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WANT ASE Certification?

DANTES funds three $27.00 exams per test cycle for     Active Duty, Reserve and Guard including Air Force, Army, Marine Corps, Navy and Coast Guard.

If you are interested in achieving ASE certifications, contact your Education Center’s DANTES Test Control Officer (TCO).

Currently, about 400,000 professionals hold ASE certifications. ASE certification occurs when a prospective candidate passes one or more of ASE’s 40-plus exams and provides proof of two or more years of relevant full-time hands-on work experience. The tests are divided into specialties such as: automobile, medium/heavy truck, truck equipment, school bus, collision repair technicians, engine machinists, alternate fuels technicians, parts specialists, auto service consultants, and collision damage estimators.

Paper/Pencil tests are conducted twice a year at over 750 locations around the country and are administered by ACT, known for its academic and occupational testing programs. DANTES Test Sites also administer the Paper/Pencil tests; however, you must register well in advance and pay your registration fee. Active Duty, Reserve and Guard personnel are eligible for the three funded ASE tests ONLY AT the DANTES Test Sites.

There are excellent ASE Study Guides at the ASE website:

Check the ASE website, prepare for the exam, and contact the DANTES TCO at your Education Center to register! Registration materials for the November 2009 Test Cycle must be received at ASE from the DANTES TCO by 23 September 2009.

Click here:
for the D_ASE Registration Form
or for the Registration Form Instructions.

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