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Mission and Command Overview

CNAF Mission

MissionMan, train, equip and maintain a Naval air force that is immediately employable, forward deployed and engaged.  We support the Fleet and Unified Commanders by delivering the right force with the right readiness at the right time at reduced cost......today and in the future.

We are Naval Aviation.  Our core competency is the projection of combat power, whether from a flight deck or a forward base. 

We influence events in this unsettled world by engaging forward with our presence and power.  Our hope is that our presence, along with our coalition partners, will deter aggression and enable the full spectrum of diplomatic, economic and political channels to defuse swelling international tension. 

When all else fails, and as a last resort, our Naval Air Force can deliver unmatched persistent, precision combat power, hundreds of miles inland from our expeditionary airfields and sea-bases. 

…And just as easily, we can flex our force to perform humanitarian aid and disaster relief efforts, as we did during the 2004 Asian Tsunami. 

Our service puts us in harms way, far away from our families, often for significant periods of time.  What we do is hard and often times dangerous, but it is bigger than all of us, so we do it as a team, a Navy Marine Corps team.  Hardships are shared.  

We lead our men and women with compassion. 

What drives us is the richness of life and experience that can be found nowhere else.  

Our duty is mission accomplishment.  

We serve our country. 

We excel in the air. 

We make a difference. 

Naval Air Forces Overview:  Naval Air Forces is the senior command in the Naval Aviation Enterprise (NAE) and is responsible for all Naval Aviation programs, personnel and assets.   

It’s supported by Commander, Naval Air Force, Atlantic Fleet; OPNAV N88 (Air Warfare Requirements); Naval Air Systems Command; Naval Strike and Weapons Command; Chief of Naval Air Training. 

Within the NAE there are approximately 3800 aircraft that perform strike/fighter missions, anti-surface warfare, sub-surface warfare, electronic warfare, reconnaissance, communications relay, Search and Rescue (SAR), training and logistical support missions. 

These capabilities are brought together to create carrier air wings and deploy aboard one of our 12 aircraft carriers.  Squadrons may also embark as a detachment, made up of aircraft, aircrew and maintainers to support missions off our frigates, cruisers, destroyers or amphibious vessels.  We also deploy detachments to expeditionary airfields to support unique theater requirements. 

At home and abroad, our missions are supported by approximately 25 Naval Air Stations and bases. 

Our Naval Air Force is all enabled by the commitment and talent of approximately 100,000 active and reserve military personnel, Department of the Navy civilians and contractors who ensure our Naval Air Force is ready to deploy…..and when we deploy, we’re ready to fight….and when we fight, we fight to win - today and in the future. 


Fly   ~   Fight   ~   Lead