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Simon's Cat

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Simon's Cat is revealed! E-mail
Wednesday, 05 November 2008

37-year-old Simon Tofield, from Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire, has won praise from cat lovers worldwide with three short animated films, Cat Man Do, Let Me in and TV Dinner, with Cat Man Do picking up the best comedy award at the 2008 British Animation Awards.

In the films, a loving, but frequently exasperated cat owner watches while his cat demands to be fed, let in and groomed.

In Let Me In, the cat is desperate to come indoors while in TV Dinners, his feline resorts to increasingly concerted measures to gain his owner's attention. Finally, in Cat Man Do, he goes to extreme lengths to wake up his owner much to the amusement of the viewer!

Simon, who works for London-based Animation Studio Tandem Films, explains that the films are based on three of his cats, all moggies.

Jess is a tiny seven-year-old cat, who I bought from an ad in the paper, in Clapham Common. Maisie is a gi-normous five-year-old rescue cat, while Hugh is a one-and-half-year-old cat from Cats Protection.

It all started when I wanted to set myself an new animation project last year and one day, I had Hugh climbing all over me and I thought: Thats perfect!

Simon's actual cat!
Simon's muse Hugh larking in the snow
Hugh goes on to be the main inspiration in the films, though the action on the sofa in TV dinner is mostly taken from Jess.

I think its so popular, as the cat mannerisms result in well-observed comedy. People enjoy identifying with them and are reminded about their own cats and their own quirky behaviour.

And for die-hard fans of the series, theres good news as Simon is already planning more clips featuring the hapless cat owner. Im looking for new scenarios for future films and the garden is something Im considering, as well as feeding time!

Watch Simon's Cat on his youtube channel

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