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Wow, did anyone see Kelly’s performance on the AMA’s last night? She did a brilliant version of “Already Gone”, and if you haven’t seen it you owe it to yourself. If you HAVE seen it, you’ll want to watch it again (and again). Here it is, “Already Gone” at the American Music Awards.”

Check out Kelly's performance of "Already Gone" on Get Schooled and get involved with your education.

Kelly Clarkson Open Mic App Winner - Chicago

Another great Open Mic Story here. This one comes from Jenna, the Open Mic winner in Chicago. She got to soundcheck with the band, and of course, she got to meet Kelly. According to the band, she was one of the best everyone else needs to step their game up! Jenna is the score to beat! Download Kelly’s iphone App now and go for the high score! Check out Jenna’s story, with video, below.

National Public Radio’s “All Songs Considered” recently released a list of the 50 most important recordings of the decade, and you’ll never guess who made it in there… That’s right! As a trailblazer for all of the success stories American Idol has produced to date (Carrie Underwood, Jennifer Hudson, Chris Daughtry, Adam Lambert, you name it!), Kelly has certainly been one of the most the most important musicians of this generation.

Be sure to check out the NPR show that celebrates this breakthrough of hers at!

Kelly Clarkson Open Mic Winner - Knoxville

This installment of “Open Mic Stories” comes from Jack, who won the Open Mic Contest for Knoxville, TN. Jack is from Nashville, and he’s always found Kelly to be an inspiration, so as you can guess, he was blown away when he got to sing with Kelly’s band. Jack was cool enough to send in his story and some photos from his night. Check them out below and make sure to buy Kelly Clarkson's iphone app right here.

Kelly Clarkson with the winner of her Open Mic iphone App Competition
We just got another great story from a Kelly Clarkson Open Mic iphone App Winner. Adrienne from Kentucky got to soundcheck with Kelly’s band and meet Kelly. She even sent a video! Check out her story and video below, and make sure to pick up Kelly’s iphone app right here.
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