2007 Football Season at the New Aggie Stadium

Football CointossFor nearly 58-years, the Aggie football program has regarded Toomey Field as ‘home.’ After years of speculation about a new stadium on the horizon, the day has finally arrived. On September 1, the Aggies opened their 2007 season against former Division-II opponent, Western Washington University in a new $31,000,000 home.

Home for both Aggie football and women’s lacrosse teams, this stadium will continue to expand and mature to well over a 30,000 seat capacity. Though this growth is slated over the next 5 to 10 years, funding for Phase I and beyond is a continuing challenge and effort. Since ground breaking over two years ago, many of our donors have taken notice of the countless number of naming opportunities that exist within the stadium. From naming a single locker to naming the stadium and everywhere in between, donors are leaving their legacy through a meaningful and tax-deductible gift.

With nearly $2M remaining to complete Phase I funding, numerous opportunities remain to name significant and very visible components of the stadium in its current phase and beyond, into Phase II construction. Single handily, “you” can make a difference in the quality of collegiate life for the exceptional student-athletes at UC Davis through the consideration of an estate gift; a gift of securities; cash; or a gift of real property to the stadium.

The following list of naming opportunities is available for you to leave your name within this historic and highly visible facility. If you would like to discuss your interests, please call Michael Angius, at 530-752-8683, or e-mail mdangius@ucdavis.edu. Or, make your gift or pledge online by going to www.ucdavisaggies.com and clicking on the Give Online button near the top of the page then the Aggie Stadium link on the left margin.


Melvin Olsen Scoreboard

Though my good friend, Melvin Olsen passed away on December 31, 2006 his passion was without a doubt, one of the most inexhaustible in Aggie athletics’ history. As the team manager for the 1933 and 1934 football teams, his life revolved around the football, and men & women’s basketball teams. He seldom missed a football game, and often accompanied me to watch the basketball teams compete over the years. The day he decided to name the stadium scoreboard honoring his late wife Dorothy, I felt that he was a child on the eve of Christmas. His boyish charm and love for the stadium project made it very easy for him to say to me as I sat in his living room, “Wait Mike, I want to go to my office and get my pen from the New York Stock Exchange to sign our agreement.” He proceeded to sign the document and subsequently spent a better part of two years with me and his friend and accountant, Wayne Walton discussing his Aggie passion, the future of Aggie Football, and the stadium project. Though he never saw the scoreboard in its final form, his spirit lives forever in the program, and the “Dorothy and Melvin J. Olsen” scoreboard will be seen for generations to come.



Bruce Edwards on his thoughts behind the naming of the Club Room:

“I had intended on making a smaller, one-time gift to the stadium but realized that I could make a commitment payable over a 5-year period. It is my hope that this will prime the pumps, and inspire others to strongly consider a yearend gift, and if applicable, make a 5-year pledge to boost the efforts to complete Phase I (and beyond) funding.”

Anonymous $1M donors to stadium:

“As alumni, both of us believe in the excellence of UC Davis Athletics and its nationally renowned program. The stadium in our opinion, serves at the ambassador to all of athletics. We feel strongly that support of premium facilities such as the stadium is critical to compete at a Division I level. We believe that athletics provide a well-rounded experience for college life. We also believe in supporting worthwhile causes and have done so for many years. The stadium is no exception, to which we are very thrilled to have been in a position to make this financial commitment.