The Sims 3: World Adventures

Just when she thought she was free of life development simulation addiction, The Sims 3: World Adventure pulled reviewer and GameGirl Raychul Moore right back in with a barrage of new features, environments, and exotic items to collect.

What more could EA possibly do with a Sims 3 expansion that hasn't already been done in the numerous Sims 1 and 2 packs? Apparently, quite a bit.

In The Sims 3: World Adventures, your Sim is given the exclusive ability to travel to real-world locales such as China, Egypt and France. This is no ordinary "vacation" pack, however; in past expansions, Sims would visit areas that were little more than freshly re-skinned stages with hardly anything new to do from a gameplay perspective. Here, players will actually investigate underground tombs, solve puzzles, and find hidden treasures, all the while exploring a variety of beautiful backdrops. Of course, this is still The Sims we're talking about, so you'll still be able to stock up on new decor, furniture, clothing, and themes -- all with an international flair.

When you first arrive at a new location you are taken to a "base camp" where all of your essential needs (grab a bite to eat, sit on the potty for a bit, etc.) can be taken care of. The game will then alert you to check out the local notice board, and prompt your Sim to undertake an assortment of adventures in that country. Someone may need you to retrieve a lost item from an abandoned tomb, or perhaps locate some rare rocks that are scattered about near different landmarks - the variety is pretty outstanding, and it doesn't hurt that these missions are pretty fun.

The tomb-raiding mechanics are much more interactive than the simplistic gameplay Sims players are used to. Beyond just sliding boxes over pressure-sensitive floor panels, you have to see if your skills will allow you to evaluate or disarm certain traps and hazards. Mess up and it could be a face full of fire for your Sim (which you could avoid if you made him wet ahead of time). It's all a little Indiana Jones, a little RPG even -- definitely a welcome departure from the mindless "click-and-click-some-more" gameplay prevalent in previous expansions. The rewards -- ancient artifacts, gems and gold -- are worth it, but beware: Not all treasure chests are filled with riches. (You know what they say about old tombs and curses...)

By completing different objectives your Sim will earn Visa points that allow him or her to stay in each country for longer periods of time, get access to new unlocked items and even purchase a vacation home. Everything in World Adventures is internationally flavored, of course: French goodies look like they came from an old-country winery, but if you like your stuff black and gold and gaudy, try visiting Egypt. It's all very stereotypically themed, down to every last detail, but it's nothing offensive (unless that term "gaudy" doesn't sit well with some folks).

Each location also offers shops filled with new items that may help you get through long adventures inside the tombs, such as tents, dried food, and shower-in-a-can. Other goods include books, new recipes and even more decorations to give your home a bit of an exotic flair.

The developers added a new skill to World Adventures, too: photography. Once you buy a camera, your Sim can start snapping photos during their travels of both the sights they visit and the people they meet. The game offers in-game goodies for meeting your photography objectives, and a scavenger-hunt checklist will let you know whether to take a picture of some wildflowers, or perhaps just the flower pot in your Sim's living room.

Overall, World Adventures adds so much new content and gameplay that it feels more like a sequel than an expansion pack. Sims fans everywhere, from the casual to the hardcore, will absolutely love all of the new additions that are packed in here. World Adventures is guaranteed to impress -- it may just be the most ambitious expansion in the franchise yet -- and it will add hours upon hours of new areas to explore and new Sims to meet.

PROS: New gameplay mechanics while exploring tombs; hours of new story-based objectives; tons of new internationally themed items
CONS: Just when you thought you were out (of Sims 3), World Adventures pulls you back in; Prepare to lose a lot of hours to this one.

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You Must've had a real 'Blast' Ms. Moore!

My two cents worth;
I must admit, this game has slowly, but surely begun to grow on me!
My first initial thought was, and virtually like so many others "Ah No NOT another Bon-voyage type EP!!!" = [
Just got over that Last One "Apartment Life", and to be honest it lacked more 'Game' (content&impressibility-wise) then actual 'Play'!

Lol, then there's the lingering Idea or "Horror" even, for some of us waiting (rather impatiently I might add) for a Seasonal-type Expansion 'Yet to emerge', delivering Hard Core Fans their 'Aspirational' Fantasies (more like Perverted, Despicable and Horrendous "torture" related ones! ha ha) whereby they can finally without haste, "Rain down" upon their poor unsuspecting Vict..erm..I mean Sims, their Raging Writhing Wrath!!! (I'm not alone in this believe me ;) )
Thunderstorms Ala Fried Sim anyone!?.

*Maybe Someday, Right EA? Alas, we Can but Only still Dream ~sigh~*


But the equally Impressive Content(Objects/ Stuff) thrown in, likewise combined with very Immersive and Diverse Strategic Gameplay Elements,
such as New Worlds (Real World Locations) to Explore Entirely, or New "skill related" career producing Attributes/ Traits in this One-Of-a-Kind Expansion Pack, more than make up for the lack of "Seasonal additions" and / or Evil vices!! (New deaths etc)
I am really looking forward to The sure to be "eye-popping" Stunning Graphic-enhancing Elements we've seen so far, and of course to the Adventuring-like type roles we Can now take on, thanks to and via This Amazing and Astoundingly Massive (3.4 GB or more?) EP!!
Here's To a Winning Idea, And hopefully (though, safe to say at this stage more than likely) Another like this to Follow in it's place!
From what seems to be such a Promising start in heading into New uncharted territory and vaguely touched upon ventures, My Salute and sincere Congrat's goes out to EA and it's Teams for All their hard work and hours put into making this a memorable and satisfying experience for ALL!
Well Done Guys!


Thanks DaveyJay!

Yeah I had the same worries. I was a tad disappointed when World Adventures was first announced because I thought it would be Bon Voyage 2.0...but I proven wrong. I love this new expansion, especially exploring tombs, I could do that for hours.


I too am in-love with the Idea of Exploring and excavating deep underground ancient tombs full of relics and wonders yet to be discovered!
Oh and please excuse my English! or rather my Grammar of tone? Ya see I hail from Southern Africa, Durban to be precise ;) so We say and write things a lilttle differently there, plus I never had my 'thinking cap' on at the time, so to speak
It was just a "spur of the moment" type thing, a spontaneous urge to let out my Excitement over this Amazing and equally Productive development!
Also, And I'm sure you and the rest of simmers out there will agree,
"Story Progression" is taking a wildly unpredicatble, but adventurous/ daring turn for the good I feel!
I've got a hunch, and from the "Grant Rodiek" Demo, we can begin to only Imagine all the Intricate-laden richly detailed stories the Team has snuck in for us?, not to Mention I heard (Via Sims that There's New Task Related quests your sims will encounter in Each Locale, probably Promoting them in their current careers or unlocking secret areas/ hidden items throughout the game world!?
From "Book Smuggling" into Shang- Simla China, for example,
One can deduce that upon completing this seemingly easy task for the local, Your Sim would benefit in The "writing" department? Or even Gain an Ancient book, containing clues to finding long-buried and forgotten (Priceless) Treasure?
who knows really! And why ruin the element of Surprise!, Guess we gotta wait and find out for ourselves eh?
That's what adds To the Excitement!
an inkling to "Where to and What's Next?"
Well, enough outta me ;) lol
Can't wait until Friday (It only comes out on the 20th Here for us Uk simmers), when I can (finally after the agony of waiting for SO long) uncover the Mysteries for myself!

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