Check out this interview from August 2000 in
Animerica Magazine (vol. 8, no. 7) by clicking on the cover to the right. It may answer some of your questions. See below for a few more answers to questions I'm often asked.

1) How do you dub a show?

The script is translated from the original Japanese into English then adapted to fit the "lip flap" (the movement of the mouth). I am the only one in the booth when I work, as we record each voice separately throughout each episode. For example, in Pokémon episodes where Ash and his Mom have a scene together, we will record all of the Ash lines, and then, go back and do the Mom’s lines.
I am often the first one to record so I have to imagine how the previous line will be said. Luckily, I work with a great director who helps with the interpretation of the line, matching of the lip flap, and consistency of the voice.

2) How long does it take to record Ash?

It takes about 6-8 hours for me to dub an episode of Pokémon.

3) How did you get into voice-acting?

I have always liked cartoons and radio shows. Growing up, I was always involved in plays and acting workshops. I trained as an actor in college and graduate school and have also studied voice: speech and singing.
I got my first anime job after I was recommended by my acting coach for an audition. After that, I continued to work in Anime and, eventually, was cast in Pokémon.

4) Do you like being a voice-actor?

I love it. I love to play all different types of characters, and this gives me an opportunity to do that. It is challenging to watch the picture and give a voice to the emotions of the characters on the screen.
I have also worked on projects where we record the voices first and the characters are drawn later to match the voice. This is an exciting process and somewhat easier than the usual method for dialogue replacement. I have more freedom as an actor.

5) Do you have any tips for someone hoping to get into voice-acting?

I’m not sure that I have many tips on specifically becoming a voice-actor. I began acting when I was 5 in school plays. I have always loved cartoons and consider myself fortunate to be making a living with my voice, but I never intended to become a voice-actor. My advice would be to get a well-rounded education and get involved in school plays and community theater groups. Remember, the most important part of voice-acting is the acting.

6) Do you think Ash and Misty are in love? Will they ever get together on the show?

I don’t think Ash would ever admit that he was in love with Misty, even if it were true. I personally don’t have any advance information on the storylines. I guess we’ll all just have to wait and see.

7) How do you decide how to do a voice, what it will sound like?

After I review the character descriptions and get a look at an episode to see how the character looks and behaves, I collaborate with the director on finding the right voice. This usually involves "trying out" several different voices and fine tuning the one that seems most appropriate. As an actor, it's an exciting process, because, sometimes, I find voices that I didn't even know I had!

8) Do you know the other actors in the shows?

Yes, but usually we record everything one person at a time. I work with a director and a sound engineer and see the other actors "between shifts". There are some terrific people who work on the shows, and it would be fun to actually record together, but, unfortunately, that's rarely done when you're replacing dialogue.