Crash Bandicoot 2: N-Tranced

Universal tries to beat the SNES remakes at their own game with another mascot sequel. Don't hate me because I'm Crash.?

The GBA is awash in an ocean of SNES remakes these days; it's to the point where it's hard for original platformers like N-Tranced to stick their necks above the surface. Which is kind of a shame because Crash, while exhibiting only scant traces of innovation here and there, is expertly designed and deserves attention from GBA owners.

Much like the last GBA title, Crash borrows most of its design from the 16-bit platform greats. Crash runs, Crash jumps, Crash destroys crates, Crash collects random world-saving's all been done before, but the game controls so beautifully and the side-view levels are such a perfect shade of difficult but not frustrating that it's hard to fault the ?me too??ness of it all. The mini-game stages can be disappointing (the hamster-ball sections have completely unrealistic physics), but overall Crash is not a bad little platformer at all. Unoriginal but not bad.

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