This website intends to promote the Quality of Service (QoS) Solution of the Medea+ PlaNetS Project. Any QoS concept must be supported end-to-end in order to work, therefore it is our goal to make the PlaNetS QoS Solution well known to a large number of network equipment designers as well as enthusiasts and the broad public.



PlaNetS is a new Medea+ project which contributes to the overall goal of eEurope 2005, to provide cost effective broadband access to all European citizens. [more...]

PlaNetS Medea+


Quality of Service Solution

A recognized goal in networking is to realize the convergence of all communications services, voice, video and data, on to a common IP platform. It is necessary that this converged network be able to meet the various performance requirements of the range of envisaged applications, implying enhancements to the current "best effort" Internet. [more...]


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