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PEBCAK adsIntel's new vPro technology is a new way to manage your desktop hardware infrastructure. The Intel vPro PEBCAK ads really illustrate the problems the technology hopes to eliminate. For those who haven't heard, PEBCAK is a somewhat derogatory term used by IT staff for folks who tend to be the source of a "computer" error. PEBCAK stands for "Problem Exists Between Chair And Keyboard." These ads feature many such individuals and their issues, as seen through an IT department who must physically run to and fro fixing everything. Intel vPro's management will help IT staffers not have to run around everywhere. You get the feeling that Intel is showing you the new way to do things, as they show you the old way which isn't very effective or fun. As a former IT staffer I can tell you that I wish we had Intel vPro and other tools like it during my IT career. Oh well, another day, another PEBCAK. Oh, by the way, this PEBCAK thing is a closely guarded IT secret, so don't tell anyone that I told you, okay? It is part of that whole "IT magicians don't reveal their acronyms" thing. Oops.

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