The Simutrans executable is not bound to specific scenario data. This so called pakset contains landscape, building and vehicle graphics, creating a world of its own. Even the basic parameter like all costs and other definitions for the economy can be tuned by these sets. Therefore each set is like a different game within the simutrans graphics/simulation engine.

Many paksets were created during the history of Simutrans, because it is very easy to make paks: You need the makeobj executable and some dat and png files. The structure of these files is very simple (see the wiki) and thus many people have suceeded in making their own objects. This page tries to map all existing paks ever created. Most recent and often downloads are on the sourceforge download page.

pak64| pakGerman | pakJapan | pakHAJO | Abo Set | pakContrast | pakHD | pak128 | pak128.Japan pak128.Britain | pak32.comic | pak96.comic | pak192.comic | Other experiences


Pak64 is the main and a base set for Simutrans developed along with Simutrans executable. It always contains the most recent features. It is neatly painted pixel by pixel with motherly care. On the other hand it might look too tiny on high resolution displays. Many artists contributed to this pak set, from the 8 bit age on. The appearance of objects in the game well reflects this.

pak64   pak64   pak64


PakGerman evolved from pak64, when original images were replaced by typical German versions. You will meet brick and wooden houses, German vehicles and trees, and brew beer.
This pak is the most challenging to play (the AI will never make it here) and has the most consistent and most homogenous graphics. With the pakGerman, Simutrans can compete with any commercial transport game also graphicwise.

pakGerman   pakGerman   pakGerman supports winter mode


PakJapan evolved from pak64, after original images were replaced by Japanese versions. You will see typical Japanese architecture and vehicles, transport rice and electronics, and drive on the left.

pakJapan   pakJapan   pakJapan


PakHAJO gives the appearance and play-feeling of the long term stable 84.xx versions, which are still around in some distributions. Its appearance is somehow similar to pak64, since historically it shares many buildings. However, certain aspects still tell the 8 Bit heritage. Gaming is more simple, no airplanes, no stops not enabling certain goods and so on. Fully supported, even with winter mode.

pakHAJO   pakHAJO   pakHAJO

Abo Set

Abo Set (pakABO) is a 64px tile set inspired by the countries on the Baltic coast. It offers lightweight contour graphics quite different from pak64 or pak128. It is a perfect choice for those who think that it is good idea to spare a pixel or two and find the styles of other paks too detailed.

Abo Set   Abo Set   Abo Set


Pak Contrast is a minimalistic pak set. Its features concentrate on massive passenger networks and urban planning. Default maintenance costs are low, and construction costs high. The player should not feel financially constrained to invent creative rail solutions, but should instead take on the challenge of transporting large passenger flows as efficiently as possible.

PakContrast   PakContrast   PakContrast


PakHD is an art of its own kind - It is completely drawn by hand using pencil and paper. This set is already playable! The founder and most productive author is Rojo (formerly Raven).

pakHD   pakHD   pakHD


During development people wanted larger graphics. From this the 128x128 set was born. Also it first featured a complex economy and has a really very wide variety of vehicles, buildings or industries. (It contains roughly 7 time more graphics data than pak64 and thus requires by far the largest amounth of RAM and processing power of all Simutrans sets.)
Currently development is slower on this set, although many people find this their favorite set.

pak128   pak128   pak128


The japanese community has built many great trains for Simutrans. However, it was felt, that the scale of pak128 did not meet the desired level of detail. Thus pak128-Japan was designed. Here the trains are enhanced as compared to the standard size. Also this pak is made more consistently, since it did not incorporated any pak128 objects.

pak128.Japan   pak128.Japan   pak128.Japan


Pak128.Britain was developed to give a specifically British theme to Simutrans, this pakset features a wide range of vehicles (with emphasis on rail vehicles), new and highly detailed stations, as well as more accurate looking track for junctions, and a somewhat more subdued graphical appearance than the brightly coloured Pak128 from which it was originally derived. Still presently in beta (but playable all the same), Pak128.Britain brings a familiar setting to Simutrans for United Kingdom residents.

pakBritain   pakBritain   pakBritain


Born from some wierd idea to make some comic-style buildings, pak32.comic was concieved. It is there, if there will be ever done a simutrans version for PDAs...

pak32   pak32   pak32


This pak was inspired by pak32 comic below. Its clean and simple style reminds people of model railroading and also keeps the focus more on playing. This pak is under heavy development, although it is already playable.

pak96.comic  pak96.comic  pak96.comic


This pak is in development. This is only a beta-version, but you are able to play with this graphic set.

pak192.comic  pak192.comic  pak192.comic

Other experiences

Some people tried to create yet more paksets, but they never made it to a version that would run or they have become obsolete at the moment. These include for example a desert set and a moon set.


PakTTD was created by conversion of Transport Tycoon graphics to Simutrans format. It is nice demonstration of Simutrans possibilities, and it looks sweet. This set is currently not playable. New versions use OpenTT graphics.
You can download the so far existing sources and help to make in playable via SVN.

pakTTD   pakTTD   pakTTD


Winter is here! This is a truly winter version of pak64, all pak64 objects are covered by snow. However, since new versions have the season change already incorporated, it is not needed any more.

  • Homepage: none
  • Tile size: 64px

pak64Winter   pak64Winter   pak64Winter


Go where no man has gone before. Bright future and new profits await on Mars. Unfortunately, you must wait, as there is no known playable version.

SimuMars   SimuMars


Do you still have a tear in your eye when you hear the word Atari? Well, we have a little remedy for you. SimuTron is designed to remind good old days. This set is more of a demonstration, as there is no known playable version.

  • Homepage: none
  • Tile size: 64px

SimuTron   SimuTron32