Mega Man Battle Network 4 Red Sun

The virus-annihilating duo returns to battle once again.

Once again, Lan and Mega Man return to save the world from impending doom. This time, the virus-annihilating duo must stop a shady organization from hurling an apocalypse-inducing asteroid into the Earth. For those new to the Battle Network series, the game is an RPG/action/strategy hybrid where players assume the role of a boy named Lan, who, together with his cyber alter ego, Mega Man, invariably must save the world time after time.

Mega Man Battle Network 4 Red Sun features several new enhancements to the series? traditional battle interface. The Dark Soul system enables Mega Man to use Dark Chips when he's hit four times in a row. These chips are extremely powerful but permanently consume 1 HP everytime they're used, and if Mega Man's HP is reduced to zero, he'll be consumed with the dark power and go berserk. The Soul Unison system replaces the previous Navi Skin system and permits players to collect Navi souls to augment Mega Man's abilities one time during battle. Countering an enemy attack enables players to obtain Full Synchro status, which doubles your next attack chips? power.

Unfortunately, as far as the story goes, little has changed in this latest sequel. Players are still forced to take part in the many tedious tasks issued to progress through the game's extremely linear set up. You can expect to talk to every single character in order to trigger an obscure text cut-scene, which reveals goals that are aimless and not plot-specific. Fans of the Battle Network series will delight in the further adventures of Lan and Mega Man, but everyone else is warned to stay clear.

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