A generation which ignores history 
has no past -- and no future. 

                           - Robert A. Heinlein

If you're looking for a dry, formal history of the Internet, look elsewhere. The purpose of NetHistory is to give you a feeling for what it was like in the pioneering days of BITNET and the Internet. Hopefully, you will gain some perspective and come to understand the early Internet experience (although one could argue that the experience in question is a lot like sitting in front of a mainframe terminal in the middle of the night with a Twinkie-and-Jolt buzz). At worst, you should find it entertaining.

In the Archive you'll find a growing collection of early network publications. The Voices section includes the personal insights of the people who were there while BITNET and Internet history was being made. Click on Links to browse related sites.

While you're surfing, don't forget to visit Dumbentia, my world-famous parody site. It features advertising parodies (Microsoft Internet Exploder, Lays OW! Potato Chips, Womb Raider, etc.), the Seven Deadly Motivational Posters, and free Internet postcards. Worth a visit (or two) if I do say so my humble self.

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NetHistory is maintained by Chris Condon. If you have some insight into BITNET/Internet history, or have some issues of early online network newsletters or other interesting documents, please send me e-mail at chris@condon.net.

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