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  1. Tepee says:

    Huge numbers for the Melbourne Cup, as well as the PTTR wedding which was good ep. I wonder what’s happening with Julie collapsing and all that. Nice premiere for Private Practice – even though it lost 900k off Rafters it’s doing about the same as All Saints was and much, much better than it was doing on Thursdays earlier this year.

  2. Allie says:

    @RichoTB, yeah, Aussie Ladette to Lady is a turkey on par with Nine’s other 2009 reality series turkeys HomeMADE and Australia’s Perfect Couple. It is a total ratings bomb, a serious waste of airspace and I would not be surprised if Nine starts airing double episodes to get rid of it from next week onwards.

  3. hoople says:

    i think that the adelaide time is wrong
    has the race starting at 1:30 adelaide time… shouldn’t it be 2:30?

  4. angelsgal says:

    Francis, the simpsons hour regulary attracts about 1million viewers. a few years ago it was doing about 1.2 mil and in its peak we saw figures of 1.5mil (early 2000’s during the BB era) as it was seen as a family show. Still not many US shows in there 21st season that is aired everynight of the week and multipul times on some days could still pull those figures, so credit to it. I love this show and tens tuesday line up is the only must watch line up of the week for me. I miss generation in it though.

  5. RichoTB says:

    Private Practice pulling the same as All Saints…lets see if it retains those figures next week.

    Ladette to Lady is a turkey. How long before Nine starts airing double episodes of this one or trims it to half an hour?

  6. sam says:

    good one ozgeek…typical south australians inward looking mob would rather watch their own cup and not join the rest of OZ in celebrating the race that stops most of the nation…but not in SA everyones asleep or bickering about if they should build a 4 story skyscaper

  7. JaJa says:

    After reading the Adelaide figures for the Melbourne Cup, that doesn’t look normal for such a major event. What happened?

  8. Francis says:

    Over 1mill for simpsons

    i love the simpsons but this seems a little odd for me.

    what happened? did everyone in aust suddenly think the simspons was a good idea to watch

    i don’t know what happened but i like it…keep those figures up!!

  9. Harry says:

    Good figure for the race that stops the nation. Sevens shows all recieved a boost, PTTRs number sky rocketed given no new NCIS last night. Rest assured, new eps return next week!

    Will be interesting how the Model Daughter: Killing of Caroline Burne will rate tonight on TEN, hope it pulls a good number.

  10. steven g says:

    Reaper wasn’t as dark as I thought it would be. Not sure ‘f i’m going to watch it again next week………….

  11. ryan says:

    ten just announces big line up for week 22/11/09
    talkin bout your gen xmas special
    hamish and andy xmas special
    idol finale
    celeb masterchef
    celeb masterchef finale

  12. ozgeek says:

    Thanks for the Good Game numbers, David. I suppose a 6 percent drop isn’t that dramatic. The online figures may be more telling as many viewers use the ABC website to view the show. A bunch of nerds preferring the internet – say it isn’t so.

  13. ozgeek says:

    @ hoople:
    Melbourne Cup was defintely shown here though, of course, we have a half hour time difference. Maybe Adelaide people just don’t care about the Melbourne Cup – we have the Adelaide Cup (complete with a public holiday which doesn’t happen here for Melbourn Cup) to keep us warm. I know I didn’t watch it.

  14. ryan says:

    @ ross: cheers m8:)
    last night deal or no deal slaughtered ten news! ncis did well but should be getting higher. Simpsons are doing well for ten but lie to me isnt doing that well.

  15. Toby in Syd says:

    Sunrise didn’t get beaten. In fact, it wasn’t even close. The figures above are prelim – and for some reason were coded incorrectly at breakfast. Sunrise came off air at 8am in Brisbane, not 8:30 as listed. So they’re actually being judged on the audience for Home Improvement! And the Perth coding is wrong. The correct figure will be about 391 – which will be released in the final oztam numbers for the day.

  16. hoople says:

    hmmm those melb cup figures for adelaide are tiny
    wondering if the telecast time might have got screwed up…

  17. damo says:

    @kevin martin. gee 9 and 7 really care about what ratings they get in the perth market dont they.

  18. Nik C says:

    I was impressed that Private Practise retained the audience that All Saints was averaging in subsequent weeks to the final. Last year it struggled to reach 800,000 on a Thursday in the 9.30 time slot. So well done to PP, I expect it to drop a little bit nexty week, but hope it can retain some of its audience.

  19. kevin martin says:

    damo says:
    November 4, 2009 at 10:10 am
    good to see sunrise get beaten. probably because people didn’t want to hear kochie rabble on about the horses or the flower and the women dresses for 3 hours
    Today beat Sunrise by 13,000 people.
    Today wouldn’t have beat Sunrise if it had been on air in Perth. They usually get 40 to 50 thousand over there.

  20. Ross says:

    @ryan, NCIS is a repeat because they didn’t show episode 6 in the USA until two weeks after episode 5…on 3 Nov.

  21. damo says:

    good to see sunrise get beaten. probably because people didn’t want to hear kochie rabble on about the horses or the flower and the women dresses for 3 hours

    @mathew. the 7pm project’s ratings start high at the start of every week. but they drop every week after tuesday night

  22. Alty says:

    did anyone see a curent affair last night, Urinal interviews live at the melbourne Cup with sleazy old man reporter also hitting on any female in the story?
    Tracy didnt seem to like it.

  23. Allie says:

    Congrats to the Seven Network – an absolute trouncing of the other three commercial networks. Nine of the Top 10 shows – just outstanding. Of course, the extended Melbourne Cup coverage skews yesterday’s results, but it is still a terrific achievement. I’m a tad surprised by the ratings for PTTR. That is only about 100-150K max up from normal. Given they hype, I thought it would rate through the ceiling and beyond.

  24. daqua_99 says:

    I see Junkyard Wars still reigns supreme in digital-TV ratings land :P

    I was really annoyed last night. I wanted to watch Reaper on 7Two, however Seven is the only Sydney channel that I cannot get digitally at my house. I get ABC, SBS, Ten, Nine, Southern Cross, Win and Prime main channels, with One and Go coming from both Wollongong and Sydney, but I for some reason don’t pick up Seven’s digital signal, and thus I could not watch Reaper on 7Two.

  25. matthew says:

    7pm project receiving a bump?

    766,000 last night, 700,000 on monday

    also adelaide only had 60,000 watching the cup but brisbane and perth had 335,000 and 211,000!

  26. Lewis says:

    117,000 for Survivor: that’s good I would have thought. Beat Ugly Betty and Reaper over on 7TWO.

    Private Practice didn’t hold much of PTTR’s massive audience. Wait till next week, when PTTR’s down 200,000.

  27. Jimbo says:

    Wow. Seven did very well yesterday. The Melbourne Cup Race and the Rafters wedding did great numbers.

  28. daqua_99 says:

    @ Ryan – Why no love for GNW? GNW isn’t meant to be a news show, it’s a comedy. People don’t watch it for the news, people watch it for the laughs. Ten will keep it as long as possible if it is able to reach a 950,000-1,000,000 mark in ratings because they have nothing else that can guarantee them that figure and it is relatively cheap compared to new episodes of US dramas.

  29. ryan says:

    is there a reason ten didnt play a new ep of ncis tonight?

  30. Tbone23 says:

    Great 2 see Big Bang Theory doing so well classic show.

  31. Craig says:

    Good to see Big bang doing such great numbers, see nine you keep a show on, fast track it (kinda) and people will watch!

  32. ryan says:

    @ trev, easy, they could bring back either new eps of s.v.u or crimnal intent to 8.30 mons

  33. frankie lupo says:

    2.5 men number 2 in the ratings unreal, cant wait for the backlash, bette streep where are you.

  34. David Knox says:

    I believe Good Game was 44,000 on ABC2 down from 47,000 last week.

  35. Goonies says:

    Good Game last night was terrible. I kept tuning out all the time. Hex = Bad Game.

    David I’d be very interested to know if there was a ratings drop as well. Thanks

  36. Trev says:

    OMG! Now ryans calling for TENS No. 1 show on Monday to be axed, namely GNW. What are they going to replace it with, their cupboard is bare. The whole Network needs a complete overhaul and promotion, not just the news service. We are rapidly approaching the Xmas shutdown, God help us all Tiny TIm, if you think it’s bad now, wait a while longer, I can assure you it will get worse, not just 10 but across the board.

  37. David Knox says:

    Cup Eve in Melbourne would have meant lower numbers. Tonight will be huge.

  38. ryan says:

    I agree, jamie’s road trip is pretty dam good! it should be getting much better numbers. 7pm project was again boring and deserved those low numbers, gnw needs to dissapear forever! Ten news needs a major overhaul and promotion about how it has more in depth news because it goes for an hr and so on.

  39. Harry says:

    Good figure for The Mentalist last night, best show on Channel 9. Criminal Minds beat Flash Forward..

  40. koverstreet says:

    As for Jamie I’m not a huge fan of his but this current series is excellent and even though I’m not a fan of that part of the US I really enjoyed last nights ep. The stuff about Katrina was fascinating indeed. Next week should be better as he heads off to the great state of California.

  41. David Knox says:

    Thanks Janey. I’ve never seen anywhere in Oz that gives that kind of demo info on a daily basis, no doubt for the very reason it isn’t so comprehensively available. Given your close association with TEN how about they send me the full 16-39, 18-49, 25-54 for all 5 networks from 6pm-12am and we can reboot this for 2010? This is why I include it as weekly info thus far.

  42. andy says:

    Jamie Oliver’s American Road Trip really not resonating with viewers- plummeting to 625,000. Surely it’s got one more week at best. Maybe we’re sick of the whole “celebrity chef” full stop… we all know what happened to Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver’s last special (when he “saved our bacon”) rated only 543,000.

  43. koverstreet says:

    Flash Forward drops off yet another 100+ k.

    Interesting to see a closer race at 9.30 this week with CM down 100k and The Apprentice up by roughly the same amount.

  44. Edu says:

    good to see that Big Bang is catching up to 2.5 Men, I really think this show is a sleeping giant. Leave it over summer and it will be another 2.5 men in ratings success.
    Mentalist now beating FF, it’s not far before FF goes below 1 mil

  45. gerry says:

    Wow. Great figures for Big Bang. Hopefully it just continues to grow, as it is a very smart comedy (obviously the characters are smart, but the show’s jokes are smart as well). :)

  46. ozgeek says:

    @Studley Dudley

    LOL at your “Perhaps he should be replaced by Hex”. To be Hexed is now a verb. Appropriate that Good Game had to do this replacement around Halloween.

    David, I know Good Game is lowly rated (yet a ‘ratings winner for ABC2′) but do you have ratings to compare the post Hex Good Games figures (weeks 44 and 45), to the Junglist ones (every other episode)?

    For those wondering what I’m going on about: Good Game replaced a reviewer last week amidst a cloud of controversy.

  47. Allie says:

    @ Jed. yes, that footage with the alligator on Jamie’s Road Trip last night was fantastic. Excellent show last night, I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the underbelly of New Orleans. It is a very good programme that deserves much better ratings than what it is getting.

    The Nine News flop continues unabated. They are nowhere near close to laying a glove on Seven at 6pm.

  48. Johnson says:

    Seven should be worried about the ratings of FlashForward. Not only did it get beaten by The Mentalist for the first time, it was also outrated by Criminal Minds which follows. A bit of good news for Sunrise though, its special broadcast from Marysville (being rebuilt after it was destroyed in the Black Saturday bushfires) won the breakfast slot in Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.

  49. Janey says:

    David, if you want to give a complete picture to the daily ratings, you need to include the demos in some form. How you do it is up to you, but they should be included…especially as you have been told in interviews by all programmers that they only care about demos. 25-54 for Seven and Nine, and 18-49 & 16-39 for Ten. Total people figures and show rankings are really only a very small part of the daily ratings. All the American ratings sites include demo information because they are so important.
    This is an absolutely fantastic site, and you do a wonderful job, but, If you want to keep it relevant, and the first place people go to get their information, then demographics should be included in daily ratings reports. Even if you add it in later. Daily top shows in 18-49 would be a great addition. Just my opinion.

  50. ryan says:

    Also ten should bring back the rest of the bondi rescue bali eps to either 7.30 fri, or 6.30 sat. Futurama’s eps should be mon- fri after the 10 late news. 10 should also bring back the friday eps of masterchef and play them from start to finish on fridays since they have so many cooking ideas. Merlin season 1 repeats for 6.30 sunday. Three rivers for a sat slot after movies or on fridays at 8.30

  51. ryan says:

    just a thought for 10. How about giving mike goldman a go at hosting the 7pm project? he did really well having fitzie and bree on friday night live which did pretty good numbers for a friday, plus he knew how to handle the audience and the co hosts in a fun way. Does anyone else rekon 10 should give mike goldman a go hosting 7pm project?

  52. Ryano says:

    Electric Dreams was always going to be a failure. Something you might expect to see on the ABC.
    Ten need to think Merlin type programming for 6.30. We know its a winner, find something close to it and fill it!

  53. Jed says:

    Jay Leno show on 7TWO was great. Pity it starts at 6, but i really enjoyed it. Elephants are amazing (there was an elephant on the show who was picking fruit out of a basket.)

    And did anybody see what Jamie Oliver did to that alligator? That was amazing when he blew it up. Bit graphic ripping the skin off, but i’ve never seen anything like it.

    @Jennifer, yeah i know they were rotating intenrns last season, but last week the guy was given a scholarship, all of them were really close to him and sad when they found out he was going to be leaving, so they helped him out. I was under the impression he was picked and was gonna be permanent. I’d really hate it if they kept rotating them this season..

  54. Rutzie says:

    Bones ratings will soar now that Nine have gone into movie mode on Sunday’s. Did anyone actually watch The Conspiracy on Nine last night. Electric Dreams, really Ten is that the best you could come up with for a prime time Sunday night slot. Also just thought i’d mention about Rove last night, Eric Bana was interviewed for around 5mins. Instead of having these unfunny skits (that one about exercising last night was woeful) maybe interview the guests longer.

  55. Harry says:

    I honestly believe if Idol finished at 8.30 or even 9.00 the show would be consistently cracking the million that TEN need it to be doing. Stretching it out to 9.30 has been one of TENs lowest moves all year. Kind of explains the demos as well, kids have school on the Monday – as if their parentals are going to leave them stay up to watch Idol.

  56. David Knox says:

    Key demos are reported in weekly reports. Networks send editorialised demos which I largely ignore. They also don’t arrive at the same time as rankings. Somehow I don’t think people want me to hold off rankings for the breakout out of digital channels and demos. In any case, it’s all changing again from late Dec when we get timeshifting. Ratings are an evolving process, people…we’ll likely have another shift again in 2010.

  57. Tal says:

    I find it frustrating that people discuss the demos here eg “the only highlight being Rove (of all things) winning in all demos” when most of us have no idea what the demo numbers are. Everyone says the demos are what matters, so why does this site only report viewer numbers and not demos?

  58. Wipeout Fan says:

    Those are not bad figures for Wipeout – I don’t think many people knew it was a double episode. I loved both episodes as usual!

    10 has learnt from its mistake of not putting Sports Tonight on at 5:30pm and keeping it to the 7:30pm version on One. They still have big issues with Idol (do they really need 2 hours) and Rove is dying a slow death.

    60 Minutes has been poor all week thanks to thier stories. Most of the stories are not interesting, cutting edge or even the softer stories are boring.

  59. Ryano says:

    Something must be wrong with those F1 figures…way more people watched the pre-race show in Perth, Brisbane than the actual race?

  60. Studley Dudley says:

    @Ed. Thanks for the correction. I meant Sunday Night, not 60 Minutes, DOH !

    Sunday Night, no wonder your ratings are so bad !!

    ( I blame David for not picking up on my mistake. Perhaps he should be replaced by Hex )

  61. Tepee says:

    Huge night for Seven now getting help from 7TWO.
    60 has had a tough year, not exactly getting the numbers it was looking for in its 30th year.
    At 6:30 SN won but 20-01 was supreme in the demos.
    Electric Dreams was an epic fail, which is disappointing because I enjoyed it. Too British perhaps? Or too edited?
    TEN had a shocker – the only highlight being Rove (of all things) winning in all demos and second in TP. Did I see Baby John Burgess cameo as “wrinkle-less Rove” last night on the show?

  62. David Knox says:

    Wipeout was two eps on Sunday. 211,000 is average of both.

  63. ryan says:

    why do people keep saying idol should have been higher because of toby leaving? its not like anyone knew before the show that he was leaving that way.

  64. ryan says:

    Ten need to pull their heads our of their asses and stop putting idol on for 2 hrs when the show could be done and dusted in 1.5 hrs! 2 is just way way way too long, stretching a show out isnt apprealing david! also electirc dreams bombed and good! who would want to watch that crap anyway, Merlin repeats should be back for the last few weeks of the ratings yr. rove was good last night, the shark footage was hilarious.

  65. Dino says:

    What en epic decline for 60 Minutes. This has been its worst year ever, largely a result of Sunday Night before it and direct competition from Border Security and The Force. I’m sure Seven are rapt with the result. I’m betting we see some major changes to 60 Minutes next year, they could probably start by producing stories that are of a higher calibre than a Today Tonight / A Current Affair level.

    Things just get worse for Australian Idol. Not even a controversial walk out could keep the failing format above 1 million viewers. Of more a worry to Ten and its advertisers – Idol was beaten in all demos (16-39, 18-49 and 25-54) by Border Security, The Force and Bones. Got to wonder why Ten have indicated it will return next year.

    McHale’s Navy? What a pathetic movie to launch 7 Two with. GO! Was by far the more interesting multi channel last night.

  66. Ed says:

    @Studly Dudley the ‘flying bird man’ was Sunday Night – 60 Minutes was the Balibo 5…

  67. Studley Dudley says:

    Earth to 60 Minutes !! …. a man plummeting from the sky is not a man “flying like a bird”. The last time I looked, birds can defy gravity

    No wonder your ratings are so bad !!

  68. Trev says:

    Keep on believing that Ross, Nine may employ you as a programmer. At this stage Idol should be attracting close to 2 million, not 900 odd thousand. The show and its format has had its day and should be buried along with all the other Network 10 flops. Any show in that timeslot that only just managed to finish in third place is dead.
    Already the writing is on the wall for Nine/GO, I doubt whether there will be too many more wins for it/them now that Seven Two is up and running, although in my neck of the woods we’re all going to have to wait until January to receive it….thanks a lot Prime.

  69. Tal says:

    Very pleased to see Castle pick up big numbers the last two weeks. Would be interesting to see if it was able to keep these numbers without the Bones lead-in

  70. Jennifer says:

    @ Jed
    the interns are on rotation. thats why they keep changing. so every few weeks the same one will appear again. it was like that all throughout season 4

  71. Harry says:

    Average figure from Idol – Wouldve thought all the drama revolving around Toby’s dramatic exit wouldve pulled in viewers. Melbournians are switching off from quality TV (eg. Rush) and switching for cheap TV (eg. 2.5 Men).

  72. Andrew says:

    quite a big increase for las vegas from last week, even though it still wasnt that big an audience..
    that was the last ever episode which sucks, since it was a cliffhanger..
    good results for bones though.

  73. Brodie says:

    So the 7 Two figures are listed separately after all. Pretty modest debut, though the schedule was fairly lackluster.

    Never the less, a dominant Sunday for 7. The Force and Border Security have annihilated 60 Minutes this year.

  74. damo says:

    @ross. idol went fron a garuteed million + every week to this. people have gone away from it and the ratings will keep dropping

  75. Jake says:

    7TWO certainly will make things interesting! Good to see Castle pick up after a soft debut.

  76. Ross says:

    @damo, Idol was in the Top 10 in Metro audiences, and at 60 000 short of the 1 million mark, I’m thinking that at least a million people watched the show in Australia last night. A Top 10 audience in the Metros and watch nationally by around 1 million people would be a good rater in most people’s books.

  77. Todd says:

    Wow, Melbournians are really switching off from Idol aren’t they!

  78. Jed says:

    Does anyone know what the hell is going on with Bones?? Last season they kept changing the assistant, the start of this season they had the young blonde one, which i was happy with cos he would have been my choice. He had a scholarship so was meant to be there permanently yet last night with no explanation they have one of the other guys instead. I’m getting sick of it.

  79. damo says:

    wow that was a big and massive plummit in the ratings for idol. well it isnt finished because the diluted morons at 10 are going too keep it running for another year.

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