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Kadhdhoo Domestic Airport Kadhdhoo Domestic Airport

Aerodrome Location Indicator and Name VRMK - Kadhdhoo Island / Kadhdhoo
ARP coordinates and site at AD 015130N 0733111E
Centre of Apron
Direction and distance from City 217 degrees 3.7 KM from Fonadhoo
Elevation / Reference temperature 1.2 M (4 FT) / 30.2 degrees C
MAG VAR / Annual change 4.0 degrees W (1995)
Apron surface and strength Surface: Bituminous
Strength: PCN 15
Taxiway width, surface and strength Width: 14.33 M
Surface: Bituminous
Strength: PCN 15
ACL Location and elevation Location: Runway mid-point
Elevation: 1.2 M / 4 FT
AD Administration Maldives Airports Company Limited
Address Malé International Airport
Republic of Maldives
Telephone (960) 313309
Fax (960) 323504
Telex 66123 MAA MF
Types of traffic permitted IFR / VFR
VRMM Operational hours 0230 - 0930
Hotels Nil
Restaurants At AD
Transportation Launches and Dhoanis, Taxis and Van can be hired from airport.
Medical facilities First Aid at AD - Nil
Bank / Post Nil
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