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  1. nelly says:

    yeah yeah, i know im a bit late, but finally got to watch this week’s double apprentice in full and it was halarious!!! esp heather stunned as a mullet in front of TVSN, gavin who was just totally hopeless, and marcello and that vacuum cleaner — priceless!!!! ironically, the one who seemed to be on top of it all was the one that got fired!!! oh well ~ :’(

  2. Jed says:

    Highlight of Masterchef tonight = Eamon Sullivan in his undies. Very niiice. They should make him cook in just his undies. There’s a show to put in place of Australian Idol.

    @Edu, i can assure you i’m not a Seven programmer. If only. I watch plenty on other networks, just nothing on Nine cos all their shows are crap, and the good ones they treated like crap. I watch Survivor on GO! though.
    And 1 million people can be wrong. Millions in America voted for Bush twice, wrong move. But like 2.5 Men viewers, they were probably the less smart people. Can’t be that smart to watch 10 episodes of 2.5 Men a week, with episodes in their 10th repeat, and still watch and laugh.

  3. 2.5 men says:

    30 Rock is such a crappy, un-funny show. Good that it doesn’t deserve a good time slot. Not worth it. And do give me that “Oh but its a critically acclaim show! It wins awards! It deserves a good time slot!”

    See what I did there? :)

    Anyway, i wonder if GO! will go into a “summer mode” type programming schedule? I noticing more movies on GO! as well. I’m assuming this is because of the success with 7TWO movies (or lack of new non-repeated content?)

  4. RichoTB says:

    Yeah…one million people watch the same 2.5 men reruns every night, ten times a week. What about the 21 million who don’t? (I’m aware different viewers tune in to different episodes, but you get my point). And the whole ludicrous argument that anyone who dislikes a particular program automatically works for a rival network, is just rediculous.

    As for everything else, same old. 7pm Project isn’t half as bad as everyone makes it out to be, sure its no Daily Show with Jon Stewart but its better than the other tripe on the commercial nets. Private Practise has lost 400k over two weeks, not a good sign.

  5. Harry says:

    Ryan, if they did drag out Celeb MC to 1.5 hours then shows after it would be pushed back, not allowing them to build audiences. (Shows are more likely to rate higher at 8.30 than 9.)

  6. ryan says:

    i think ten should have made celeb masterchef semi’s 1.5 hrs long, it seems to go so quickly and i want to see more! im sure they had enough footage to make a 1.5 hr show.

  7. Goonies says:

    It seems a few people have forgotten we live in a democracy – if I hate a tv show I have every right to go on and on and on and on about how much I hate said show.

    Comments like “David, you should stop all posts about Two & A Half Men!!” and “1 million plus people can’t be wrong!” are just silly.

    PS – I’m sure over a million people thought Nazi’s were a good thing at one stage too!

  8. ryan says:

    Edu: yes they can, we prob have 2 m nut cases in this country who would watch it

  9. Lewis says:

    @Jas and sam: Agree re: Coach. I was really hoping he would go last night. Gets way too much air time.

  10. Ian says:

    @Kuttyswood – Brisbane seriously??

    It is one of the smaller TV markets and I don’t think the expense of developing a Brisbane only show would be worthwhile.

    Why are there so many comments on here about Brisbane/QLD shows – like what is “Extra” – sounds crap anyway. From the gist of things I guess it was axed??

    The only markets the networks/advertisers care about are Sydney and Melbourne, face the facts people.

  11. ryan says:

    great to see ncis back up there, was an awesome ep too! i love it when they get into the characters life and we see what they are really like. lie to me did very well 2 and won all demos, simpsons is still doing well on tuesdays but the 7pm project fails once again!

  12. LD says:

    I’m sure 9 would have like you David to keep the ratings the other way lol

  13. Edu says:

    @Bette, Jed, ryan (aka programmers from Seven)… 2.5 Men rules and Big Bang Theory… if you can’t beat them, join them. It’s futile to resist the charm of those two comedies… 1 million plus people can’t be wrong!

  14. Brodie says:

    Great result for a great episode of Rafters last night. 2 seasons on and the premise is still very strong and resonating with viewers. The shows scripts, acting, plots and production standards are also of maintaining its initial high level. Looking forward to the finale next week, and season 3 in 2010.

  15. cat says:

    @bette streep
    i think ppl can make their own decisions on what they want to watch…

  16. Nik C says:

    It is a shamee PP lost 140,00 viewers, but it should remain steady with those numbers hopefully. It is going good so far this season!

  17. Harry says:

    NCIS/Lie To Me work really well together. Now we have to wait until Feb for new eps..

  18. damo says:

    @kuttsywood. 7pm project doesnt compete against the 2 shows. it’s suppose to be a competiter against home and away. so really the game shows are probably in a better position than the 7pm project

  19. Allie says:

    Good to see the execrable Ladette to Lady tank completely. Yet another Nine reality failure. Hopefully, this is the end of the franchise and it will be consigned to reality TV hell. Private Practice is an awful show full of terrible actors, so I’m not surprised that Lie to Me beat it comprehensively. Has there ever been a worse spin-off program? The sooner it gets consigned to TwoSeven, the better.

  20. Jas says:

    @sam. Coach has to be the most annoying, delusional, self-obsessed, full of crap player on Survivor ever. He made it excrutiating to watch. I just wish the self-proclaimed “dragon slayer” would stop hogging screen time with his rantings about how good he is.

  21. angelsgal says:

    Good to see NCIS and Lie to Me back up to there usuall figures after last weeks lows and Lie to me convincingly beating Private Practice in key demos and total viewers. The simpsons hour doing better than spearman but the 7.30 ep is struggeling on the back of 7pm, i have a feeling that all of tens 7.30 – 8:00 hour is effect by this and bounces back between 8.00- 8:30, 30 min Celeb MasterChef figures prove this fact.

    As for Packed to the Rafters its not my cup of tea but good on seven for producing this show, which has barely moved from the 1.9mil that tuned into its premier ep over 1 year ago, a testimate to the shows quality no doubt Up against a NCIS repeat and the baby due next week, i think the final can hit 2mil. Nine had a well deserved awful night.

  22. CrAig says:

    Good to see Lie To Me put the rubbish Private Practice in it’s place

  23. David Knox says:

    Tuesday shares corrected. Apologies. When is the end of the year again….?

  24. CrAig says:

    I think Seven and Nine are listed wrong in the ratings? You’ve got 9 listed as winning the night… I don’t think so

  25. sam says:

    did anyone see survivor last night….i have never seen such a tool on survivor at coach – all his stories have surely got to be total garbage…or he might believe them but he is delusional…and then they didnt vote him out !! what ……..i couldnt belive it…..he needs a punch in the head ASAP! total tosser

  26. Messy says:

    David, surely those figures for Tuesday for nine and seven are the wrong way round???

  27. Kuttsywood says:

    Second night in a row, 7pm Project has beaten 5:30 gameshows and TVQ news bulletin in Brisbane.

    If I were 10, I’d develop plans to spin-off a Brisbane version next year. Even if the main program got axed, a Brisbane version of 7pm, may hold it’s own. After all, Ten’s just picked up someone very critical to the success of Extra (from behind the scenes). Surely, they can be used to help make the concept work.

  28. Jed says:

    Shame only 1 mil are still watching Flashforward, i actually think it’s getting better, Monday night was a pretty good ep and i still find it intriguing. Definitely not a season that could go for longer though. Maybe they should just do this season and finish it off with a movie length finale.

  29. LD says:

    I was right packed to the rafters was number one by a long way !!

  30. Steve says:

    I agree with most people here about the constant negative opinions of Two & A Half Men.

    So what if its the #1 comedy in Australia (and in the States)? I thought we lived in a free country. People can watch whatever they want to. There must be a reason why people are watching this – it gives them laughs and enjoyment.

    Seriously, Get over it!!!

    David, you should stop all posts about Two & A Half Men!!

  31. David Knox says:

    First ep of Survivor was 117,000.

  32. bette streep says:

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion.

    I don’t like 2.5 men, Love 30 Rock!
    I hated the Hey Hey specials and Daryl Somers in particular – but enjoyed Rove immensely.

    I’m obviously in the minority because I enjoy shows that don’t rate very well.

    The Summer non-ratings period begins soon and I’m looking forward to new episodes of The Office (US) which will rate abysmally because over at Nine they will be showing Repeats of 2.5 men Again!

    I encourage people to restrain themselves from watching 2.5 men for a change and watch a comedy with clever dialogue and hilarious understated acting like The Office and 30 Rock and hopefully make these 2 shows ratings hits which they deserve to be!

  33. Allie says:

    Memo to Australian Idol Production Office: How to fix Idol – my humble suggestions

    * Rest it for a season, then bring it back in August 2011. Move SYTYCD to Idol’s slot next year.
    * Three new judges, thanks. No Dicko, no Marcia, No JD. Australia is awash with former musicians, producers, etc. They will not be hard to find, so give some new judges a go. How about a permanent panel of two and a guest judge each week.
    * The two-hour, season long format Has to go. It is simply too long and stultifyingly boring. As contestants are eliminated, the length of the program should be cut accordingly, as is done on Dancing with the Stars. There is never any excuse to have contestants sing three songs per show. Never. That is gratuitous padding that the audience can see straight through. That is why they have voted with their remote controls this season.
    * Better vetting of contestants. This season has been the worst by far for talent. No standouts and many of them were too young (in my opinion). Personally, I think 16 and 17 is too young for this show. They don’t have the maturity and I can’t take them seriously when they sing songs better suited to an older singer. Consider a minimum age of 18 for all contestants.
    * The set is looking its age, very tired. It needs an overhaul.
    * Is it really necessary to show the audition rounds? I hate them and stopped watching them after Season Two. I don’t think they add anything to the show, they are often cringeworthy and really, who gives a stuff about the useless auditioners? I don’t. Consider starting the show with the Top 100.

  34. cat says:

    in regards of 2.5 men…people..Get over it!!
    its a great show, thats why it rates…
    talking about how bad it is is not going to change how well it rates!

  35. Benny says:

    Hmm.. I find it interesting that bette streep hates 2.5 men (as do i) yet loves Rove… As far as I’m concerned the two are not that different.. full of crude sexual jokes that are forced and fail to involve any real character improvisation.. yawn.. I enjoyed Rove before he became complacent – that and Ryan Shelton’s crap segments.. Just an observation…

    And there’s no way you can blame Rove’s ratings on Idol… if you honestly believe that you are bananas… He’s been on the slide for quite some time

  36. Kilus says:

    Looks like Flashforward is headed to 9:30 pm(then 10:30pm, then 7TWO).

  37. ryan says:

    For evryone who says 2.5 men is crap and not funny. I have this to say to you
    Your correct!

  38. ryan says:

    @ ducko: I agree with u on the 7pm project but not idol, idol this yr is just bad because of the format changes like the 2 hr long show all the way through the season, and the crap contestants, if they cut the show down each week a contestant is eliminated it would do alot better and also if next yr they find some awesome talent it would be worth watching again, plus the whole look of the stage and set need an overhaul and needs more of a style like sytycd.
    As for the 7pm project that just needs to go, not because i dont like it but because its doing nothing for ten and not even winning any demos, i mean neighbours gets shocking numbers aswell but atleast it wins 16-39 and 18-49, 7pm is not good for a lead in for the most important time of the night. I would expect its ratings to grow though summer when it doesnt have home and away against it.

  39. tasmanian devil says:

    @bette streep (Nov 17, 8:41am), you are entitled to your opinion but here’s mine. While I am by no means intending to imply that I am a supporter of Australian Idol, it was not the reason why Rove quit his show. It was either because he’d had enough and wanted to try something new, or it was more of that “you blogged, we listened” stuff and Rove waking up to the fact that him and his show were vacuous and immature. (I’d like to think the latter, rather doubtful though.) And if the show was to come back next year, heaven forbid, then that won’t be the quality live variety show you are hoping for either.

  40. Ryano says:

    Ten need that 3rd freeview channel up ASAP. Discraceful total % share for a key night.

  41. James says:

    @David – Apprentice was a double ep but 9 split out the episodes – 793 ep-1 and 710 ep.2

  42. ducko says:

    I can’t believe that the 7pm Project and Australian Idol are returning next year. Now that Rove has gone, Ten really had a chance to get rid of all its deadwood.

  43. Rob says:

    @Jed, since when Samantha Who became funny?? I’ll tell you what’s funny, 2.5 Men and The Big Bang Theory, LOL!

  44. Border.Patrol says:

    2.5 Men is the greatest comedy ever made !!

    I have the pee stains on my couch to prove it

  45. sam says:

    bette streep….i couldnt agree more…….i am loving 30 rock at 7.30 on TV1 on wed…its great .as for 2 & half men..terrible..full of canned laughter and catering to the lowest common denominator- clever sitcoms like 30 R etc go straight over most people and therefore go straight to 11.30pm..its a shame….wake up Oz !

  46. frankie lupo says:

    @bette streep just why is 2.5 men so unfunny to you

  47. frankie lupo says:

    the apprentice and 2.5 men great viewing last night

  48. LD says:

    I’m sure we all know what tonights number 1 will be the Unstoppable Rafters it is with out a doubt become the best show on TV its awesome!!

  49. bette streep says:


    Another 1.4m+ for the unfunny 2.5 men!

    This is just silly now.

    Quality sitcoms like Will & Grace , 30 Rock and Office (US) tank and this rubbish is going through the roof!

    I wouldn’t mind the ratings if it was just mildly funny – but from the bits I’ve endured – it just isn’t!

  50. David Knox says:

    Apprentice was a double ep, James.

  51. Brodie says:

    Great result for Criminal Minds, building on it’s FlashForward lead in. I can’t see the two being switched around with only 1 week of ratings to go though.

    Excellent result for Big Bang, finally with some stability it has found an audience. Big drop for The Apprentice versus last week, still a flop IMO – though it held up well at 10.30pm.

    Another shocker for Ten, they’re on track for their worst week all year at this pace.

  52. James says:

    @ Allie – Criminal Minds was at 9.30 and 10.30 last night.
    Getting 1.1 mill at 9.30 is an excellent figure. Apprentice by comparision did 800K

  53. Graeme says:

    I can’t believe Ashes to Ashes got such crap ratings. It is a brilliant show. I’ve been watching it religiously since it began on ABC. Where the hell is people’s taste? Arghhh!

  54. Allie says:

    @ Jed, yes, my mistake. I was looking at the repeat figure, not the first run episode.

  55. Edu says:

    OMG, how good was The Apprentice last night, I’m so f***ing love this show! I wouldn’t mind if Nine would give this a repeat over summer or even a marathon, bring it on! I totally lapped the TVSN challenge, go Heather!!
    2.5 Men and Big Bang were hilarious last night as well, totally deserving those high numbers.

  56. Jed says:

    @Allie. What are you talking about. Criminal Minds got 1.1 mil and came first in it’s time slot. I think you saw the figures for the 10.30 repeat episode. I expect a switcheroo with Criminal Minds and Flashforward since the 9.30 is rating better than an 8.30 show.

    I thought Nine own Monday night and they only just won.

    I’m guessing Samantha Who didn’t get top 100 again. Come on people forget 2.5 Men and the Big Bang Theory, try watching a show that’s actually funny and watch Samantha Who on 7TWO. People probably won’t like it though, cos there’s no laugh track to tell you when to laugh.

  57. damo says:

    idol wont get more than a million viewers next week. it’s show that people are sick of and the figures for the show this year have shown that. it’s time to axe it

  58. Allie says:

    Yeah, I agree with the general consensus about the Idol finale. The season has averaged in the high 800Ks – low 900Ks. I can’t see the finale getting more than 300 or 400K more curious viewers, so it should top out at 1.3 to 1.4M. Not good enough and really, this season has been a colossal failure. I agree it should be axed at worst, or rested for a season and re-tooled, at the very least.

    Lots of shows in excess of 1M last night. The new 2.5 Men was absolutely hilarious and deserves its 1.4M rating. Nine news still in the doldrums, but at least it scored over 1M. Am surprised at the low ratings for Criminal Minds. sounds like it needs another timeslot.

  59. Steve says:

    Good on Nine for winning Monday night!!

    At least they are providing an entertaining alternative to boring Seven (factuals and FlashForward) and whatever crap Ten serves up (GNW).

    I always thought Nine was the old person’s channel, not anymore, it’s definitely Seven. The only things on Seven worth watching are Bones, Castle and Criminal Minds.

  60. bette streep says:

    I am predicting the Idol finale will get 1.2-1.3m

    The only reason I am giving it such a high figure is because it will have a tremedous lead in – the TBYG – Christmas Special!

    If it wasn’t for this lead in – it’d get about 1.0-1.1m – which should be enough for TEN to finally realise it has gone past it’s use-by date and either axe it or rest it.

    As for the Rove finale – I am saddened by this and can’t help that Rove finally had enough after Australian Idol royally stuffed his show this year.

    I hope his “retirement” is short lived and he comes back next year. We need a quality live variety show and Hey Hey It’s Wednesday is Definitely not going to be it!

  61. Craig says:

    Really annoyed Seven has moved Mercy to 7TWO and it’s ‘coming soon’ as we know that has been delayed. At least Seven told viewers before starting the 2nd Criminal Minds last night and didn’t just leave them wondering. BUT just like Heroes and the next season of Lost this is going to pi** off a lot of fans without access to 7TWO for what ever reason they have.

    Maybe the Rudd should have set up a scheme where everyone on income support could get a coupon to take to retailers to cover the cost of getting a HD set top box or discount on a new TV and thus stimulating the economy some more!

    They did it in the US so why not here?

  62. J-Lev says:

    Yeah it is weird of Seven to double episode Castle this week and say it is a series Finale, they are two episodes behind (after this double episode).

    Which are Kill the Messenger (US Aired: 9/11/2009) and Love Me Dead (US Airing: 16/11/2009 ), then on the 23/11/2009 the US airs One Man’s Treasure and on the 30/11/2009 airs The Fifth Bullet, before the show takes a break until January 2010.

    I guess Seven have plans that mean they cannot play Castle for 4 more weeks after this Sunday and end close to when the US does, probably committed to some Christmas specials or something like that I guess (which means it is DVD Hire Season for me now, all that schmaltz becomes overbearing).

  63. ryan says:

    Idol was good last night, there were 2 songs which i didnt like but i did like the 2 singles and the other songs they played.
    What’s everyone’s guess of how much idol will get for the finale? i rekon 1.3-1.4m

  64. Messy says:

    Harry…..your flogging a dead horse. Were you watching the same show as me? I thought I would give Idol a go last night and found it tooooo long and very boring.

    I guess your trying to talk it up because from what Ive noticed, all your comments are about TEN and they are all “fantastic”. You must be an employee for sure.

  65. angelsgal says:

    Percy I usually watch rove, I didnt last night as I went out. Im saying though, people would be interested to see how the show would of ended after ten years, its an old veriety/chat show which has its key audience and generates casual viewer interest via its guests. if i knew it was the last ever show I would of made an effort to see it. As I expected rove to be back next year, didnt really think much about watching last night as I figured Id see it next year. I think alot more people would of watched it last night if it been promoted as his final ever ep and wasnt on after Idol at 9.30 just to see the last show. This show regually had 1mil plus viewers when on at 8.30 and won key demos for ten every sunday.

  66. Percy says:


    “After 10 years he deserved to go out on better figures than that”

    So that’s TEN’s fault? You mean, you’d only tune in to say goodbye but not tune in to his mediocre show otherwise? Isn’t that point? Isn’t that why he’s gotten crap ratings?

    So you’re saying that Rove would’ve gotten better ratings if people knew it was the last ep? Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of it being on air? People only watch to say goodbye? The show was mediocre. The man is mediocre. It’s done and buried for now… thank god.

  67. Brodie says:

    GO! is a massive hit, outrating SBS last night. But when those GO! shares are subtracted from Nine’s 26.5% share for the night, they aren’t much further ahead of Ten.

    Huge night for Seven, convincing win in all demos and total people. Those numbers for Sunday Night are also very impressive, it has consolidated itself as a hit after the tweaks it has made.

    Horrible night for Ten, Idol is nothing but a failure this year. Pity Rove didn’t go out with a strong audience, though it would have helped if it were publicised and didn’t have that horrid lead in.

  68. Daqua_99 says:

    @ Tasha – it’s finishing because the end of the ratings period is nigh

  69. Goonies says:

    @ Maruc G – don’t direct your shame at me – I refuse to watch a show just because it is A) Australian and B) a talk show.

    If it had been entertaining, interesting, witty etc then we wouldn’t be in this situation now would we?

  70. Castle Fan says:

    Castle fans – look out for next week’s double episode, the first in particular, Vampire Weekend has been the US highest rated episode this season. It features a fantastic Nod to Nathan Fillion’s past series Firefly – it’s a not to be missed! If you have any friends/family who are Firefly fans you will want to make sure they’re watching from the very beginning of the episode.

    As far as season final goes, Australia is finishing up on episode #7 (after two eps next week) which isn’t even half way through the 22 episode season 2 however it will be back with new episodes in Feb. Seven and 7Two will both air repeats in the mean time.

  71. Harry says:

    Idol was brilliant last night. Every peformance was great and for the first time this year it felt like I was watching Oz Idol. Very talented Final 2, finales going to be interesting. Shame about the number..

  72. RichoTB says:

    Three Rivers won’t get any episodes past its initial order of 13…of all the new medical shows this season (Trauma, Mercy, Three Rivers), it looks like none of them will be around next year.

  73. Ross says:

    I agree with you @ Steve. An example in the US might be Three Rivers, which was canceled by Ch10 after one episode and critics said would be canceled in the US a short time after being canceled here. It too continues and has been nominated for A People’s Choice Award in the US.

    In Australia, All Saints had the same early broadcast jitters.

  74. Steve says:

    The success of Bones shows how networks should be sticking with shows for the long haul. When it premiered in Australia, it wasn’t a ratings success, but with the right promotion and timeslot, look at how it’s going.

    Same story with 2.5 men.

    Listen to us networks, stick with shows for a while and let them build an audience over time. It’s not rocket science.

  75. ryan says:

    I wonder what ten could use in rove’s slot that will have the same effect fot ten, which was winning 16-39 and 18-49 nearly every week

  76. Johnson says:

    Channel Nine and organisers of Australian Masters golf will be delighted with the rating for yesterday. 713,000 was the highest final day TV audience for a golf tournament in Australia since OzTAM ratings began in 2001. For the whole tournament, TV ratings were up from last year except for the opening day. The high figures were main due to the presence of Tiger Woods and little opposition on commercial networks. The next major tournament is Australian Open (Greg Norman was supposed to play but withdrew due to injury) to be held in Sydney on December 3-6, up against the final V8 Supercar race of the year also in Sydney, and Test cricket in Adelaide. It will be interesting to see the ratings for the golf then.

  77. Marcus G says:

    After the death of Graham Kennedy and Don Lane and the uprise of Hey Hey I would have thought aussies would have embraced Rove. Now all we have left in this form of entertainment is crap from USA, Jay Leno and Letterman. Shame Australia, shame…

  78. Jed says:

    Doesn’t the Weekend Today include the rugby?? I’m pretty sure the Rugby was on here in Adelaide instead of Today. That’s why it got such huge numbers in Sydney

  79. Dino says:

    Huge night for Seven. Their lineup is unstoppable at the moment. Even Sunday Night has become a hit, andbuilding audience on Seven News for the first time ever.

    Can Australian Idol sink any further? That is a pathetic result 1 week out from the finale. It didn’t win a single demo either, so that result looks even worse. Real shame Ten didn’t give Rove’s final show ever a better timeslot, could have got well over a million with an 8.30 timeslot.

  80. Allie says:

    Wow – great night for Seven, the top five shows for the evening. Outstanding!! Along with Tuesday night, they now own Sunday night. Australian Idol tanked badly. Less than 1M nationally for the Final Two evening, with a guest of the calibre of Michael Buble is unforgivable, really poor showing, and shows how far this show has tumbled in the eyes of the viewing public. This entire season has been a flop. Numbers for Rove bad because of the substandard lead-in from Idol. Also, his retirement announcement was a surprise, there had been no anticipation or hype about it. Did he jump, or was he pushed? Hmmmm…..

  81. Tasha says:

    I am so annoyed with Channel 7. How can they season finale Castle next week, only 7 episodes into the season, when there are 22 episodes all together? It even rated much better than Rove. They cant be ending it already!!

  82. The Realist says:

    I am sure Weekend Today’s figures boosted by people hanging around for the golf which did great numbers for 9 for that time of day.

  83. Jed says:

    Wow Bones was actually #1 in Adelaide. Didin’t see that coming. Picked up natioanlly too. Great to see Castle doing well, love that show. Is it really the finale next week?? So soon, or do they just mean until continue next year? Idol final 2 and still can’t crack a million. I’d rethink your decision Ten.

  84. angelsgal says:

    Shame on Roves figures. It would of been nice if Ten Cut Idol by 1 hour (since only one was needed) and gave rove a big 2hour finale. After 10 years he deserved to go out on better figures than that. Still rove is a smart guy and wont be supirsed to see Micalef Live or The Hamish and Andy show replace rove on Sunday nights. As per usual Idol flops, ten should of never had renewed it and held off Dance til August

    In other non rove news, 7 dominated the night, very impressive. Bones powering along, to think this show couldnt get an audience now its heading toward Australias number 1 import. Nine had a bad night, no doubt there share was popped up by go. Unsure if Sunday Night is a flop or not, it did grow on 7 news, sometimes it loses 400k, still to get a consistant 1.2 every week, 7 cant complain.

  85. Kyall says:

    Wow!! What a big night for 7TWO and Bones :D

  86. Jimbo says:

    there’s a few interesting things about yesterday’s ratings:
    - False Witness did very poor. I thought it would seriously get double to what it got
    - The golf did very well for the day
    - Rove’s last ever show got it’s usual numbers of 2009 – however, there was zero promotion about it
    - The Einsten Factor could have done better for it’s second last ever episode

  87. Matt S says:

    What’s the bet on how low the audience for Idol’s finale will be this year? I’m gonna say 1.2-1.3m. It’s a shame because Hayley and Stan are great talents this year. Either of them deserve to win and either would sure as hell be better than the dreg that’s been turned up in the past couple of years. Ch7’s Sunday lineup just seems unstoppable! I can’t believe what a powerhouse The Force has become.

  88. JohnTV says:

    Gee great figures for Weekend Today! Pitty that Rugby League 4 Nations Final was actually on…. hopefully this will get fixed as Weekend Today did not start until 8:30 Sunday morning.

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