be defeated.. until I lost
not once not twice my opponents were killin' me
ego crushed but it also taught me humility
was once on the top sent straight to the bottom
some thought double r dropped him others straight forgot him
I used to hear the side commentary and get upset with it
until I realized what was said had some sense in it
no excuses for the stupid records that I made
would I still be sayin' this if those records had got me paid?
I can't call it either way I'm tryin' to save what's left of
my soul and not just what's goin inside my wallet
the beat was the canvas the paint was my rhymes
never thought that I could use my art to infiltrate ya minds
i used the mic to express how I possessed a lota skills
my lust for the opposite sex and 100 dolla bills
Common said He Used To Love H.E.R. yo she still
my baby so it's only right I learn to treat H.E.R. like a lady
you want raps about pimpin' killin' snitchin' ballin'?
you won't get 'em from me naw that's not my callin'
God Almighty reached out I mean this sincerely
He spoke to me like Morgan Freeman did to Jim Carey
it's no coincidence he got me out in Hong Kong
that I'd get it poppin' out here He knew it all along
listen to have much faith requires practice
they'll probably say I'm trippin' they did it to John the Baptist
this is not a rumor God is so great
I'm a late bloomer got baptized in '08
better late than never that's how the saying goes
all my brothers and sisters that are praying knows
Mark chapter 10 the 31st verse
the first shall be last and the last shall be first
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written by i and i, September 14, 2009
this guy just showed so much fruit, he's doin it big now. nice to see those lames in the game step it up, this is the first time i'm thanking God that mistah f.a.b. beat him at a battle i saw. if it wasnt for those losses, he would have never gained the victory. man! God is good!
Oh man! What awesome news!
written by Draw4Christ, September 14, 2009
I can't believe this! Jin, none of us Christians are perfect, we just got to continue striving to read his word and walk with him. It's awesome to hear that Jin admit that he's still struggling. Heck, we're all struggling. God is great.
Letter to my brother...
written by (POTS)product of the Savior, September 10, 2009
When you get saved/you become the light/a fervent and effectual/extension of Christ/double r didn't see ya light/so GOD stepped in/ and made you light sun sights/ Jin an Asian/what a great manifestation/of GOD'S unchanging hand/HE'S so amazing/keep ya faith high/my brother it's gonna get tried/but with GOD you'll make it alright/and never be denied/stay in HIS hand/no jumping out/no fear stand/translation/ain't no running out/use your gift to feed the nation/JESUS the Christ/constant glorification/evil's defeated/like darkness at sunrise/mission completed/my brother we're needed/see you soon/JESUS is LORD/ let's get it on/JESUS already won the war/so let's lead the rest of the world to the source/GOD the most high/we have no other choice......
Peace my brother...pots may GOD keep you and protect you..
God is the potter of all mankind
written by phylosify, September 10, 2009
God creates blessings that all cannot see at sight or glance. only looking over time can one see how all things work for the greater glory of christ. what a mighty God we serve. Amen. congradulations jin
God does what He wants!!
written by Reflect, September 10, 2009
God is snatching souls outta hell!!
written by GuamiMami21, September 09, 2009
I am SO throwed right now! Everyday God amazes me more and more and more!
I remember when this cat called Jin
Used to rap wit his ego bout his life of sin
But God has called upon him a new way of life
God bless this man in the name of Jesus Christ!!!
written by REDFISH, September 08, 2009
written by dingos, September 08, 2009
This is the best news I have heard today. I glad to see that Jin got saved and is now rapping for Jesus. Praise God.
eXCitED to say the least!!
written by CMZ, September 07, 2009
Jin, praise the Lord. Find peace in Christ and seek Him first. Don't worry about why they'll say, Jesus Christ is the truth. awesome testimony too! smilies/cheesy.gif
God is mighty to save(zephaniah 3:17)
written by acronym103, September 06, 2009
ya,man do we serve a great God,welcome to the family bra,ad like da verse you quoted says,shine your light we behind you,just keep your eyes on christ!
Thats whats up
written by B-webb, September 06, 2009
thats whats up...big ups 2 jin...keep reppin the lord and doing what u do fam.
Supremely Sick!
written by Stephy Jey of Goddisciples, September 05, 2009
Yo, This is Ill yo! I'm so Juiced! I hope it's a serious work of the spirit and I believe it is. I just pray God will develop a circle around him of the right people to grow him up yo. God help him as he steps into the crazy and divided world of Gospel rap. SJ
Yeshua Bringing his Kids Home!!!!!
written by Poetical Justus, September 05, 2009
Glory to King Jesus!!!... Jin's a brother now.
written by letitia_eternus, September 04, 2009
smilies/grin.gif WOW the angels rejoiced if he indeed surrendered his life to Christ...honestly, wit skills like his, i PRAY that this isnt another DMX, Ma$e situation so that God can get the glory out of honest conversion of not only lifestyle but gifts as well. Can we keep him??? I pray God allows him to utilize this craft as a witness to what He can do thru cats. PLEASE LORD, dont let the world get the opportunity to mock us and Your name on this one.
written by Chile from Miami, September 03, 2009
Glory to God!!!!
i wanna cry
written by Njamba Kapalu, September 03, 2009
this has made my week...its always pleasing when someone sees the light but this is something to make a"joyful noise" about becoz jin has fount the right "IDENTITY" and i pray that unlik brother has truly found the Lord.I pray that his music will now begin to influence yoths the right way and that he may continue to live Christ.God bless you richly JIN
written by kdizzy, September 03, 2009
Praise God!! I just ask that everyone who is so excited about his collabos and everything be more excited about him being saved and humbling himself and not so quickly going to the forefront but allowing God to build him in "his" timing ..patience and humility are very important in this christian race .. Jin Im overjoyed for you that you found the light what a blessing that was for me to hear that and know that satan lost someone else . Hallelujah!
written by Feenix, September 02, 2009
Yall these are the cats that taught me to rap, nnow God got em giein it bak to Him. I thank God coz this is a great victory. To all the others, plz keep prayin 4 X, he needs to come around fully too... Thank U JESUS!
written by Christina Kim, September 02, 2009
God is great,
much respect to Jin
Dudes really talented.
written by Packman850, September 01, 2009
I used to listen to some of his older songs a while back. Im glad he's found the truth. He sorta sounds like Braille.
Praise God
written by claudio, September 01, 2009
wow omg this kats is sick i use to follow alot of his free style battles on bet and wat not i came to christ this year i had to get rid of my old me and i know that it is hard to stay in this position right now bc ppl in this word if u love God and u look different then everyone else you for sure will looked at as crazy,super spiritual,u will be mocked but wateva i dont care anymore i live my life for christ anyways going back to jin wow im so happy he has so much talent wow im so so so happy i cant wait to see him with like reach record and lecrae flame truth u know praising God with kats like that wow ill be praying for him....i also found out that pettey pablo gave his life to christ too smilies/grin.gifsmilies/grin.gifsmilies/grin.gifsmilies/grin.gifsmilies/grin.gifsmilies/grin.gifsmilies/grin.gifsmilies/grin.gif
written by Kaos, September 01, 2009
Paitent Diligence is a blessing
written by Lamar Gibbs, August 31, 2009
"I can see some amazing collabos with him and some of the artists now on the HHH scene. To all the christian artists going hard right now you need to try and reach out to Jin immediately, yall need to let him see Christs love and really go after him."

After I read that, I was like amen, but then I was also like, let's be paitent with the Lord concerning this as well. If anyone is into Hip Hop, you would know by hearing Jin rap, that he has some crazy skills and everything, but the one thing I would really begin praying for is paitence in the preparation. Some of the greatest men, according to how God gave them the grace to move in very visible areas(meaning some move in areas that can be invisible but just as important...think hand and foot of the body of Christ) only were sustained through paitent preparation of a foundation grounded in the Lord.

I already see that if Jin gets on collabs by Christian artists that he will in fact be very noticed in this genre and in fact I feel that many will want to collab with him, but I personally pray that the Lord will build him upon the rock of Christ as He did Paul, and that after this he will be used to convey the importance of who Christ is, in word and in power, because this walk is a walk of endurance and diligence, and living through the perfection of Christ, which establishes habits of righteousness is a blessing that can never be taken away. I pray that he is discipled by able men of the faith and will not waver at the promises of God to everyone that believes on His Son Jesus Christ!

May God be glorified through this all!

written by Bridges, August 30, 2009
dang, dude's got serious skill. i can't wait to hear the kind of stuff he puts out in english now that he's saved.
This could be huge.
written by apalmer, August 30, 2009
I hope eveaything works out for him. I don't really know much about him, but I can tell he really could do big things in HHH. Just from this song alone I can hear the sincerity for God and he really seems like a change has occured in his heart. I can see some amazing collabos with him and some of the artists now on the HHH scene. To all the christian artists going hard right now you need to try and reach out to Jin immediately, yall need to let him see Christs love and really go after him.
Praise the Lord!
written by TrinityKid, August 30, 2009

JIN! Wow this is a great thing to see. I do hope it is sincere and will be praying that your confession stands true. Test yourself, friend, and see if you are of the faith. Study to show yourself approved, but not merely to us. To God the Father! Whether or not you decide to continue your career in the Christian realm remember that whatever you do it is all for the glory of God. I beg you, do not become a Christian Rapper merely to continue your career and progress as an artists, but do it to see lives changed and Christ glorified.

Again, my prayers will be with you! Stand strong, brother, and seek council from the LORD and mature believers!
Who's Real
written by Miguel B., August 30, 2009
Thatz Whatz Good! But actions speak louder than lets see how this plays out!
written by Scooter, August 30, 2009
Woah!!!!... what? AMEN... I mean.. I want to have faith in this... Please don't be an R-Kelly... Bring it for da Lord. I'm prayin for him.
praise god!
written by reddy, August 30, 2009
wow, happy to hear that jin knows the LORD!


eager to see what he does from here on out for the kingdom

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