T.I. Was Beyonce’s Original ‘Upgrade’


For the most part, labeling Beyonce’ as a worldwide superstar may be one of the biggest understatements of the decade. She’s amassed more hit singles in career thus far than a great majority of the music business combined. She’s grossing over $50 million a year and married to arguably the greatest rapper of all time. Yep, life is good for Mrs. Knowles-Carter.

However, that’s not why I’m here. As always, I am attempting to shed light on music what many would refer to as “rare.” I don’t see it as that, I just happened to download it a long time ago and I’m reciprocating the favor now. Back to the subject, the former leading lady of Destiny’s Child released her sophomore album, B-Day, in 2006 with one of her more recognizable singles being “Upgrade U”, a duet with the aforementioned Jay-Z.

While Jay definitely delivered a memorable verse on this Swizz Beatz instrumental, it was, in fact, T.I. who served as the original guest. The incarcerated king (who will be released from prison in March)  had his verse removed for business reasons and was ultimately a good decision in the long run, at least in the terms of sales and impact. Regardless, add this to your archives and feel free to leave your own take on the record.

Download: Beyonce’ feat. T.I.–Upgrade UBeyonce feat. Jay-Z–Upgrade U





November 8, 2009,

Ti’s verse was nice and smooth gave the song a different vibe. Makes me wonder how the song would have done with TI on the track because when he was on JT’s My Love it was a smash.



November 8, 2009,

It really didn’t matter which of them got the spot on the record.Because Be is Gladys Knight over the people she features.She could of been a little bit unpredictable like how can you possibly upgrade Jay-Z. When it came out I can’t lie I was bobbin my head to it.Furthermore music is entertainment.



November 8, 2009,

ooh i will be downloading this. it’s funny, i was JUST having a convo with a friend about jay putting b on he hook for venus vs. mars…not a good move in my book but eh whatev :)



November 8, 2009,

I like, He addz more 2 the southern swag, :) we stay dirty n the south, not literally, in the grind sense, nah mean, ha!! Lil Wayne would’ve been hotter on this, but I luv TIP 2.



November 9, 2009,

It was a hot record regardless… beyonce jus does it… even if they released the TI version it still wud of been a big hit.



November 9, 2009,

I like Bey and J. But having J on this song was predictable. I think it wouldve have been a banger either way after all its Bey.



November 9, 2009,

I love T.I and maybe because I’m already use to the Jay-z verse T.I just didnt seem to fight into this song to me



November 10, 2009,

I’ve been a TIP fan since I’m Serious dropped, but in tune with the theme of the song and given the JayZ/Beyonce union, I think J was a better fit with the theme.


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