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Perhaps unsurprisingly, chamillionaire -- the latest hot rapper out of Houston -- was once running buddies with both Mike Jones and Paul Wall. Thing is, the twenty-five-year-old, born Hakeem Seriki, has fallen out with both of them, devoting an entire disc of his triple CD The Mixtape Messiah to dissing "Dyke Jones." Now, with his major-label debut, the "chamilitary man" eschews the syrup-sippin' sound of "Still Tippin' " for high-wire high-hats and skittering snares that suit his crisply enunciated flows. "I got a white girl/I call her Shady Aftermath/'Cause she love a rapper/See a nigger, she gon' snatch him fast," Cham proclaims on "Radio Interruption." This preoccupation with chicks culminates in the lyrical stunner "Think I'm Crazy," in which he meets a girl in a club who "seem so damn innocent" before things spiral into the last line's shock twist. If success is the best revenge in the current Houston-hungry climate, Chamillionaire seems destined for his.


(Posted: Nov 21, 2005)


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