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Tertiary Sponsorship

The Navy has three sponsorship schemes available. These are available to people who are achievers, have the ability to learn, think laterally, and have the interpersonal skills to lead a team.

Amokura Scheme
The Amokura Scheme enables you to study at any university of your choice. You can join this scheme either before you commence studying or while you are part way through. Many join this scheme in the later stages of their degree as it has the ability to reimburse you for the study you have already completed.

You will be paid an allowance for each year of study to cover your textbooks; however you are not paid whilst you are studying.

Chatham Scheme
The Chatham Scheme enables you to study at any university of your choice and differs from Amokura in that it pays your fees up front.  Again, you can join this scheme at any stage but it works really well for those who are already part way through a degree and don’t want to take a year out while they complete their initial Officer training; or who don’t want a ‘gap’ year after High School.

You’ll be provided with financial assistance for your textbooks, living expenses and tertiary fees.  Before starting the university year you join the Navy as an Officer and become a member of the Royal New Zealand Navy Reserves.  During the summer holidays you can work at the Naval Base in Devonport, Auckland. In your first year of sponsorship you will complete a short introductory Officer course. Once you finish your degree you join full-time service, complete your initial naval training and commence your career.

Tangaroa Scheme
The Tangaroa Scheme not only pays your fees, but also pays you a salary while you study - but you must complete all initial Officers training first.  Study generally occurs in Auckland or Palmerston North.

Talk to a recruiter to see whether you are eligible for any of the Tertiary Sponsorship Schemes on 0800 NZ NAVY or Contact Us now.

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