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Officers & Trustees

WETA Officers

Sharon Percy Rockefeller

Sharon Percy Rockefeller

President and Chief Executive Officer
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Joe Bruns

Joseph B. Bruns

Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
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Dalton Delan

Dalton Delan

Executive Vice President and Chief Programming Officer
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Polly Heath

Polly Povejsil Heath

Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Treasurer to the Board
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Timothy C. Coughlin

Timothy C. Coughlin

Chairman, WETA Board of Trustees
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John Hechinger

John W. Hechinger, Jr.

Vice Chairman, WETA Board of Trustees

Ann Dibble Jordan

Vice Chairman and Secretary, WETA Board of Trustees

Kari Waldack

Assistant Secretary to the Board

WETA Board of Trustees


Timothy C. Coughlin

Vice Chairman

John W. Hechinger Jr.

Vice Chairman and Secretary

Ann Dibble Jordan


Leslee "Honey" Alexander
Cynthia Baker
Marguerite Bateman
Stephen Black
Karna Small Bodman
M. Diane Bodman
Gahl Hodges Burt
Lavern Jackson Chatman
Lisa Claire Dwoskin
Ann B. Friedman
Gregory Gallopoulos
Roger Krone
Charito Kruvant
Ian K. Portnoy
Edward Hart Rice
Jaye Rogovin
Alison K. Russell
Fred Ryan
Bruce Sanford
John H. Shenefield
Jonathan Silver
John Ulfelder
Cynthia Steele Vance
Sheila Craig Whiteman
Christopher Wolf

Ex-Officio Board Members

Sharon Percy Rockefeller
Loren Allan Smith

Trustees Emeritus

J. Roderick Heller, III
Max M. Kampelman
David O. Maxwell
Daniel K. Mayers

Board meetings

Meetings of the WETA Board of Trustees and its committees are open to the general public and, unless otherwise noted, are held at WETA's administrative offices at 2775 S. Quincy Street, Arlington, Virginia 22206.

Please see the meeting schedule for more information.