Ready to once again affect the future of history’s arguably greatest toyline? Following a successful 2006ToyFare Fan Choice poll which has seen 20 out of 25 nominated characters made into figures to date, Hasbro once again asked its fans to nominate any character from any movie or Expanded Universe book, comic or video game. Now, armed with the top 30 vote-getters (presented below in alphabetical order), ToyFare is asking you to do your democratic duty! Check out your choices below and cast your vote—who knows how many of the 30 we’ll eventually see, but only one winner will be declared the Fans’ Choice!

Admiral Pellaeon
Expanded Universe Novels/Comics
Originally an Imperial officer, Pellaeon joins with the Rebels during the Vong War to form the New Alliance.

Barriss Offee
Episode II: Attack of the Clones
This Jedi has already had figures, but this would be a neutrally posed and well-articulated version with a soft goods cloak
Ben Quadinaros
Episode I: The Phantom Menace
AKA “Big-Head Pod Racer Guy,” old Ben is a bit on the small side and would probably come packed with another racer.
Cane Adiss
Episode VI: Return of the Jedi
A two-headed, long-necked pilot from Jabba’s Palace, Cane would be a 5.25-inch tall action figure!
Cliegg Lars
Episode II
Uncle Owen’s daddy is the only member of the Lars Homestead not to have a figure yet. He might even have removable legs
Darth Caedus
EU Novels
It’s Han and Leia’s son Jacen gone eeeevil! Good intentions lead Caedus to become a Sith, but he gets killed by his sister.
Darth Plagueis
EU Novels
Palpatine mentioned his Sith mentor to Anakin in Ep. III, but after the film we learned he was a Muun (like San Hill).
Darth Sidious—Senate Duel
Episode III: Revenge of the Sith
Sidious would be well-articulated and have a soft goods robe.
Dash Rendar
EU Video Games
Shadows of the Empire’s Dash had a figure from Kenner, but he could benefit from a modern sculpt and articulation.
Episode II
Another Padmé decoy, Dormé has the distinction of being played by Damages’ Rose Byrne.
Grand Moff Tarkin
Episode IV
Our favorite Moff could use a new figure with a completely new tool and new Cushing likeness. No reuse!
EU Comics
Not all droids look like Artoo. Guri is a human replica droid and the bad ass bodyguard to Prince Xizor.
Jocasta Nu
Episode II
The legendary “Jedi Librarian,” but her figure acknowledge that she’s Jedi as well as librarian by coming with a lightsaber.
Joruus C’baoth
EU Novels/Comics
An insane clone of a Jedi Master, he was used as a pawn by Thrawn and tried to take on Luke as a pupil.
Queen Jamillia
Episode II
Naboo’s Queen during the Clone Wars, her figure wouldn’t skimp on the costume details.
Sgt. Doallyn
Episode VI
This Jabba’s Palace character wears two different outfits in the film. Both may get made.
Taym Dren-Garen
Episode VI
This antler-helmeted skiff guard is the one who shoots Luke Skywalker in his robo-hand.
Tey How
Episode I
The pilot from the Neimodian flagship, the figure could include a soft goods outer robe.
Toryn Farr
Episode V
The Ion Cannon controller from the Rebels’ Echo Base may include her control station.
Episode IV
Another Cantina background alien, this guy was known in preproduction as “Bar Fly.”
Weequay Skiff Master
Episode VI
Has the dubious honor of being the first guy into the Sarlaac.

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