1700 to 1800 East and West Coanwood

1700 May 1st- RIDING OF THE MANOR BOUNDARY - Thomas Wallis, Lord of Manor of West Coanwood and Matthew Wigham, Lord of the Manor of East Coanwood together with their 20 customary tenants rode the boundary between Chriswell Bourne and Old Lough Foote, Whitfield . Boundary agreed and signed by all.

1702- Lord of Manor of East Coanwood , Matthew Wigham dies

1735- License obtained by Cuthbert Wigham from the Quarter Sessions for his home, Burn House to be used for Quaker Meetings. This continued for 25 years, see below 1760

1739- Coldshield , Cuthbert and Elizabeth Wigham built farmhouse. Their inscription is on the lintel above the back door.

1750- A Tannery was operating in the Tanpits Ravine from before 1750 to about 1780, owned by the Wigham Family from Burn House, after which the building was converted into living accommodation for Mat Birkett a local well known retired farmer who died at Tanpits in 1792.

1759- Manor of East Coanwood sold to Mr William Ord of Whitfield for the sum of 2,000 a substantial amount in those days. At this stage it appears that Cuthbert Wigham's Family moved to Hargill House. To this day the Wigham Family still live at Hargill House and farm a good proportion of Coanwood.

1760- A Quaker Meeting house was built in 1760 by Mr Cuthbert Wigham to hold the "silent" Quaker meetings

A Mill was operating , next to Low Mill in East Coanwood, The remnants of which can still be seen today!

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