Halo 3: ODST PAX Panel
Posted by urk at 9/9/2009 2:13 PM PDT
If you didn't get a chance to check out our Prepare to Drop panel last week at PAX, we've got you covered.  Tickets were sold out, but we couldn't bear to leave you out in the rain.  Here's the full presentation broken into eight sections, including the question and answer session that brought to light some revelatory information about the lack of Battle Rifles in Halo 3: ODST.  Hard-hitting stuff, eh?  Oh, and there's information about new missions, some curious new enemies, and the saxophone-filled soundtrack.

If you've been wondering where the idea for Halo 3: ODST sprang from, what the short and sweet development process was like, and what you can expect out of the story and world you'll soon be exploring when you get boots on the ground in New Mombasa in less than two weeks, check out the video below.

YouTube - Halo 3: ODST Bungie PAX Panel 2009
Tag and Release - Lost Platoon 

Posted by urk at 11/9/2009 10:13 AM PST

What once was lost...

...now is found.  We dropped into the LZ and salvaged these assets for you.  Make sure you put them to good use.  And yeah, the astute observer will notice that we didn't dig out any shots featuring Choppers.  Because they don't count on Lost Platoon (or Last Platoon, either).

Mission Select: Lost Platoon

Above Glass

Final Moment

Take It to Make It


If this fearsome foursome of screens aren't to your liking (or you want to see some shots featuring the Brute Chopper), go ahead and get your own stuff.  We can't do everything for you.  Time to leave the nest and fly, little birdie!  Learn how to navigate by checking out our Community Files collection.

Teabag Prevention Presents 

Posted by urk at 11/6/2009 2:39 PM PST

How to Suck Less at Firefight Week 2.

The Geekscape! gang - who we should mention isn't the kind of gang who will mug you a darkened alley - wants to help you with your Firefight game.  Cuz you stink.  Get better.  (Thanks to HBO for the link.)

Teabag Prevention: How to Suck Less at Firefight Week - 2

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Firefight Solo Guide: Chasm Ten 

Posted by urk at 11/5/2009 9:21 AM PST

All by myself.

If you're looking to get some solo Firefight runs in, Monochron is weighing in with words and images to help you formulate a sound strategy.  If you're already going it alone and doing just fine, you should weigh in with your own comments.  Strat at the jump below.

HBO - Firefight Solo Guide: Chasm Ten

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Chronicles of ODS Steve #47 

Posted by urk at 11/4/2009 9:15 AM PST


The latest installment of Chronicles of ODS Steve has dropped.  Steve's tea has gone missing.  Find out who swiped it at the jump.

Chronicles of ODS Steve: Teetotaler (#47)

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Tag and Release - Rally Point 

Posted by urk at 11/2/2009 10:26 AM PST

Pointin', shootin', and showin' off.

Halloween is over and done with, but we're sticking with the darker confines of Halo 3: ODST for this week's Tag and Release slideshow extravaganza.  These screenshots were found by using the handy dandy dropdown tool inside the Community Files page instead of tags proper.  Once again, you do good and proper work with the tools you're given.  And no, that's not what she said.

Mission Select: Rally Point

Return Fire

In Bloom

In Repose and about to be in a world of below the belt hurt.


If you want to see more of the collection, all you gotta do is set foot into the Community Files sector of Bungie.net.  Find some stuff by fiddling with the knobs and levers for hot filtering action, or just slap in some keywords and see what's lurking in the shadows.  You can think of it as VISR mode for Halo screenshots.