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First Official Photo For James Cameron’s ‘Avatar’


Yes, it finally has arrived. Thanks to a random tip (edit: I’ve gotten many e-mails, I did not steal from /Film, I found this on my own at a private forum and posted it before /Film in fact), today we have the first official photo from James Cameron’s sci-fi/fantasy epic Avatar. The photo will be in Entertainment Weekly’s next issue. It features Sam Worthington and an unconscious avatar behind him. Check it out in hi-res after the jump.

Check out the photo below


In case you haven’t heard about getting into the exclusive 16-minute Avatar preview on August 21st you can find details below:

  • Tickets will be given away first come, first serve at Noon PST (3Pm EST) at on Monday August 17th.
  • Screenings will take place on Friday, August 21st at 6pm and 6:30 pm.
  • Over 100 IMAX locations around the world (70 in USA).

Avatar hits theaters December 18th, 2009.

Are you hoping to go to Avatar Day? What do you think of the first photo?

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  • Krev
    Did you catch my GAF post? : D

    Awesome picture, by the way. I suspect a lot will hate it though.
  • Stolen
    Why not give props to the folks you cut up the pictures from?
  • I actually found this and posted it before slashfilm, thank you very much :)
  • Farley
    That looks like someone shot Hugo Weaving's Elf character from LOTR and stuck him in a Bacta tank.
  • Apologies to the fanboys but this looks fucking bad to me. Not even "well, it could be cool", but just like a halfassed design that looks like the aliens in every movie ever made (besides Mars Attacks). All this dick swinging over how "advanced" the designs are seems as overblown as the dick swinging about how "evolutionary" the actual film will be.
  • 10 points for using 'dick swinging' twice in a single sentence. :P
  • enter!!
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