Xbox 360 has the definitive version of Bayonetta, developed directly by Platinum Games. PS3 Bayonetta is a port job from Sega and shows notable graphical issues.

Players (and, far less relevantly, Famitsu) have already shared their critical opinions of the two. And now, the masses have spoken with their wallets.

Here in Japan, where PS3, in a bad week, outsells Xbox 360 10 to 1, the 360 version of Bayonetta had no chance of topping the PS3 version in sales. But it does seem to be performing pretty well.

That usual source for early sales data, the Sinobi blog, reports that the PS3 version of the game sold 93,000 units in its first day. The 360 version sold 45,000 units.

This disparity in sales is comparable to the likes of Street Fighter IV (PS3: 58,000, 360: 28,000) and Soul Calibur IV (PS3: 57,000, 360: 35,000). Devil May Cry 4 performed a lot better on the PS3, selling 140,000 units to Xbox 360's 28,000.

There was another multiplatform release yesterday: Namco Bandai's Tekken 6. In this case, the PS3 was a bit more dominant, selling 79,000 to 360's 22,000. "Tekken" as a whole (ho ho!), these figures are lower than the 153,000 of PS2's Tekken 5, but higher than the 50,000 of PSP's Tekken Dark Resurrection.

Other sales stats from the blog put Final Fantasy Gaiden at a respectible 85,000 and Wii's Super Robot Taisen Neo at 27,000.

Sin & Punishment only managed 5,600 units. But that was better than Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars' 5,100 units. Maybe this is why Capcom didn't handle Chinatown's publishing on its own (the game's publisher is Cyber Front, which also publishes the PC GTA games).

These figures are just for the first day of sales. If you want something more official, check back next Friday.


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  • While Bayonetta and Tekken 6 did have strong first-day sales, most of the sales for these games will occur in the first few days they went on sale. That is, they are what some call "front-loaded." I would like to be proven wrong if they show signs of "legs" and continue to sell solidly for weeks or even months in the likeness of Tomodachi Collection.

    Very good Final Fantasy Gaiden numbers, and I predict that it will sell over 100K copies by the end of this week, just like the PS3 versions of Bayonetta and Tekken 6.

  • Hmm, I was expecting the definitive version to sell more, despite the preferred console being PS3 in Japan. I, as a PS3 owner, was disappointed in SEGA's work and won't buy the game (despite it being my ex-most anticipated game of the year) because of this. I don't want a lacking version.. But then again, the gameplay does kick some major ass regardless of the system.

  • Wow almost 140,000 in one day bayonetta thats good. I'll get it when hits in january. In all the previews I read about Bayonetta for the ps3 version one thing is always said after mentioning the technical issues and thats the game is still impressive. Speaking of Soul Calibur I hope namco is working on 5!

  • Two million sold means they definitely are working on a part 5.

    I think they need to be careful with the fighting games, though -- give them two or three years between installments, or else release new versions Super SFII style with a lowered price (Super will supposedly have lowered pricing).

  • Bayonetta is effin' awesome. I feel bad for calling Kamiya a hack. J-360 version is 100% in English if anyone's wondering, sadly it is region locked.

  • Too bad about sin and punishment 2... but bad timing on Nintendo's part, to have it go against Bayonetta...


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