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EGYPT: Cairo recalls its ambassador to Algeria after soccer violence

November 19, 2009 | 12:51 pm


Foreign Ministry spokesman Hossam Zaki confirmed today that Egypt recalled its ambassador to Algeria after Egyptian fans were attacked by their Algerian counterparts following the two countries' playoff match in the 2010 World Cup qualifications held in Khartoum, Sudan, on Wednesday.

The incident comes days after Algeria's ambassador to Cairo, Abdel Qader Hadjar, was summoned by the Egyptian government to explain violence against Egyptians living in Algeria in the days leading up to the crucial match, which Algeria won 1-0. Hadjar was summoned once again today, hours before a decision was issued to recall Egypt's ambassador in Algiers for "consultations."

The Foreign Ministry announced that it informed Hadjar of "Egypt's extreme displeasure with the assaults on Egyptian citizens who went to Khartoum to support the Egyptian team."

"Egypt also expressed its outrage and its denunciation after continuing reports and many appeals from Egyptian citizens residing in Algeria over the assaults and intimidation they face," the statement to Hadjar concluded.

By defeating Egypt, Algeria won a berth in the 2010 World Cup to be held in South Africa. But the game was marred by tensions as Egyptian supporters and celebrities who were accompanying their national team called for help by phoning satellite television channels, describing how tough it was to leave the stadium amid Algerian fans' attacks.

Some Egyptian fans said they were forced to find shelter in homes and villas offered by Sudanese residents until the situation calmed down. Egyptian Health Minister Hatem El Gabaly said today that 21 Egyptians were injured as a result of the post-match assaults.

The soccer violence started on Saturday when Egyptians hurled stones at a bus carrying Algerian players from the Cairo airport to the city's stadium before an earlier qualifying match between the two teams. Three Algerian players were injured.

-- Amro Hassan in Cairo

Photo: Ambassador Abdel Qader Hadjar talking to Algerian fans. Credit: AFP

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Dear Egyptians!
In this world there are two types of people, winners and whiners, the winners are clearly the Algerian team and its supporters who are celebrating right now all over the world.
Then logically the whiners are the Egyptian team and its supporters. The Egyptian media is the biggest moaner and it trying to blame every single person in the world for their lost game.
The true is the Egyptian team is weak and full of old fat unfit players. My advise to you is try to put pressure on your manager to look for young players because your next game is against a strong team (Nigeria) which will beat you heavily and kicked from the African cup and try to blame Algeria and Algerians for your defeat and unsuccessful decision as always.
To remind you that you have always been losers example: two wars 1967 (bad decision and blamed Russians and Americans ).
1973 (blamed Jordan and …etc)
Please stop being whiners and to be a winners.
Viva Algeria and proud to be algerian with all the definitions good and bad!!

What a bunch of sore losers… the only thing Egypt is upset is about losing to Algeria, Egyptian diplomaty looks so stupid LA times and all major newspapers in America are laughting at Egypt today “Egypt loses soccer game calls it’s Envoy in Algiers” laughbable. That was their only hope everything else is taken away from them by their rogue regime.. with the present regime Egypt as a country is sinking and trying to drag Algeria with it , but it won’t happen, according to their own ambassador in Sudan few minor incidents here and there and no more than 20 fans with light bruises or cuts more Algerians were injured in Egypt, don’t try to change things and deflect the attention of what really happened to Algerians in Egypt, the whole world watched in horror the bloodied players… you seem to forget that was a game played in Algeria before and Egyptian team and fans were treated like royalty. This was plan B from the Present egyptian royal family, attack Algeria so they can keep their own people focused on something else other than them now that football season is over and nothing to keep them occupied with….even the crown prince of Egypt the son of Mubarak is stirring the pot….It’s deja vu looks a lot like a father president in Irak and his 2 sons…We know where that took to !!! An Egyptian president that all the sudden decide to care about his own people where was he when the ferry sank a couple of years ago with more than 1000 egyptians dead? . a no show too after the train accident that killed so many people etc….. I wish one day egyptians realize what is really happenning to them and turn things around and become once again the great nation that once was.

For those who say that Egypt is a bad loser.......Egyptians don't care about going to the world cup. We send our fans, who were diplomats, actors, singers, girls, men and children to encourage our team, after and before the match they were cursed, fingered and attacked by knives, swords and other weapons and faced indecent acts from this fair play?? although we LOST
for the people outside both countries please do not consider this a football game because it was not..."the Algerian news" (not Egyptian) posted that they sent 5 military aircrafts and released hooligans from prison to the match, most of their passports were issued 2 or 3 days before the match. what country sends military forces to a match?? is it war and we do not know
Last game between both teams in Algeria , The Egyptian team were poisoned and they were personally attacked as goes the history of every time meeting them in any sport, But Egypt were always acting as "the big sister" and never complained either officially or even unofficial....BUT that is ENOUGH we have reached our limit.....DO not you think!!!!!
Now the Egyptian football team players received threat SMS on their phones that they will be killed in Angola .....
If Egypt is exaggerating then what happened in France, Belgium and Germany from Algiers by destroying shops, yachts .....and an attacking people....what does it exactly mean?
By the way the Sudanese government are holding now 1200 Algerian hooligans with not only knives but also with deadly chemicals to be thrown at the Egyptian fans,
Egypt has no history of violence against any country any where anytime in or outside sports...we are known for hospitality and generosity but this is too much .....

While the media to you may have blown this out of proportion, dont for a second think that this is not as severe as they depict it. My friends, people i care about, have stitches in their heads from being stoned in Sudan. Those same people i care about called me crying, afraid for their lives from Khartoum. People i know took knives in their backs trying to protect women and children from the stones, knives and glass that was raining on them from the Algerians. Egypt did NOT have 25 thousand at the game. Your sources and information are beyond incorrect. Egypt, as it was told by sudan, abided by its limit of 18 thousand supporters to attend the game in Khartoum. Algeria, which was instructed to do the same, sent some 30 thousand to the stadium. Egyptians who attended the game were actors, singers, doctors, lawyers, business men. Algerians who were there, who regularly would require a visa to enter Sudan yet were excused, were there 3 days before the game, purchasing knives and machetes, were far from being respectable people in society. there were, and pardon my language, the scum of Algeria, which arguably is all scum. This is not about football. I absolutely agree, in terms of football, Algeria deserved to win and enter the world cup. With Egypts level of skill that night, we most certainly do not deserve to play in South Africa. What the Egyptian media is flaring over is the dignity of Egyptians who called home that night fearing for their lives. The dignity of Egyptians in Algeria who are unable to leave their homes, who are denied access to food, who fear for their lives daily, who are unable to even leave the country to return to Egypt. Get your facts straight. This is not blown out of proportion. Anything I say, I say because I took part of. This is not what i see on TV. This is all from those who were there. The day your people, your brothers and sisters go through that, you'll know what it is to not just bend over and get whats coming.

This is rediculus. A football game that Egypt lost to Algeria in SUDAN makes them recall the ambassador. Not even so. The Egyptian president announcing at the Parliament that their government will not tolerate the insult to its citizens at the game!! They are trying to vent the frustration of the Egyptian people against their government by using the media to flar the feeling towards a fellow Arab state that won a soccer game against them. Playing on those feelings, is the Egyptian president's son, Ala'a Mubarak, who used racial connotations against the Algerian people in an interview at a tabloid TV!! This is a guy who lost his son few months ago. Instead of this tragic incident having a sobberibg effect on him he is playing the media card shamelessly to protect his father who is being heavily crticized for grooming Al'aa brother, Jamal, to succeed him.
The Algerian fans are not angels of course but Egypt got 25 thousand fans to the game and Algeria got 10 thousand. And now the Egyptian fans claim they got beaten up by a much smaller group!! Even if this true ( and that would tell you much about the Egyptian resilience) the number of injuries were, according to the EGYPTIAN health minister, was 21. So it wasn't the massacre the Egyptian TV and politicians were talking about. A game attended by 40 thousand fans, which super high tension between the two sides in the build up to the game, with only 21 injuries, is a successful game by all standards. And the Egyptians should stop nagging and complaining to FIFA about Algeria and Sudan I. An effort to overrule the result of the fame. Accept the loss as good sports:)) and let us move on.

first i see some are talking about what happened in Egypt. what did happened? show me some one that got hurt in Egypt by Egyptian. and about the buses it was said more then once, two windows were broken and the team broke the rest from the inside. right now as i right this there are some Egyptian trying to leave Algeria but the could not leave the Egyptian government asked there government to let Egypt Air line to send a plan and get them but they refused to let any plan to go. Go on youtube and look at there fans in the Sudan look at fans holding knifes up, is that there fans we send our actors and singers and they send there barbaric people to the match. One more thing all that and more happened in the Sudan after they won just think what would have happened if Egypt won? i am Egyptian and proud Egyptian but i thank God that we lost just knowing what happened when we lost.

I am a huge soccer fan. After seeing the way Algerians played against the Egyptian team I was fairly upset to see a team that lacks talent qualitfy for the world cup. Their style of play no longer exists. After scoring one lucky goal all they do is defend. In addition, after seeing how their fans looked and behaved, I really hope FIFA prevents this team from enterting the World Cup, as they may tarnish the image of soccer with boring games and horrible hooligans for fans. Either way, I expect an erly elimination for this pathetic team.

As an Arab I am sad to see how much animosity Algerians have towards their Egyptian counterparts. Prior to this game I believed it was a win win situation as both teams were of Arab heritage. This guaranteed the presence of an Arab country in the world cup. However, after the uncivilized and barbaric actions displayed by the Algerians I am embarrassed that they will be representing Arabs in this epic event. I hope for their early elimination so their ignorance doesn't spill over onto the national scene and worsen western perception of Arab ignorance.

Egyptians show their respect to Algeria's ppl, if there any violence happened from our side or from algerian side, we mustnt handel our problems by sending killers and prisoners or whatever they called to sudan caryying knives and attack unarmed innocent Egyptians, whatever happened there are millions ways to solve our problem NOT by violence and attacking ppl.
TO all honorable men, from the both sides, calm down, think, talk, do not make the sedition controls us.
We are looking for peace with dignity...

Dear FIFA ,
Please do not ignore my message because your logo is ( My Game is Fair Play ) and what happened for the egyptians supporters in sudan is not fair at all , it's a war . 2 days before the match media proved that algeria was sending supporters of the lowest social level who had with them knives and other weapons . They won on egypt 1-0 and not only leaving the egyptian people sad about the score but they attacked them in the streets of sudan and attacked their buses and injured many of them . Supporters called egyptian media crying (on air) for help from the egyptian governement and asking help from the sudan police which was not capable of holding down the extremly agressive algerian supporters acts who seemed like terrorists. That was a very brief about what happened and ofcoarse you have much more information and evidences about this tragedic event . PLEASE punish them by not allowing them to compensate in FIFA world cup which as they mentioned was their second concern after showing torture to egyptian supporters in sudan ...
I think this would be a good answer to teams who needs a war not a fair play .

1.2.3 viva algerie .

Civilized Algerian celebrations:

1. Sudan: Attacking Egyptians (Men,Women and kids) with swords and knives and flares.

2. France: 63 people were arrested and four shop windows were smashed on the Champs Elysees, Paris. (AFP).

3. Algeria: Fourteen people have been killed during rallies held to welcome the country's football team after winning in Wednesday's World Cup qualifier against Egypt. Some 250 others were injured during the celebrations.

where is fifa where is international laws

they are not normal all arabs must cut there relation with fifa and must do the same with others if there is no punishment to algeria

I just feel like i need to clarify something. This is football, it's a game. If the Algerian football team bus was attacked by angry fans that's one thing, but when innocent Egyptian citizens and their businesses are attacked in Algeria. When Egyptian family homes are broken into, their offices smashed, their lives threatened in Algeria band the Algerian Government doesn't do anything to stop it. When they're unable to even leave the country due to the violance against them, this is A COMPLETLY DIFFERENT STORY!!!!! WHEN the Egyptian FANS busses are broken into in Sudan by Algerians, with swords and knives, when they're slashed and stabed randomly , glass broken into the people faces, clothes ripped, when the Egyptian fans get out of the stage and start being attacked by all of this. THAT IS UNACCEPTABLE. IT's sickening, I can't believe this is football. This is Disgusting, simply disgusting and inhumane. I hope the FIFA doesnt' let this pass.

The silly thing is that it was said in some egyptian media that the algerian players went out for stones and broke the windows from inside the bus, and when they reached the hotel some algerian players went to their rooms and cut themselves ... all this in an attempt to make egypt look bad. I mean a funnier and less credible story is difficult to invent. Why would the algerian players put energy in making such a drama when they should concentrate on the game. Second there are videos clearly showing the algerian bus being attacked.
I wish for the best for all parties but when making sport such a serious thing one must stop and have a second thougt. / 123 viva l'Algerie ;)

The Egypt Police where very supportive to the Algerian fans in the Cairo stadium I was in the stadium during the match on nov 14th the Egyptians where not allowed anywhere near the Algerians in the stadium or outside the stadium. They had armored police vehicles taking them to and back from the stadium. After Egypt won that match all we cared about in Egypt that night was the fact that we won the match. No Algerians where harmed. Roads all around the hotel where the Algerian plays where staying where blocked by Egyptian police. Egyptian police officials stated that the glass on the Algerian bus in Egypt was broken from the inside not outside. When it comes to Sudan some of my friends and family went there and confirmed everything that happened during the match and after the match. Egyptian fans and players where threatened with swords and knives and flares. The Algerian fans that attended the match came to Sudan with military aircrafts which obviously means that they weren’t soccer fans and weren’t ordinary civilians. After Algeria won the match Egyptian fans where attacked men, women and children with no mercy. They had to hide in Sudanese homes till the situation had calmed down. I really thank god we didn’t win the match that day because if we did none of our fans would’ve returned and it would’ve been a masker. I really erg the FIFA to take strong actions against what happened to our Egyptian fans in Sudan.

Egyptians didn't attack Algerian team, that's all to say

one thing is not said in the article, the atatck on the Algerian team in Cairo was not real , it was play to have an excuse to make troubles.
they had all the intention, why else would Algerian government send military planes full of prisoners to go to Sudan and act as football fans ????????

This type of behaviour is predominant among European futball hooligans. Intense passion is the agent provocateur that ignites outbursts of rage. A 'Leave(get out) Too Little Too Late' summary of the final score!