White Pride World Wide Day - March 21st - "Proud to be White."



What is this day all about?

How did this day come about?

How are White people being racially 
discriminated and vilified against?

What can I do?




What is this day all about?

White Nationalists and proud White people have decided to make March 21st, of every year, the day to denounce all racial discrimination and vilification occurring on a daily basis against White people around the world and make a unified effort to spread the message of the 14 words to White people.

How did this day come about?

The multi-racial supremacists who support minority groups and the “United Nations” had founded the “International day for the elimination of racial discrimination” known as “Harmony day” which also occurs on March 21st.

So, during the early years of 2000 there were small groups of White nationalists around Australia who had already been holding social meetings and regular BBQ’s for White Nationalists/Stormfront members. At one such White Nationalist/Stormfront.org event there was a suggestion to organize “White Only” social meetings to escape the multi-racial oppression that would be experienced and forced onto White Nationalists on March 21st in particular. During one of the BBQ’s held on March 21st several staunch White Nationalists were discussing how to generate awareness amongst mainstream White people to awaken the “Sleepers” and remove the mindset individual White Nationalists may have that they are unable to do anything to assist White victims of racial persecution and discrimination.

“If the United Nations can have this so called “Harmony day” to get their ideology out there every year, then White people will have “White Pride World Wide day” to get their ideology out there every year!” one stated.

……and White Pride World Wide day is conceived.

How is White people being racially discriminated and vilified against?

In traditionally European nations around the world multi-racial supremacist ideology is being forced onto everyone by multi-racial supremacists. This is a progressive genocide due to increased miscegenation and is sanctioned by corrupted Western Governments who use the mass media propaganda machine constantly.. This genocidal ideology can be pushed onto a host population by their own government - if that government has become corrupted by minority groups. Minority groups amalgamate their efforts to advocate discrimination and vilification against the greater portion of the host population by lobbying the government to change laws or bring into effect laws that favour the minority groups over the host population at the expense of the host population.

This slow and gradual process of “Minority group favouritism” has been occurring in traditionally European nations for decades to the point that White people are now subject to racial discrimination and vilification on a daily basis within their own homelands and around the world. The ongoing existence of the persecution of White people is irrefutable and as a natural result to these crimes against White people there have been a growing number of White Nationalists and proud White people working feverishly against this deliberately overlooked persecution.. With the constant introduction of new laws designed to restrict the freedoms of White people in favour of “Minority groups” and Minority group favouritism” there is proof of the government sponsored racial discrimination policy which has been enacted against White people. For example, the dual racial policy system of the Australian Government consisting of all those races classed by the Australian government as Australian, let alone White people, and then separately treated and privileged by the Australian government are the Australian Aboriginal. These are other examples of government sponsored racial discrimination by the Australian Government -http://www.stormfront.org/forum/showthread.php?t=334578 .

There are now also brave White nationalists who have been systematically racially vilified and persecuted for being outspoken in their beliefs by these now corrupted governments. Many White Nationalists have been victims to government sponsored persecution through the law courts or government jobs, while some have been the victims of mass media vilification and some White people been victims of both.

Well known White people who are subject to persecutions are:

Dr David Duke -Former Louisiana State Representative American White nationalist  who wrote both “My Awakening: A Path to Racial Understanding” and “Jewish Supremacism: My Awakening to the Jewish Question”. More info 

Mr Don Black - Stormfront.org founder. More info

Mr Nick Griffin British National Party (BNP) Chairman. More info 

Mr Paul Fromm - Founder of the Canadian Association for Free Expression Inc and producer of the program “For our people”. More info

Mr Ernst Zundel -German-born publisher, author, civil rights activist and Holocaust revisionist. More info 

Dr. Frederick Toben - International ambassador for the Holocaust revisionist movement.
More info 

Mr David Irving -  Author of “Hitler’s war” and Holocaust revisionist.
More info 

Academic Germar Rudolf. More info 

…..and the list continues.


What can I do?

Individuals and groups that have decided to disclose publicly their forms of activism on the day have included wearing a WPWW t-shirt on the day, draping a WPWW flag around your shoulders for a day at the beach, attending protests or public gatherings in WPWW regalia for example:

+ Scottsdale, Arizona 2007

+ Natomas, Sacramento 2008

Video link - A prelude to WPWW Day

+ Calgary, Canada in 2008

Aryan Guard - March 21 2008 Part 1

Aryan Guard - March 21 2008 Part 2




+ Christchurch, New Zealand 2009
Stormfront Post
News Article

+ New Jersey, League of American Patriots 2009
NY/NJ Meeting on March 21

+ Arizona, Nationalist Coalition 2009
Spaghetti Night 


White Pride March New Zealand

New Zealand White Pride Day 2009



+ Calgary, Canada in 2009
Violence as anti-Whites assault 
pro-White Demonstrators

Negative Media report 1
Negative media report 2
Negative media report 3
Negative media report 4

+ The first March 21st WPWW 2009
Stormfront Media Festival Entries

These videos were made by other White Nationalists for
"Educating White people in White doctrine" 



Literature is very important to educating White people about White people who are subject to racial discrimination and vilification on a daily basis which means writing non-derogatory articles of factual information showing conclusive updated statistics that can be sent to other people who dispute claims in disbelief, create a website for spreading the message about White Nationalism and even emailing the government over certain issues are options because one major advantage White nationalists have in the modern age is the internet. This tool can also be used quite effectively on March 21st by White nationalists with the practically of the internet clearly explained by Dr David Duke and added here to assist all those determined Pro-White legal activists bringing about a unified communication effort –

"The Internet has led to a great democratization of information allowing individuals to be at the cutting edge of communication for the first time since information was spread by a speech in the Town Square. It is still an advantage for the big media powers such as the television networks to promote their own or other "approved" websites, but not an insurmountable one. It is also true that once huge numbers of people begin to access a web page there will be high costs for bandwidth (use of the expensive transmission lines needed to carry large amounts of data). But proportionally, the Internet is by far the cheapest and fastest form of mass communication in the world.” - My Awakening: A Path to Racial Understanding - Page 652.

"Suddenly the playing field is leveling. Ideas can now compete on their own merit, rather than simply because people have the media power to promote them. The Internet serves the truth like no other medium in the history of the world. People can judge for themselves what makes sense and what does not, as well as who is being hypocritical and deceitful. The Internet allows cross-examination on every issue!” - My Awakening: A Path to Racial Understanding” - Page 653.

"People of European descent all over the world will be the most Internet and email connected people on the globe. The potential for awakening our people is tremendous. In Iran, the Ayatollah Khomeneini undermined a powerful and strongly entrenched regime with simple audiocassettes. We can create a revolution in thought and action with video and audio, and written material that can be transmitted on the Internet to millions in a matter of minutes.”

“In the future, almost every European will be connected to the Internet. Most will keep their address book on the Internet and because of the inexpensive cost of disk storage space; most people will keep an electronic address book that will continue to grow their whole lives. Those who keep email addresses can send a particular letter to their entire address book by a simple command taking but a few seconds. Suppose someone with a personal address book of 1000 people, received a particularly thought provoking article on the race issue from a friend. He could forward it immediately to all 1000 people in his address file. The same could be done with an audio recording or even a powerful and entertaining video documentary on Jewish Supremacism. Even if the item only impresses a few of his friends and family, those who find it interesting will forward it on to their own address books. The material can reach millions in only a matter of days.”
- My Awakening: A Path to Racial Understanding- Page 654



Another form of activism was using the image below to produce thousands of free stickers to be distributed around the world to promote general awareness:



There was also a generic flyer generated for this day however creating different legal non-offensive Pro-White flyers for March 21st is encouraged and welcomed (Click on the image for printable PDF file):



There are those who choose to be active in other ways such as donating to White nationalist groups/charities, joining a White nationalist organization, organizing social meetings/political meetings to help generate awareness, write a letter to a White nationalist POW, hold a Rock Against Communism (RAC) concert on the day, organize a radio broadcast, create a short film, participate in the Stormfront media Festival or even just fly a White Pride World Wide flag.

There is something that any motivated White Nationalist can do on this day. All White nationalists around the world can make a universal effort on this one day to spread the good message to other people, without even having to co-ordinate events between themselves. This means that even if there are White nationalists who disagree on certain issues individually, or as groups, they will still be able to conduct activism on March 21st which will generate greater awareness to the public for the sake of White people.

All White nationalists and proud White people are encouraged to make March21st of every year the day to remove the suppression of their voices and show their pride by wearing your Pro-White shirts and flying your Pro-White flags while maintaining good legal self-conduct.

Make White Pride World Wide on March 21st !