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Find friends and potential friends on the net to play games with Ready to Play.

Set up your gaming profile, choose a game to play, and Ready to Play will send out invites to your friends as well as “recommended” friends to play with.

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Tired of dealing with griefers or other people who make playing games online a pain? Want to be able to load up your favorite games of the past and play online with others who have that game but, like you, may not have played in awhile? Then get Ready to Play, the new free program that is part of Stardock’s Impulse digital platform.

With Ready to Play, gamers enter in their gaming profile – age, gaming preferences, setting priorities on what is “fun” to that player. From there, players then simply choose a game they want to play and Ready to Play will send an invitation to others who are considered “compatible” and are available to play.

What a 35 year old father of 3 considers a fun gaming experience may be radically different from a 14 year old and Ready to Play helps both groups find others with similar priorities to play with and improve the online fun factor. In addition, often time great games lose popularity online over time and the only players left online are hard core experts. Ready to Play makes it easy to find friends and recommended friends to play those older games with.

Ready to Play is free and is currently in beta. Click the download button to sign up.

System Requirements
Windows XP,Vista or Windows 7
.Net 3.0 framework
10MB free drive space
Impulse must be installed in order to download and update software

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