Spyro 2: Season of Flame

The purple dragon that could is back for another fabulous round of 3D adventuring.

The feisty and heroic purple dragon saves his world once again in this new and exciting Spyro adventure. A mysterious force has taken the fireflies, which is the source of all dragon power, and it?s up to Spyro and friends to get the little bugs back. As in Spyro?s earlier endeavors, you?ll explore a variety of 3D worlds using mostly the petite dragon. But mixing up the gameplay, you can control the gun-toting monkey Agent 9 and the ever-bouncing kangaroo Sheila in particular worlds, too.

Season of Flame has a great graphics and sound package. All of the sharp-looking characters animate with fluidity, while the levels, although a bit small, are diverse and painted with an entire spectrum of colors. Surprisingly for a GBA game, Spyro?s music is actually pleasant to the ears, as well.

The only downside to this fabulous adventure is the tricky controls. The digital directional pad doesn?t allow for smooth diagonal movement, which Spyro does a lot in each world. Still, with plenty of gameplay variety, including fun mini-games, Spyro?s latest quest to save his homeland is an adventure that everyone can enjoy. For a fun, non-violent, and engaging game, Spyro 2 is it.

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