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Sunday, 25 October 2009



Wonderful review! You truly captured the spirit of the album.

Just a quick correction. You said,

"The album closes with Our New Year, a wonderfully nostalgic piece which recalls the wonderful paean to her brother from Scarlet’s Walk (2002), Toast."

"Toast" is located on The Beekeeper, which came out in 2005.


This review looks very thorough overall and I like it but I just have to correct one thing: Toast is not from Scarlet's Walk but from The Beekeeper.


I really liked this review; it was a good read and it described the album pretty well.

My only issue is that Toast was not on Scarlet's Walk, it's from The Beekeeper (2004).

Also I thought it was interesting that Winter's Carol is from a Pagan perspective (The story of Yule) rather than a Christian one like some of the other songs.


Thanks for the comments guys - well spotted re. Toast - you are absolutely right. Also agree with Sage about Winter's Carol - there seems to be something of a conflict between Christian and Pagan on this album that makes it a far more interesting affair.Thanks again.


Thanks for posting such a well-written review. It sounds like the album has a strong but subtle theme running through it. I agree that Star of Wonder could be interpreted as a sort humanistic take on We Three Kings. I can't wait to hear the album in full!


Great review - really exhaustive. Theres no doubt your a Tori fan. I thought there where only going to be 2 new songs by Tori, but according to this you have five. Is that right?


Thanks Tad. Yes, Tori has written five songs on this new album - A Silent Night With You, Snow Angel, Pink and Glitter, Winter's Carol and Our New Year - according to the sleeve notes. You can also check on Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Midwinter_Graces


Very nice review. Does the harpsichord appear on only one song?


Hi Oren - the harpsichord is most immediate on What Child. I am not 100% sure if it appears elsewhere (though I don't think so).


Rather excitingly my review has been referred to on the brilliant Tori Amos site Undented (hurray me) - http://undented.com/news/2036/more-midwinter-reviews


Great review! I'm looking forward to the album even more.- Thanks


Thanks Allisone - it really is a great album - I think you will really like it.

Hal Flowers

How does the sound rate as compared to AATS?? I hope she's backtracked a wee bit, stylistically...I didn't care for AATS at all. All of the other albums rate AAA+++ in my book, but I gave that last one an F-. I'm glad Tori has given us another offering so soon. It totally makes up for the unpleasantness of 'Give', 'Lady in Blue' and the other nonsense on that last 'album'. I don't even believe she wrote it. I think she was forced to pass off the musical vomit of some mobster's wife as her own in order to protect her friends and family.


I have goosebumps! Really cool review! Good Job! Were you invited to review the album by her camp or something? Or wait...maybe its released in the UK? curious...thanks either way!


Hal - I think she has definitely backtracked stylistically with this album. I would say quite a large proportion of it sounds more like her nineties output. Sorry to hear you didn't like AATS - I thought there was some good stuff on there.

Thanks for the comment.


Chadlyo - glad you liked the review - I am sure you will love this album. It is currently available for reviewing, though isn't actually released commercially here until 16th November. I'm definitely looking forward to purchasing the deluxe edition to add to my collection. Thanks for your comment.

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