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18/11/09 - Anderson: "Recovery not going as planned"

Anderson Silva says his recovery from elbow surgery has not gone as expected, and that there is still enough pain to stop him practicing simple jiu jitsu positions.

“I went to the doctor who takes care of me in Brazil on Monday. I had surgery in the United States but there is communication between the two medical teams. To sum it up, some movements aren’t at the expected stage [of recovery],“ he revealed to Portal das Lutas.

“I’m crazy to come back, train hard and fight but some moves still hurt so much. I just came from jiu-jitsu training where I was teaching my students and I could not even could make some positions with them,” the UFC middleweight champion added.

The news will not thrill UFC bosses, who are faced with a mounting injury list of high profile stars. Silva was wanted for a headlined fight with Vitor Belfort in February but unless he is back to full training by next month that will be unlikely.

Recent cards have been rocked by injury pull-outs and UFC president Dana White admitted he had never known a period this turbulent in terms of matchmaking and withdrawals from fights. UFC 106 lost its main event of Lesnar v Carwin, UFC 107 lost Rampage v Rashad and UFC 108 has been ravaged repeatedly, losing Lesnar v Carwin and Nogueira v Velasquez.

UFC 109 was today reported to be featuring a headline match between Randy Couture and Mark Coleman. Both are in their mid-40s and Coleman’s injury record since joining the UFC must surely have Zuffa executives crossing the fingers of both hands to keep him on the card.

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