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Week 47


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  1. ryan says:

    Idol was good last night, there were 2 songs which i didnt like but i did like the 2 singles and the other songs they played.
    What’s everyone’s guess of how much idol will get for the finale? i rekon 1.3-1.4m

  2. Messy says:

    Harry…..your flogging a dead horse. Were you watching the same show as me? I thought I would give Idol a go last night and found it tooooo long and very boring.

    I guess your trying to talk it up because from what Ive noticed, all your comments are about TEN and they are all “fantastic”. You must be an employee for sure.

  3. angelsgal says:

    Percy I usually watch rove, I didnt last night as I went out. Im saying though, people would be interested to see how the show would of ended after ten years, its an old veriety/chat show which has its key audience and generates casual viewer interest via its guests. if i knew it was the last ever show I would of made an effort to see it. As I expected rove to be back next year, didnt really think much about watching last night as I figured Id see it next year. I think alot more people would of watched it last night if it been promoted as his final ever ep and wasnt on after Idol at 9.30 just to see the last show. This show regually had 1mil plus viewers when on at 8.30 and won key demos for ten every sunday.

  4. Percy says:


    “After 10 years he deserved to go out on better figures than that”

    So that’s TEN’s fault? You mean, you’d only tune in to say goodbye but not tune in to his mediocre show otherwise? Isn’t that point? Isn’t that why he’s gotten crap ratings?

    So you’re saying that Rove would’ve gotten better ratings if people knew it was the last ep? Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of it being on air? People only watch to say goodbye? The show was mediocre. The man is mediocre. It’s done and buried for now… thank god.

  5. Brodie says:

    GO! is a massive hit, outrating SBS last night. But when those GO! shares are subtracted from Nine’s 26.5% share for the night, they aren’t much further ahead of Ten.

    Huge night for Seven, convincing win in all demos and total people. Those numbers for Sunday Night are also very impressive, it has consolidated itself as a hit after the tweaks it has made.

    Horrible night for Ten, Idol is nothing but a failure this year. Pity Rove didn’t go out with a strong audience, though it would have helped if it were publicised and didn’t have that horrid lead in.

  6. Daqua_99 says:

    @ Tasha – it’s finishing because the end of the ratings period is nigh

  7. Goonies says:

    @ Maruc G – don’t direct your shame at me – I refuse to watch a show just because it is A) Australian and B) a talk show.

    If it had been entertaining, interesting, witty etc then we wouldn’t be in this situation now would we?

  8. Castle Fan says:

    Castle fans – look out for next week’s double episode, the first in particular, Vampire Weekend has been the US highest rated episode this season. It features a fantastic Nod to Nathan Fillion’s past series Firefly – it’s a not to be missed! If you have any friends/family who are Firefly fans you will want to make sure they’re watching from the very beginning of the episode.

    As far as season final goes, Australia is finishing up on episode #7 (after two eps next week) which isn’t even half way through the 22 episode season 2 however it will be back with new episodes in Feb. Seven and 7Two will both air repeats in the mean time.

  9. Harry says:

    Idol was brilliant last night. Every peformance was great and for the first time this year it felt like I was watching Oz Idol. Very talented Final 2, finales going to be interesting. Shame about the number..

  10. RichoTB says:

    Three Rivers won’t get any episodes past its initial order of 13…of all the new medical shows this season (Trauma, Mercy, Three Rivers), it looks like none of them will be around next year.

  11. Ross says:

    I agree with you @ Steve. An example in the US might be Three Rivers, which was canceled by Ch10 after one episode and critics said would be canceled in the US a short time after being canceled here. It too continues and has been nominated for A People’s Choice Award in the US.

    In Australia, All Saints had the same early broadcast jitters.

  12. Steve says:

    The success of Bones shows how networks should be sticking with shows for the long haul. When it premiered in Australia, it wasn’t a ratings success, but with the right promotion and timeslot, look at how it’s going.

    Same story with 2.5 men.

    Listen to us networks, stick with shows for a while and let them build an audience over time. It’s not rocket science.

  13. ryan says:

    I wonder what ten could use in rove’s slot that will have the same effect fot ten, which was winning 16-39 and 18-49 nearly every week

  14. Johnson says:

    Channel Nine and organisers of Australian Masters golf will be delighted with the rating for yesterday. 713,000 was the highest final day TV audience for a golf tournament in Australia since OzTAM ratings began in 2001. For the whole tournament, TV ratings were up from last year except for the opening day. The high figures were main due to the presence of Tiger Woods and little opposition on commercial networks. The next major tournament is Australian Open (Greg Norman was supposed to play but withdrew due to injury) to be held in Sydney on December 3-6, up against the final V8 Supercar race of the year also in Sydney, and Test cricket in Adelaide. It will be interesting to see the ratings for the golf then.

  15. Marcus G says:

    After the death of Graham Kennedy and Don Lane and the uprise of Hey Hey I would have thought aussies would have embraced Rove. Now all we have left in this form of entertainment is crap from USA, Jay Leno and Letterman. Shame Australia, shame…

  16. Jed says:

    Doesn’t the Weekend Today include the rugby?? I’m pretty sure the Rugby was on here in Adelaide instead of Today. That’s why it got such huge numbers in Sydney

  17. Dino says:

    Huge night for Seven. Their lineup is unstoppable at the moment. Even Sunday Night has become a hit, andbuilding audience on Seven News for the first time ever.

    Can Australian Idol sink any further? That is a pathetic result 1 week out from the finale. It didn’t win a single demo either, so that result looks even worse. Real shame Ten didn’t give Rove’s final show ever a better timeslot, could have got well over a million with an 8.30 timeslot.

  18. Allie says:

    Wow – great night for Seven, the top five shows for the evening. Outstanding!! Along with Tuesday night, they now own Sunday night. Australian Idol tanked badly. Less than 1M nationally for the Final Two evening, with a guest of the calibre of Michael Buble is unforgivable, really poor showing, and shows how far this show has tumbled in the eyes of the viewing public. This entire season has been a flop. Numbers for Rove bad because of the substandard lead-in from Idol. Also, his retirement announcement was a surprise, there had been no anticipation or hype about it. Did he jump, or was he pushed? Hmmmm…..

  19. Tasha says:

    I am so annoyed with Channel 7. How can they season finale Castle next week, only 7 episodes into the season, when there are 22 episodes all together? It even rated much better than Rove. They cant be ending it already!!

  20. The Realist says:

    I am sure Weekend Today’s figures boosted by people hanging around for the golf which did great numbers for 9 for that time of day.

  21. Jed says:

    Wow Bones was actually #1 in Adelaide. Didin’t see that coming. Picked up natioanlly too. Great to see Castle doing well, love that show. Is it really the finale next week?? So soon, or do they just mean until continue next year? Idol final 2 and still can’t crack a million. I’d rethink your decision Ten.

  22. angelsgal says:

    Shame on Roves figures. It would of been nice if Ten Cut Idol by 1 hour (since only one was needed) and gave rove a big 2hour finale. After 10 years he deserved to go out on better figures than that. Still rove is a smart guy and wont be supirsed to see Micalef Live or The Hamish and Andy show replace rove on Sunday nights. As per usual Idol flops, ten should of never had renewed it and held off Dance til August

    In other non rove news, 7 dominated the night, very impressive. Bones powering along, to think this show couldnt get an audience now its heading toward Australias number 1 import. Nine had a bad night, no doubt there share was popped up by go. Unsure if Sunday Night is a flop or not, it did grow on 7 news, sometimes it loses 400k, still to get a consistant 1.2 every week, 7 cant complain.

  23. Kyall says:

    Wow!! What a big night for 7TWO and Bones :D

  24. Jimbo says:

    there’s a few interesting things about yesterday’s ratings:
    - False Witness did very poor. I thought it would seriously get double to what it got
    - The golf did very well for the day
    - Rove’s last ever show got it’s usual numbers of 2009 – however, there was zero promotion about it
    - The Einsten Factor could have done better for it’s second last ever episode

  25. Matt S says:

    What’s the bet on how low the audience for Idol’s finale will be this year? I’m gonna say 1.2-1.3m. It’s a shame because Hayley and Stan are great talents this year. Either of them deserve to win and either would sure as hell be better than the dreg that’s been turned up in the past couple of years. Ch7’s Sunday lineup just seems unstoppable! I can’t believe what a powerhouse The Force has become.

  26. JohnTV says:

    Gee great figures for Weekend Today! Pitty that Rugby League 4 Nations Final was actually on…. hopefully this will get fixed as Weekend Today did not start until 8:30 Sunday morning.

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