Mystery Men

USA 1999

Reviewed by Jonathan Romney


Our synopses give away the plot in full, including surprise twists.

Champion City, USA. Irascible Roy and his friends Eddie and Jeffrey are aspiring superheroes, fighting crime under the guises of The Furious, The Shoveller and the fork-throwing Blue Raja. But their efforts are eclipsed by the sponsorship-conscious Captain Amazing.

Worried about his declining profile, Captain Amazing engineers the release from prison of mad criminal Casanova Frankenstein, only to be captured by him. The trio recruit equally inept sidekicks - the flatulent Spleen, the all-too visible Invisible Boy - and finally become a team with the addition of The Bowler, who carries her father's skull in a bowling ball. They also find a mentor, the enigma-spouting Sphinx. In a rescue attempt, Captain Amazing is accidentally killed by the team; but they eventually defeat Frankenstein with the aid of eccentric weapons expert Doctor Heller.


Despite looking from the artwork and the casting to be a more appealing proposition than the usual run of comic-book spin-offs, Mystery Men proves a grotesquely wasted opportunity. No expense has been spared to provide a cast that evokes off-beat modishness, but what went wrong can pretty much be guessed from the CV of Kinka Usher, a commercials director making his feature debut here after doing the business for Miller Lite, Nissan and Nike.

Mystery Men crassly parodies superhero comics without acknowledging that the smartest comic strips have been tilting at their own absurd conventions at least since the renaissance of Marvel in the 60s (the Blue Raja's relationship with his mother looks like a poor shadow of Spiderman's early domestic tensions with his aged Aunt May). Like most recent superhero films, Mystery Men takes Tim Burton's Batman as a starting point, particularly in its dystopian urban setting Champion City. But the clumsy, often condescending parody is sanctioned by a comic-book company, Dark Horse Comics, one which ought to have known better given that it is already responsible for such overblown effects-laden movies as The Mask and Barb Wire.

Mystery Men, which spun off from the austerely bizarre Flaming Carrot comics, has a one-joke premise: its costumed heroes barely have basic competence, let alone superpowers, and believe that the only qualifications needed are the right rhetoric and a snappy costume.

In fact, the film finally endorses that view: the team only come into their own once they replace their makeshift look with diligently hand-sewn costumes in glittery fabrics (costume upgrades seem to have become a feature of the genre when Joel Schumacher inherited the Batman franchise, although there are no rubber nipples here).

A desperately hit-and-miss affair, Mystery Men depends largely on the personalities of its top-heavy cast. There are a few star turns: William H. Macy's home-loving regular Joe, Paul Reubens as a grotesque zit-faced pétomane, and Hank Azaria as an American momma's boy apeing the tones of a 30s English fop. And Wes Studi is largely responsible for buoying up the film's final third, intoning portentous one-liners: "You must be like the wolf pack, not like the six-pack."

But there's a frightening waste of talent too, making you wonder just how much of whose screen time was cut: Tom Waits, Eddie Izzard (who should have known to avoid henchman roles after The Avengers), as well as a briefly glimpsed Lena Olin. The greatest shame is that Janeane Garofalo, memorably abrasive on The Larry Sanders Show, still hasn't found a big-screen venture that knows what to do with her.

A lazy script works on the one-note premise that superheroes are just deluded schmucks with too much nervous energy. But the writers finally play it safe by calling on unearthly powers to wrap things up. Usher, seduced by what looks like a gargantuan design budget, directs like someone who either doesn't love comics at all or loves the wrong sort too much. Mystery Men is a horrible mess with little to recommend it, except for nice touches in DP Stephen H. Burum's and designer Kirk M. Petruccelli's colour palette. Unfortunately, a few strident reds and purples don't make a movie.


Kinka Usher
Lawrence Gordon
Mike Richardson
Lloyd Levin
Neil Cuthbert
Based on the Dark Horse comic book series created by Bob Burden
Director of Photography
Stephen H. Burum
Conrad Buff
Production Designer
Kirk M. Petruccelli
Stephen Warbeck
©Universal City Studios, Inc.
Production Companies
Universal Pictures and Lawrence Gordon present a Golar/Lloyd Levin/Dark Horse production
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