Solo artist and former Beatle Ringo Starr chats with host Lynn Hoffman about his incredible career. Discover his personality, warmth and his exceptional musicianship.

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Ringo Starr
born: 07-07-1940
birth place: Liverpool, England

Ringo Starr, the man who was to become the legendary Beatles' drummer and the narrator for the world's most popular anthropomorphised train, was born Richard Starkey on 7th July 1940 in Liverpool, England.

He was born in the poorer Dingle area of Liverpool to dock worker Richard Starkey and bakery assistant Elsie. His mother and father separated when he was three years old and Starr's mother later re-married a man called Harry Graves, who was a close stepfather to Starr, who cheekily nicked-named the older man his ‘step ladder’.

In the summer of 1947, when Starr was six, he fell ill with an appendicitis, which landed him in hospital. Complications of the appendicitis led to an infection that put him in a coma, keeping him away from school for almost a year and putting him seriously behind in his schoolwork.

Starr was an accident and sickness-prone child. During his hospital stay for the appendicitis, to combat the boredom of a small child, he was given a couple of toys to keep his spirits up: a little red bus and a drum. Starr was very taken with the drum, but decided to give his bus to the boy in the bed next to him as a gift. Unfortunately as he leaned out of the bed to do so, he fell and hit his head, knocking himself out.

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