Theory and discussion

This selection of articles and discussions from the radical and Marxist tradition will be expanded over time. Please e-mail any suggestions to

The widest selection of online Marxist theoretical material can be found at the Marxists Internet Archive. »

Reds is a useful collection (in English and German) containing many writers from the International Socialist tradition. »

The International Socialist Tendency website has a collection of document PDFs in a number of languages. »


Michael Albert & Alex Callinicos
»  Movement Building 2004: Vision and Strategy (2003)

Alex Callinicos
»  The anti-capitalist movement and the revolutionary left (2001)


»  The attacks on New York and Washington (2001)

Alex Callinicos & Ardeshir Mehrdad
»  Middle East: Imperial assault on and tasks for the left (2006)


Alex Callinicos
»  Letter to Gilbert Achcar (2005)

Hal Draper
»  The Two Souls of Socialism (1966)

Israel and Palestine

Tony Cliff
»  Roots of Israel’s violence (1982)

Marxist theory

Michael Kidron
»  A Permanent Arms Economy (1967)

John Molyneux
»  What is the real Marxist tradition? (1983)

Leon Trotsky
»  Booms and slumps (1921)


Chris Harman
»  The prophet and the proletariat (1994)

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