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Oakland Charter Academies (OCA), is a nonprofit corporation, founded in 1993 designed to produce the academic advancement of minority middle school and high school youth from East Oakland, CA.

Oakland Charter Academies, opened its first school, Jingletown Charter School in the fall 1993, and was the fourteenth charter school in the state of California.  Since then, the school changed its name to Oakland Charter Academy (OCA), and is now a nationally recognized No Child Left Behind Blue Ribbon School, only the second charter school serving under the charter authority of Oakland Unified School District to receive such a distinction. 

Committed to excellence and academics, OCA’s goal is to provide structure and student achievement to traditionally underserved urban students by:

-Improving the academic achievement of all students,

-Closing the achievement gap for all subgroups who attend our school,

-Focus on student attendance,

-Supporting effective educators,

-Providing a structured learning environment , and

- Increasing instructional minutes in key content areas