Arup is a wholly-independent organisation, and is owned in trust for the benefit of its employees and their dependents.

With no shareholders or external investors, the firm is able to determine its own direction as a business, and set its own priorities – independently.

Each of Arup's employees receives a share of the firm's operating profit each year.


Arup Group's policy is set by its Group Board. This body reports to the firm's Trustees and to the firm itself, represented by the global college of directors and principals. 

Group Board


Arup operates as five Regions – each responsible for geographic strategy and management.  The five Regions and their Directors are:


To help ensure we are in touch with our clients’ worlds, and have a deep understanding of these, we also develop strategy under four Markets. The  global leaders are:

  • Energy, Resources and Industry – John Miles
  • Property – David Glover
  • Social Infrastructure – Mahadev Raman
  • Transport – Terry Hill 

We operate 18 Businesses, with region and global leaders who work together to develop the Business, and are responsible for strategy, key account management and business development. They also work with the Practice leaders to encourage the development and provision of skills and services most relevant to their particular Business.


Practices are the services that Arup offers to its clients.  Practice leaders (regional and global) focus on developing people and skills, as well as the constituent professional services.

  • Philip Dilley, Arup Group Chairman

    Philip Dilley, Chairman

  • Andrew Chan, Deputy Chairman