Crash Bandicoot: The Big Adventure

The cutesy, ever-smiling bandicoot strives for peace once again as he battles Cortex and friends in a slick new adventure.

That loveable bandicoot once again battles the evil Neo Cortex in this new and wonderful adventure. The gameplay in Crash Bandicoot: The Huge Adventure is reminiscent of the first two Crash games on the PS1: simple platform jumping mixed with collecting fruit and gems.

Indeed, the old-school style has been retained, all the way down to Crash?s moves. You can perform a variety of high jumps and spinning attacks, but slow button response can periodically hamper your timing. Still, the visuals and sounds are much more animated and much sharper than what Crash ever pulled off on the PS1. Plus, challenging bosses and the chance to scuba and fly in different stages add variety to the entire adventure. Crash Bandicoot is a superb-looking, straightforward platformer that no interested GBA gamer should miss.

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