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Technology Licensing

Formerly the "QUAKE 2 Engine", with pioneering innovation in 3D environments, a few of id Tech 2's most notable features were out-of-the-box support for OpenGL hardware-accelerated graphics (in addition to the traditional software renderer), and colored lighting effects. Games created on this engine technology include QUAKE II, Hexen II, Heretic II, Sin, Soldier Of Fortune, Half-Life, Kingpin and Anachronox.

Many people don't realize exactly what releasing the source under the GPL means, or understand how to exploit the opportunity to use it. Thus, id Tech 2 is perhaps one of the most under-utilized game technologies available. If you have an amateur team that is long on talent but short on cash and need a proven engine to develop a game that can be distributed commercially, it doesn't get much better than "Free". If you abide by the GPL terms, then this technology is truly a gift from id. Unlike some "bargain" licensors, we don't impose ANY restrictions on your distribution channel (retail, internet, etc.). This is the perfect way to get noticed as a company or design team, as you can do something cool - and get paid, too.

If GPL does not work for you, we offer a "non-GPL" engine license for a flat fee (no backend royalty) of $10,000 per title (for the original engines owned 100% by id Software - not including any of the open-source GPL modifications that have been released for the engines). So you can grab the source and tools from our FTP site and sign a separate agreement with us, allowing you to keep your source modifications confidential (if you like). The network code alone is worth many times that fee. Remember, this engine is the foundation for what Valve did with Half-Life, and the software and OpenGL rendering is still as fast as it ever was.

Even if you're not making a first person shooter but want to use some of the best high-latency network code ever designed (QUAKEWorld), you can sign up and not have to release your rendering source code. This is also useful if you are interested in making a budget game, but want to keep the enhancements and features you develop for the engine confidential and "proprietary". While it's not the cutting-edge technology it once was, it can still help you create a great game for a fraction of the price of other "cheap" engines.

Please see for further information about the GPL and a copy of that license.

If you find this technology interesting and would like to experiment with it a bit before contacting us, simply purchase a copy of the relevent base game, then download the packages from the QUAKE and QUAKE II sections of our technology downloads page.


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