Each time I have made a serious effort of informing you of what the takeover one's are doing to the original teachings, in order to answer the many questions of those who look to me, the Corporation has sued to restrain and punish me. They are bent upon preventing me from publishing the truth as I know it.  I'm thankful I was raised to hear both sides, listening to other views than my own, and telling the truth.

However, the followers of Corp. are led to believe there is only one side - theirs. They are taught they may not enter into a dialog with those of dissimilar beliefs. They are not given permission to think for themselves.  In contrast, Sri Paul Twitchell and I have actually insisted upon doubting and questioning to reach informed choices.  They barricade the mind of their followers. They claim I have no right to a different point of view. They see self-defense on my part as an aggressive act against which they must retaliate. It betrays an extreme state of suspicion, a time warp situation.

Any competent mental health professional can tell you extreme suspiciousness is not healthy, particularly where it exists side-by-side with a cult-like demand for blind faith in leadership.  It is unbalanced, an explosive mixture of authoritarian infringement of individual choice factors. Vital health factors include access to all points of view, an opportunity to independently weigh the differences, an atmosphere free of suspicion and coercion, and nurturing beliefs which accept the individual where he is, that he may let go of limitations and grow into a greater ideal.

I am under coercion right now because of a critique I wrote in the fall of 1989. I am not free to comment on that except in a general way of reassuring you I will fight on for your right to know the truth as I received it from Sri Paul and other Vairagi Masters in this tradition, for as long as I am enabled to do so.  I want to take this opportunity to thank those committed ones among you who provide their love, encouragement and support. I thank Sugmad every day for each of you.  We serve the universal cause, a gallant little band dedicated to originality and proper presentation of the teachings.

The subject matter of this letter pre-dates the present lawsuit, addressing questions going back to the takeover and remarks made by the takeover group on October 22, 1983, before an audience composed of the volunteer and paid leadership of the Corporation, the organization I faithfully served for twelve long years.  The "nucleus one's" conspired to capture a majority on the Board of Trustees. They threw me out on August 7, 1983. Ever since the takeover, the nucleus group has refused to let me tell my side of what happened to the membership, even though I offered to pay for the mailing.(1) They keep repeating the same curse against me again and again, chanting that I am a fallen master, that they have proof of wrongdoing on my part (but can't produce it).  That curse forecloses debate, misleads the membership and blinds with false emotion.

They have intentionally robbed me of reputation as a strategy to discredit any testimony I might give against them. "Don't listen to Darwin. He's a bad guy. Take our word for it. Listen only to us." In any situation there are passive and naive people and it is irresponsible to exploit their weaknesses. The nucleus head an organization now totally opposed to debate or discussion of any kind, as many of you have found out the hard way. Those who have questioned, seeking fair play, have been summarily thrown out, as was I.  It is a control strategy going against the spiritual law of choice for every individual.  Now I am being punished once again for offering a rebuttal of lies told about me. This was founded as a free country, a sanctuary from religious prejudice and hatred.  If I allow myself to be intimidated, silenced by the threat of financial ruin, I couldn't help myself or anyone else.  The corporation uses the membership's financial resources to intimidate, chill and crush dissent.  It is wrong.

Once you grasp the enormity of what has taken place, that formerly known only to a handful of conspirators, you will work it out for yourself. Know that I am always with you in your struggle to realize truth. To have truth in one's life, one must first cultivate a passion for it, wherever it may lead. To love the truth is to trust it with our lives, yet never in a blind or suicidal way. This vital distinction spells the difference between truth and cultism. It is also plain common sense. Never let anyone take it from you.

I only wish I could have answered the questions put to me by so many of you sooner. I have been held at great disadvantage, a virtual hostage. I'm deeply concerned for people kept in the dark. You have a right to know what the conspirators have done in suppression and in concealment. When you become familiar with the particulars of a clumsy, yet massive cover-up, you will likely be astonished as I was.

(1)  We were not allowed to ask any questions at the takeover meeting. We were railroaded. We were refused the right to send out my side of what happened to the membership.  I was refused the right to put my forwarding address in the house publication, for those who look to me.  They claim that there is only one side to what happened and that it is theirs. Anyone who questions the official party line is accused of disloyalty in a star chamber proceeding and is cut off.


Things are still happening.  Its not like a fixed situation that has come with - like a good story with a front, a middle, and an end.  The end is just going on and it changes things that happen from front to middle.

In this candid admission by the spiritual leader he bluntly admits to continually revising past events to fit whatever he is doing in present time. The re-writing of individual and group histories is a common feature of totalitarian cults, whether political or religious.  Totalitarian thinking holds history to contain no fixed reference points; that history and the people in it have no objective right to exist.  They are regarded as "fair game," mere ideological clay to be shaped and reshaped as convenient.

Ethics were thrown out along with me.  Allegedly "holy" ends were and still are being used as window dressing, distracting attention from what unethical means.  The take over nucleus operated a scam on October 22, 1983. It was quite a performance.  The audience fell for it, hook, line and sinker.  A new Darwin Gross was invented.  The pseudo-Darwin conveniently fit the straw-man role they wanted me to play before the audience, in absentia of course.(2)  They keep trying to make me wear a black hat, but the methods they used are themselves dark arts, those of putting the other person down.  "Judge not, lest ye also be judged," is the law of compensation.  Deliberately falsifying another person's identity, to pull him down, is a spiritual crime to the Bourchakoum as well.

The myth tries to exempt the spiritual overthrow of his master from disqualifying him as my spiritual successor. Rather than being disqualified by breaking a sacred trust, their monumental disloyalty is gilded with heroic language. The old medieval alchemists were going to transmute base metal into gold too but they failed also. They did succeed in deceiving a lot of people for a long time, however.  Know and rest assured that disloyalty is a disqualification for mastership in any authentic spiritual tradition.  The gospel according to their spiritual leader is camouflage for his takeover.

Falsely denigrating a man's character is a form of psychic murder, at a low astral level, as illustrated by an account from Frazer's Golden Bough. You may recall how it opens with the account of a strange cult located near Rome. Each guardian of a sacred grove achieves his priesthood by killing his predecessor.  It is straight out of the bowels of the astral world; a far cry from the noble, unbroken line of soul teachings I received from Paul Twitchell. I would not harm him or the teachings for any reward this world can offer. What Harold, et al tries to justify is unjustifiable. His failure as successor-in-training is the root cause of all that has followed. One big fib leads to another, as folks should learn before they get out of knee pants and bobby socks!

1.  Darwin's salarv is four times more than mine.
    a. The one I had chosen, as my successor-trainee, was given a great increase from his prior photography shop position by the Board of Trustees. I always left salaries to the trustees, for objective reasons.  After he joined the board, Chris Morris suggested to Harold that he set his own salary and named a figure of $40,000.  All board members were agreeable. However he declined to either set his own salary or to accept the recommendation of Chris. He was angling for a lot more, to control the entire corporation and everything in it.

He also complained he had no place to live and no furniture. The board purchased a condo for him and authorized him to buy any furniture he wanted. We wanted him to have a comfortable home.  His wife picked some beautiful things but he refused to let us pay for them, saying "they are too expensive."  He did however accept a personal gift of quality furniture from me, including sectional, arm chair, end table and lamp. It was all an act, I didn't know it then.

He deliberately posed as a martyr in order to create sympathy for his planned takeover, while making it hard on his family. A real man would have wanted to earn my approval as his supervisor. He chose to skulk around however, seeking sympathy by deception.  I had hoped he would grow out of his immaturity with enough positive encouragement and direction.  However his accomplice, Peter Skelskey, saw opportunity in his weakness and moved to exploit it behind my back.  By doing so he confirmed his arrested development and greatly disrupted plans for getting the teachings out to the millions who await them.  Exploitation is not the detached way of working for the universal cause!

(2)  I was warned not to attend or they warned my counsel that they would try to put me in jail. 
Bob Brant and Bernadine Burlin, both life members in good standing, were blocked from entering the meeting room.  According to another life member present, the tape of the proceedings was edited afterwards, adding to the confusion, & B-B's purse was checked for a gun !

The contrast between the tradition I received from Sri Paul and what Harold and Peter are doing is obvious and must be made public. They are riding on the record Paul and I have built, misleading many souls into thinking they are a continuation.(3) They are not, having taken a very different direction, a switch which they cover up behind a smoke screen of accusations. Most members would never have gone along if they had known the real score. They were captured by deception and deeply imbedded fear. Harold and Peter are caught red-handed doing this in the 10-22-83 Higher Initiate meeting.

Harold conveniently doesn't mention that he received medical benefits, personal office equipment and staff at home as required, reimbursement of travel and business expenses, at home and on the road, a new automobile, insurance and related expenses, a condo bought (the furnishings for which he rejected).(4)  It is deception by omission, a play upon audience sympathy.

          b. My salary was based upon ten years in the leadership role alone, plus two years with a largely untrained assistant, and upon contributing my work product of musical recordings, book copyrights and many taped lectures to the corporation.(5)  I came up the hard way too.(6)  When his initial trainee salary was set by the board, it was a raise. He turned down the first raise offered him for reasons of his own. These became apparent when he cited his starting salary at the 1983 Higher Initiates Meeting in attempting to justify the takeover.  The audience had no way to know it was a set-up.

(3)  He had a letter already prepared to go out to the membership. It was dated August 8, the day following the takeover.  In it he said:  "Sri Paul's mission was mainly to get out the basic doctrines. Sri Darwin continued in this mission, but he also set out to strengthen the physical organization.  Mine is to build upon the foundation laid by the Living Masters before me."   That was written when the conspirators believed they could control me by holding my pension benefits hostage.  When I wouldn't sell out, he changed his story as a matter of convenience.

(4)  See attached Minutes of the Board of Trustees.

(5)  H. Dean Lightle study, Sri Darwin Gross v. corporation, includes a summary of Darwin's Personal Contributions, prepared from IRS tax returns:  1976- $45,225, 1977- $10,473, 1978- $13,233, 1979-$14,867, 1980- $31,173, 1981- $8,096, 1982- $14,225, 1983- $14,446 & Music Recordings "Darji Meets Hank Jones", "Darji On Vibes, The Genes of Jazz" - (Profits to the corporation)/Flugel horn raffled ($650)/Boat donated to the corporation, used by Staff in Menlo Park/Five Vibraphones purchased by Darwin, donated to corporation, raffled off at seminars/Music compositions for Creative Arts Festivals/Paid transportation for several musicians and seminar speakers to seminars/Purchased instruments for musicians performing at seminars ($2,800). [This is a partial list and does not include many recordings, copyrights and lectures.]  I earned the retirement contract voted by the Trustees.  The promised benefits were stolen from me by those envious of my work, jealous of my public acceptance, and greedy to control the funds I brought in as a vehicle for the teachings received through Sri Paul Twitchell.

(6)  H. Dean Lightle Report: Salary 1972- $15,000, 1973- $15,000, 1974- $15,000, $1975- $18,000.
When I received my first raise three years after appointment, it was at the instigation of the Trustees who wanted to recognize my work. His demand for recognition before he earned it is an indication of immaturity, and a cause of his failing to properly present the teachings received from Sri Twitchell through me. I came from the electronics industry with a considerably higher compensation standard, yet I considered it a privilege to understudy Paul, as provided.

"I had to dig for answers" is more cover-up. He never missed a meeting of the Trustees, from his 1981
appointment to the takeover, August 8, 1983. As a trustee he had access to any and all information he wanted.  He could ask for and receive any information he desired. Other trustees did this constantly.  His silence fits the pattern of refusing his due, that he might appeal to sympathies later on. This had considerable influence, particularly upon older women, playing the role of helpless son and/or romantic loser(7)

    c. He knew when he made this statement it was false.  But he also knew those assembled had no way to find him out. Only the co-conspirators could possibly know otherwise.  These in turn were unable to expose him. They were in too deep, each with a personal axe to grind and each knowing the penalty for dissent.  Many higher initiates and members have pulled back or away in recent years, disillusioned, but they are still fearful.

2.  Darwin had wanted to jack them up (the membership dues) to $300 a year". "I can't even tell you myself (what membership means)" This was a board action.

    a.  As the minutes of the Trustees show, he actually voted to approve the staff recommendation for increasing dues to $300.(8)

    b. He knew when he dreamed up the charge his audience had no way to catch him in deception. This is why members and the public have a need and right to know what the Minutes actually show. They have no other means of ascertaining what really happened. As he predicted in his introductory remarks, he believes in re-inventing the past as a matter of convenience.  He glibly"explains away" unethical conduct.  He plays to the audience, untroubled by a contradictory voting record.

People who do these things gamble they won't be caught - or that the advantage sought is worth the risk of exposure. Prisons contain countless self-indulgent persons who were willing to take that risk for short-term gain. For law-abiding citizens it will always seem incomprehensible. That is why people slip up, forgetting to lock their doors and other security precautions.  Perhaps this is why I trusted him too far, not checking him out.(9)  Honest people expect most people are honest; dishonest people expect that most people are dishonest.

    c. When he made the revealing remark about not understanding the meaning of membership, Harold had been both a member and employee for a decade. He had every reason to know what membership "means."  It simply means getting the discourses and guidance of the Master, along with membership privileges at seminars, etc.(10)   Whether Harold could never figure this out or whether he deliberately mislead his audience, it's up to you to decide.  His constant appeals for sympathy have made some people very protective of him.  They will not hear of any criticism addressed to him and become furious with me and anyone else who tries to expose what he has done. As far as they are concerned, there is only one point of view, not two.  Harold is considered by them to be right under all circumstances.(11)

I am called a crook for my stand, though I honor the law and my neighbor, pay my taxes and tell the truth as I know it, even when it hurts. Harold gets to live a lie and is a hero to them for it.  You figure it out.  To me Harold's is simply another personality cult, another excuse for blurring the distinction between ethics and the lack thereof. Try and convince Harold's supporters and you would be in for a nasty shock however, as some of you have learned first hand. I don't recommend it to anyone unless they feel deeply about it.  Yet it is something I must do for the cause of truth and the received tradition of freedom in soul. It is part of the work left to me by Sri Paul and the ancient masters. We teach by example far more than by word, a distinction completely overlooked by Harold and Peter in their fibbing contest on 10-22-83.

3.  "Trying to get our property back;
    "Oregon corporation has no membership except....Darwin;
    "On top of his salary he allowed himself $30.000;
    "No accountability to the board ... nor as income ... reporting; "Its an illegal fund;
    "$2,600,000 was moved up there specifically against the advise of myself and board members:
    "A corporation that had no legal ties to Eckankar; "A gift from Eckankar;
    "We couldn't get it back at first;
    "I can't even touch on a lot of this stuff."  (Klemp, pgs. 2,3)

a.  The takeover Board filed suit to recover the property it had previously authorized to be transferred to Oregon on August 9, 1983, within forty-eight hours of the takeover. I never had a chance to return anything voluntarily. The suit was planned to give the appearance of impropriety on my part. It was at first curious that no one asked me for the return of anything at the August 8, 1983 meeting, when I was forced out. Yet they demanded Bob Brant's keys, credit cards, etc. The 10-22-90 great fib-off shows it was staged to lend credibility to their other deceptions.  After I was sued, it was necessary to find an attorney and go through the required legal steps of answer and return of the property.  They had everything I was using in my work back within 30 days,in spite of the cumbersome legal process.  I had exactly the funds and manuscripts voted unanimously by Harold Klemp and other board members when my semi-retirement to Oregon was authorized.(12)

(7)  Four "eighth initiates" demanded Harold takeover the Eckankar Corporation in a letter to certain Trustees (concealed from myself, Alan Nichols and Bob Brant). The letter was signed by four women, most or all of whom were grandmothers.  It was used by the conspirators to cover-up the takeover power grab.

(8)  The staff wanted raises.  I wanted to know how the cost was to be covered. The staff brought in a recommendation (in my name, to deflect the heat I suppose), that dues be raised to $300, based upon being held flat for quite a number of years.  He wanted to know my vote in advance but I insisted upon secret ballot. When the votes were counted, only Bob Engel had voted "no".  Later Harold played hero, reducing the dues to $150 (but not salaries, so it was no longer a sound financial arrangement).  Only a handful knew he had voted "yes" on the $300 dues. He got to have his cake and eat it too, but at the cost of perjuring his soul. See the attached Board Minutes. 2-25-83.

(9)  I didn't know of his suicidal tendencies, bizarre public behavior and being taken into custody until I read of it in his autobiographical Child in the Wilderness, published by Illuminated Way Press, 1989.  See particularly the chapter appropriately titled "Off the Deep End."  What he calls God-realization in that account I regard as an unbalanced mental condition cloaked with religious terminology, a commonplace among the disturbed.  Nothing could make the distinction between what we represent more clearly.  Paul and I never belonged to his AOBJ (Ancient Order of Bridge Jumpers!)  I wouldn't jump off a bridge for anybody and will back away from anyone who even suggests it. The time of our comings and goings belong to God, if we are responsible that is.  Jumping off bridges under the conditions he describes is not responsible, let me assure you.  Don't try it.  It is a psychic substitute for the still small voice, the inner voice of soul.  His experience is frightening to people who think the experience of God and soul may be for peculiars.  It is rather the most natural experience on earth.  Don't you believe otherwise! One of the most satisfying experiences anyone can have is to finally understand a problem that has bothered them for years. Multiply that satisfaction many times over and you have the realization of soul experience.

(10)   The worst thing Harold and the Board did in the membership category was to cancel out lifetime members protesting the takeover.  That violated a sacred promise to the membership:  "The greatest benefit of all from this (Life Membership) program is that the individual who subscribes to a Lifetime Membership does not have to worry should he step aside on the path; he'll always have the spiritual guidance and protection of the Living Master of the time." The Mystic World, Vol. VIII, No. 4.  In Harold's pseudo tradition however, the "always" means "never" if you disagree with his takeover.  It is a counterfeit he is palming off on the membership!  People can use the same terms, and still mean something very different in actual practice. Words have many meanings to many people.  Ethics always tells the story, not words alone. Words divorced from ethics are empty rhetoric.  The world is sick from broken promises, battered by abuses of trust, and constantly confused by pretty speeches which disillusion and deceive.

(11)  "Convinced that they know the truth - whether in religion or in politics - enthusiasts may regard lies for the sake of this truth as justifiable.  They may perpetrate so-called pious frauds to convert the unbelieving or strengthen the conviction of the faithful.  They see nothing wrong in telling untruths for what they regard as a much 'higher' truth. Sissela Bok, Lying, New York: Random House, 1978, p. 7. (Emphasis mine.)

(12)  See the Board Minutes of June 12-13, 1983.  This was the most damaging lie.  It convinced most members that Harold must be telling the truth because it was inconceivable that he would tell a multimillion dollar lie. The big lie relies for its success upon the well-known fact that most people would not dare to tell such a huge lie, if nothing else out of fear of exposure.  The big liar however is willing to risk exposure as part of a power drive, to win or lose all.  "Among lies which do harm, those which do the greatest harm are judged the worst.  Lies which are planned are judged more harshly than those told without forethought; single lies less severely than repeated ones."   Lying, p. 83.  Harold and Pete, the industrious liars of 10-22-83, have qualified for the record books, according to these experts criteria. They have met or exceeded them all!  My reputation was destroyed around the world.  Book dealers in Europe and prospective readers in the United States are still referring to the lies distributed by Pete and Harold as grounds for refusal to publish my books or to read them, as my correspondence shows.

b. Dharma corporation was a subsidiary of the Eckankar corporation, operated by the President, a position subject to control by the Board of Directors.  It was organized by the Board of Directors.  When the takeover board members fired me, out of sympathy for Harold and whatever other motivations they may have had, that act was proof I was subject to the Trustees.  Subsequently Harold made himself sole voting member of the corporations in Nevada, California and Minnesota.  As in a police state takeover, Klemp immediately moved to concentrate all voting power in himself. (13)

The board now serves at Klemp's pleasure.  They can't vote Harold out in the manner they voted me out.  Harold has placed himself beyond censure, making himself immune to removal, regardless of cause. If the directors want to stay on the board they must keep Harold happy, the opposite of the way it was set up by Sri Twitchell and maintained by me.  The.facts are opposite to what Harold is telling the audience but he knows they have no way to know what he is really doing or planning to do. He blind-sides them relentlessly, all through the session. (14)

The President's discretionary fund was not a salary. It was used once, to buy real estate.  The real estate was resold at a profit by the trustees. It was fully accounted for, including additional funds of my own I advanced to take advantage of an opportunity.  It took place three and one-half years before Harold came on the Board.(15) (See minutes 2-20-78). Harold knows that what he is telling the audience is false but he also knows they have no access to corporate minutes. A fund established by the Board of Trustees cannot be "illegal."  It is however illegal to defame another's character, as Harold and Pete in the web of lies they weave. Bearing false witness is also against the ethical codes of all higher religions and philosophies. The charge of "illegal" is a projection of Harold's conduct upon me, his scapegoat for a defective personality.  Harold voted with the others to transfer the membership trust account to Oregon, where I was to use interest paid on deposit for working capital. It would also have allowed me to keep an eye on the membership trust funds; funds for which I was jointly responsible with other Board members. They were determined to rid themselves of my guardianship functions. Only time will tell what has subsequently occurred. Nothing would surprise me very much. Klemp blocks questions on his defamatory falsehoods by saying he can't "touch on a lot of this stuff". He implies there is more and he forecloses questions by leaving the audience with the impression he has told them all he can. It is sleight of hand all the way.

4.  "How can you become the spiritual leader and have no say in the physical organization?" (Skelskey, p. 4.)

a. This is a plant, an "all-or-nothing" fake choice. In truth, members write and call for help constantly.  It is a full-time job, day and night.  The office operation is likewise a full-time job.  One detracts from the other. That is why Paul wanted a smooth business organization, to relieve the Master of that pressure for more important things.  The master only needs to attend Board meetings and make an occasional office visit. The board meetings are where the decisions are made and the Master has every opportunity to coordinate with the business side in that manner.

The fake choice is a cover-up for Skelskey's seizing total power with and through Klemp.  By convincing Harold he should be the only voting member on all corporation's boards, he overloaded Harold. Also, Harold had no business experience. As a result Skelskey gained working control as reward for destroying me.  The proof is in his becoming president of all corporations and a note in the house publication explaining that Harold has "stepped aside" to finish his work". Harold is already "finished" but just doesn't know it.  Wait until he turns his head!

Pete doesn't regard anyone as qualified as he is to lead the organization, deeply resenting Paul, myself and Harold in that role.  He misled Harold into revolt, destroying both their chances.  The physical organization is not what they think it is.  It is only a shell.  The spiritual power is not in a material shell or human organization.  It is in the Mahanta consciousness Itself, the spiritual vehicle established by Sri Twitchell for hundreds of years to come. I must continue to carry that responsibility in the physical because Harold was so eager to be taken in by his supposed buddy, sneaky Pete Skelskey.  If Pete cannot have it for himself, he is determined to destroy it for everyone else, Aesop's dog-in-the-manger personified.

b.  Skelskey knows the work load.  He sat on the board for two years prior.   What he is proposing is impossible for one person to handle. He also knows the audience will not realize this.  He is angling for personal power under the guise of securing "responsibility" for Harold.  The way it worked out is proof Skelskey was looking out for Skelskey, period.  The audience doesn't know Skelskey's hidden agenda of grabbing power for himself.  They have been deliberately kept in the dark, from 1983 forward.  That is why I was refused a mailing of my side of the story to the membership; why my address was not listed in the house publication, and why I have been repeatedly sued in a total abuse of membership trust and their funds.

c. Klemp and Skelskey know that if the membership ever gets wind of events as they really occurred, how the wool was pulled over their eyes, and how the big lie technique was used to render them powerless, they will leave in droves.  Klemp and Skelskey want to keep every paying member on the hook, except those who ask embarrassing questions that is.  The latter are ruthlessly expelled, before others around them get wise to what is happening.

5.  "There was, uh, a movement of money unbeknownst to the Board of Trustees, uh, which was a, uh, a broken trust."   (Skelskey, p. 4.)

a. Skelskey knows he personally voted to move membership trust fund certificates on deposit to the Oregon Bank, that the interest might be used for my operation. More authorization was voted than actually used, in point of fact.

b. Skelskey also knows the audience he is speaking to does not know he voted for transferring the funds. He simply flim-flams them, knowing that in the rigidly controlled organization he is setting up, no one will ever be the wiser (so he thinks!) Spirit knows all and what It knows must become known.  That is truth.  It is a reality overlooked by the dictators, con men and takeover plotters of all time, why they always come to grief.  The average person has no way to uncover or combat organized, massive lying, but Spirit does.  When the cup of their iniquity is full, the ancient wisdom explains, the law of compensation will have the final word.

c. This bold lie shows Skelskey as architect of the takeover plot. An innocent man was ruined to cover-up for the takeover conspiracy.  It appears likely as a consequence that it may also have been Skelskey sho influenced Klemp's decision to "jump the gun", to seize by stealth and deception what he could have earned, had he only been willing to persevere and accept the discipline of training.  In retrospect, anyone capable of doing what Klemp did is not ready for the position.  Klemp, knowing his own secret thought processes, apparently became convinced he would not make the grade. He elected to betray his mentor, stabbing me in the back.

13  "If the designation of a foe is open, as in a declaration of war, deception is likely to be expected on all sides. While it can hardly be said to be consented to, it is at least known and often acquiesced in.  But the more secret the choice and pursuit of foes, the more corruptible the entire process, as all the secret police systems of the world testify".  Lying, p. 152.

14  "Those who have to cope with the consequences of deception ... To be given false information about important choices in their lives is to be rendered powerless ... their very autonomy may be at stake". Lying, p. xvii. Considering the thousands of people captured and held spiritual hostage by the Klemp & Skelskey takeover deception, the individual autonomy of a great many people has been sacrificed to envy, jealousy and greed.

15  See Minutes, 2-20-78.  Harold knows nothing whereof he speaks, but he lies so fluently that the audience cannot tell this fib from others in which he was directly involved. In other words, he lies as glibly when he is unsure of what took place as when he is completely certain he is lying because he was present at the real events.  He is therefore a virtuoso of lying, a negative genius, lying under all circumstances so plausibly that the audience swallows it whole each time.

6.  "Um. I would of liked to have seen Darwin here to answer questions 'cuz we're going to hear one side of it, but I'd like as best as you can to tell us what Darwin's explanation of his actions were." ("Rick", p. 3.)

a. This is obviously another "planted" question. I was not present because I had been threatened by takeover leadership with legal action if I tried to attend.(16) The idea that Skelskey and Klemp can speak for me, the same two men who have stolen my life work and destroyed my reputation for selfish gain is insanity, but what's new? The entire takeover is spiritual insanity.

The shocked audience possesses only superficial information. The audience is deceived into believing deceptive reports and appearances. The assumptions are accepted because they are not explicit, not out in the open.  No warning flags are flown.(17) The audience is "blind-sided."  It is led to believe that both Skelskey and Klemp are friendly to me! Ambition and greed have turned both men into deadly enemies but only a handful are in the know. It is a sneak attack, a day of infamy in a year of infamy.

7.  "He and he alone decides what he wants to do in the physical organization". (Skelskey, p. 4.)

a. The first corporation sole filing is over two years away but Skelskey's statement is prophetic.  The independent Board of Paul's day and mine is doomed.  The majority trustees forfeited their independence. When the Trustees installed Skelskey-Klemp they signed a declaration of dependence. The new policy is one-man rule.

b. The enunciated takeover policy was subsequently written into law.  Two years after the subject meeting of higher initiates, Minnesota corporation papers were signed by Klemp and notarized October 9, 1985, (shortly after the Settlement Agreement with Sri Darwin Gross).  The papers were actually filed January 30, 1987.  (Minnesota was the third corporation to be denied trustee voting control.  It was formed as a corporation sole, unlike Nevada and California, both of which were governed by majority vote of trustees, prior to being amended by Klemp.)

(16)  My long-time secretary, Bernadine Burlin, did attend other sessions and she was treated like a criminal. Her purse was searched for a gun!  The likelihood of B.B. having a gun in her purse is on the order of likelihood that Harold's astral hell will freeze over before he and Peter complete their reformatory time there.

(17)  Harold explains in his first autobiographical work, The Winds of Change, (Menlo Park:  IlluminatedWay Press, 1980, pgs. 108-109), how he is an adept at entering the auras of total strangers, without a trace of his entry because Harold knows how to duplicate his victim's magnetic field, leading the unwary one to think the alien presence is an extension of his own:

"When my atom field aroused no foreign sensations in the atom field of another person because our vibrations were in agreement, then his senses were not warned to be on the lookout for a stranger nearby. Hence I was invisible to others, even though I could see them and myself perfectly well."  Harold has explained in house publications how a trained adept in black magic can enter the sleep state of a victim and leave a post-hypnotic suggestion which will be acted upon upon awakening or other cue. Putting these two together and what has happened, one can readily see how the entire movement, most of whom were initiates looking to me, could be controlled so easily.  Under normal circumstances you can't get most people to agree on anything, much less on a controversial organizational split.

The same eighth initiates who promoted the takeover (under the same dream control?) were ready to go out on their own with Harold if his takeover should fail. This is because they were realistically evaluating the prospects of a beginner taking control from a seasoned leadership solidly accepted by the membership. What no one understood was the ominous potential of Harold's psychic talent and Pete's capacity to exploit it.  The combination was deadly and produced a stunning coup, almost unimaginable before the fact. It was a product of subliminal attack, using entities off the lower astral, in my opinion.  I have had to rescue too many not to be certain of that, as many of you have told me yourselves, and are eager to testify to if called upon.


This corporation is subordinate to and affiliated with The Living Master and His Successors, A Corporation Sole, organized under the laws of the State of Nevada, pursuant to the doctrines of a hierarchical Church.  This corporation irrevocably shall be a subordinate entity in the ecclesiastical organization, under the direction, authority, and control of the Living Master.


The affairs of this corporation shall be managed consistent with its purposes by a Board of Trustees ... Trustees shall be elected by the Living Master Member.


This corporation shall have one member and that is the Living Master Member. The Living Master Member will be the only member having voting rights. The Living Master Member shall be the Living Master member and His Successors, a Corporation Sole organized under the laws of the State of Nevada ... or its successor or assignee.


Upon dissolution of the corporation, the Trustees shall ...dispose of any remaining assets to and among the Living Master Member or such one or more corporations, associations, trusts, foundations, and institutions that are then in existence as the Living Master may designate.

ARTICLE I establishes the Corporation/Minnesota on lines developed for Roman Catholic Bishops. The Roman Catholic Church is the best known example of an autocratic church organization. Members have no control, voting rights or recourse. They exist at the mercy of the hierarchy. Bishops are at least theoretically subject to audit, policy control and supervision by the Vatican's bureaucracy and by the Pope. Article I shows Klemp answerable to no one but himself. We know Skelskey is in the picture but that is about as reassuring as having a weasel in the chicken coop.

ARTICLE VI shows a token board of trustees.  Any trustee can be replaced at any time by the titular Living Master, and at his whim or pleasure. No cause need be shown.  This Article guarantees that Skelskey's October 22, 1983 pronouncement has become a reality for the organization.

ARTICLE VIII hands the voting rights of the Board of Trustees over to Harold Klemp. They can still vote at board meetings but if Klemp or Skelskey does not like something they say or do, the offending trustees can be removed at once, without cause and without explanation.

ARTICLE VIII determines successorship to be a Nevada corporation. Klemp can at any time dissolve the Minnesota corporation and transfer its assets to a corporation in Nevada "or its successor or assignee".This means for practical purposes that the corporation substantial cash assets can be transferred anywhere in the world, at Klemp's discretion. LR.S. policies governing non-profits declare they cannot inure to individual benefit but enforcement policy does not extend to many countries for lack of reciprocal treaties.  Any transfer to an off-shore bank would remove whatever tenuous governmental controls remain. Personal Klemp/Skelskey control can be converted to personal Klemp/Skelskey ownership very rapidly under the Minnesota articles.

Understand I not saying that they have done this but I am pointing to a barn door standing wide open.  It is a very unsound arrangement and like so many other changes Pete and Harold have contrived, it shows the profound differences existing between Paul and myself on the one hand, and Harold and Pete on the other.They say they are worried the public will confuse me with the organization. Believe me, they are not half as worried about that prospect as am I! That's a major reason why I keep writing, not to say I told you so later on,but to provide fair warning of what can go wrong when all controls are taken off by people who need all the controls society can lawfully apply as a consequence. I always felt the organizational controls were there for my protection as well as that of the membership. That someone would want them removed is far from reassuring, particularly in the context of 10-22-83.

ARTICLE X makes the total control over assets referred to in ARTICLE VIII more explicit. Klemp can do with the organization's assets what he sees fit. He is the dictator, subject only to Skelskey's influence. No outsider can know what degree of influence that may be but Skelskey is the President of all three state corporations.This means he and Klemp are in a position to control everything that happens in the organization.  No one can criticize them and remain a member.

c.  The original Nevada ASOST corporation,(18) as amended by Klemp,(19) is subject to the California corporation. It was filed by the same law firm(20) in Oregon which represented Klemp in his corporation 5 lawsuits against me, and not by the Minnesota corporation house counsel. It therefore appears the amendment may have had its origin in that litigation and in advice sought from the Oregon law firm on ways to prevent myself or the membership from re-establishing trustee control. When the membership eventually finds out how the October 22, 1983 Higher Initiates meeting was staged to deceive, they will also find they have no voting rights with which to object. (Nevada was the second corporation in which trustee voting control was destroyed.)

d. The California corporation articles, filed April 14, 1975, were amended on June 20, 1985.
(California was the first corporation in which trustee voting control was destroyed.)  "Membership" is an empty word. Seizure of control from me was a prelude to seizure of control from the trustees.  Trustee control was denied or destroyed in the following sequence:

(1) California   06-20-8
  (2) Minnesota         01-30-87.
  (3) Nevada             12-21-87.

(18)  Filed May 21, 1970.

(19)  "This Corporation shall have one member and that is the Living Master Member shall be the only
member having voting rights."  That language means no member of the board of trustees has any real voting power.  He can can only go through the motions. Klemp can overrule or replace any or all trustees as he sees fit.

(20)   Esler, Stephens & Buckley.

8.  "He's (Darwin) out there telling all kinds of things, including he has told people that he has no money for food and they are sending him money for food. Now when you're making $80,000 a year you can eat pretty well. So we are um talking because the other side is being told and is and we were accused even of a cover-up. There is no cover-up.  We are trying to avoid an open confrontation, but its being triggered off anyway." (Simpson, p. 4.)

a.  Simpson knows I was confronted with large legal fees in defending against corporation lawsuits, the first of which was filed two days after the takeover.(21)  As an insider she must have known or could have known the corporation had a gun at my head, demanding I be quiet and disappear if I wanted a pension and medical benefits.(22)  Discovering my convictions were not for sale, they broke the promise given by themselves and by former trustees, a promise I relied upon to my great detriment.  Faced with complete loss of my income, medical benefits and facing expensive litigation in addition, I conserved meager funds for legal expense as much as possible, living pretty much on distilled water and brown rice for months at a time.

Even then I couldn't afford to appeal a bad decision, an appeal that several experts said I was certain to win. Winning would have only meant more appeals by the corporation, an effort I would have had to match. If I won in the highest court, it would only have resulted in the case being sent back for trial, where it should have been in the first place. By then the costs would have added up to far more than I had available going in, all before the cost of trial itself! Like so many other Americans, I simply found the price of justice too high.  I had to walk away, all the while knowing I had every right to the retirement contract I earned from the corporation. I should never have been placed in the position of having to sue for it in the first place. That is on Harold, Pete and the Board of Trustees.

b. The conspirators' idea of avoiding a confrontation is for me to roll over and play dead while they invent and lap up vile gossip about my character.  The confrontation was triggered by extreme suspiciousness, disloyalty and ambition.  My fault was to trust them far more than they deserved.  Yet I have to trust those who ask me for help, to a considerable extent, or I can't assist in bringing out the best potential an individual has..Judgmental doesn't get it.  Trust leaves one in a vulnerable position. Fortunately not every one betrays the one they turn to for help.  That conduct is reserved for channels of the negative power, and by those who have been deeply confused by such channels.

c. Simpson's statement that my side is being told is contradicted by the fact they would NOT let me tell my side to the membership.  The membership has NEVER been allowed to learn of my side.  The fact is,Simpson and associates are doing the talking.  They are talking about letting me talk but they never do so.It is vintage double talk, a real shuffle on the audience.

9.  "When its time for me to nass the rod of Power to the next person, I have to do it.  I know exactly what I
have to do. whether it takes 10 years or 20.  And the longer it takes me to do it, so be it.  The Rod ofPower gets too hot to handle beyond the time of your mission and you have to let it go.  Darwin had to let it go or the Rod of Power will burn you to a crisp. that means your health will go to destruction.  He had to pass it.  When my time comes I have to pass it."  (Klemp, p. 5).

a. Harold is obsessed with power.(23)  He speaks of it constantly.  Had he remained in training he would have come to understand the principle of power:  "He (the Mahanta) never seeks power for he already has power".(24)   "Nothing is more dangerous than half-knowledge." (25) This is why I, Sri Darwin Gross, must remain as living representative of the teachings, until I have a fully developed successor.  Harold has said that I should step off this planet to make room for him.  What he is asking for is contrary to spiritual law.(26)  I am not allowed to retire from the field of action until another is ready and trained to replace me.  That requirement leaves Harold out in the cold, spiritually speaking.

b.  I approached Harold with an opportunity.  A health condition(27) was making it difficult for me to do
both the spiritual and the physical work I have to do. I asked Harold to assist me in getting out the message.It is the same training role I had with Paul Twitchell. Harold accepted my offer.  There are no written contracts between master and trainee.  It is necessarily a relationship of great trust.(28 )   The relationship between every chela and the master is one of divine love.  It is sacred, strong and permanent, ever growing stronger.When Harold became  determined to come between me and those initiated under me, he broke one of the most fundamental of all spiritual  laws.(29)

c.  The teachings received from Sri Paul provide only two alternatives in terms of succession procedure:
"The departing Master retires into the other worlds if necessary or perhaps like Fubbi Quantz, Rebazar Tarzs or
Yaubl Sacabi, will stay in his physical body for many centuries to serve in this world."  Satsang I, p. 42.Either, 1. I have not departed and therefore still hold the responsibility, or 2.  I am going to stay for centuries,in which case Harold is also wrong in wanting me to translate.  In either instance Harold is totally confused and confusing.   His dilemma illustrates the problem of making up stories generally.  Sooner or later they come into conflict with  truth and stand to be exposed.

In the long history of the teaching order I represent, that described by Paul Twitchell, it is very rare and
almost unheard of for a successor-in-training to turn against his master.  It has always been considered a sacred  relationship.  After graduation, when the master has departed, then the new master is free to branch out into his own specialization.  There is no conflict, no repudiation, no denial of antecedents.  Harold has disgraced himself rather than the teachings.  His actions form a contrast to everything I teach, represent and am.(30)

The teachings have always acknowledged the possibility for failure in an understudy. I have taken my share
of responsibility for nominating Harold, a nomination that did not sit well with some of the masters, yet they understood my loyalty to Paul and the unfinished work he left me.(31)   Harold's desperate search for power,
recognition and balance has turned out to be one of the most difficult situations I inherited.  Disagreements among  the detached masters are always conducted in a friendly spirit of spiritual camaraderie.  The ugliness of what has done by Harold is totally beyond the pale.

I have received many letters commenting upon or asking about the extreme hostility manifested by the
Klemp/Skelskey takeover.(32)   Hatred and intolerance do not come from the realms of pure spirit. They are
manifestations of the dark force at work, doing Kal's mischief. Souls must learn how to deal with it however. This  is why we teach the detached works.  My concern is not so much for myself.  I know where I'm going and when.   But I care deeply for those who have been pulled off the path with Harold.  Their letters tell me what they are going through.  For many it is sheer torment.

(23 )   The 1981 World Wide was themed as "The Spiritual Laws."  After the nomination of Harold at that event, I stayed away from the office and concentrated on my music,writing and travel.  Harold's people brought out a cassette package of tape recordings, heavily edited, that was entitled "The Passing of the Rod of Power," changing the World Wide theme retroactively to fit his obsession with power.   It was a test for Harold, to not claim something he hadn't earned.   I made it very clear at the World Wide that nomination as the living Master was no guarantee of working into the mahanta state; only that I would help him. I could not relieve him or anyone else of the tests.  We all are tested constantly, to help each individual grow in awareness of soul. We are only here to become co-workers with God.

(24)   Paul Twitchell, The Shariyat-ki-Sugmad, Las Vegas: Illuminated Way Press, 1971, Vol. II, p. 155.

(25)   Op. Cit. Vol. I, p. 145.

(26)   "Bodies are the expressions of an inherent law whose reality is undeniable ... the mind that creates them has made them real in this world for they are necessary for Soul to use as an instrument while here ... They must obey the laws of matter, energy, space and time."   Paul Twitchell, The Shariyat-ki-Sugmad, Book I, p. 134. I am not allowed to commit suicide any more than any one else.  Harold has urged commission of a crime against the laws of man and God.  When my work is finished, I will step off this plane of physical endeavor and work elsewhere for the universal cause.  It is in the hands of God, as with every human being on this planet.  I am more aware of what is happening elsewhere than most, that is all.  I don't focus on it however. To do so would create a negative situation and detract from the work I must to do. Harold is in way over his head, as this and his many other "off-the-wall" comments go to illustrate.

(27)  See the attached list of operations and treatments.  Any human being with a ounce of human
decency would have either accepted my offer and then jumped in to lift some of the load, or would have declined outright, to make room for someone who would. I really needed help.  Knowing that,Harold elected neither of the two honorable courses of action.  Instead he accepted my offer to undermine me,followed by a cheap grab for power. He had my total trust.  It is the only way the trainee can work into the Mahanta state of consciousness.   My shields were completely down to him, to help him make the transition. Harold misread this as weakness. It was only vulnerability. He added solemnly promised.

I was raised to believe a real man's word is his bond.  That Peter Skelskey's takeover plan found favor with Harold rather than my own plan for his spiritual development is the difference between being a channel for the kal force and pure spirit.  Harold made his choice and there was nothing I could do to prevent it by spiritual law.  The choice was his to make.  The rest is history.

(28)  The masters "must be above all things sincere, honest, and above reproach,"  Sri Paul wrote in Shariyat-ki-Sugmad, Book One, p. 181-182.  The games played with the 10-22-83 Higher Initiate audience, as with the entire membership, are contrary to the good character essential to the mastership. Harold disqualified himself.

(29)  Harold has said that if a "Master should ever be reluctant to step aside for the next man" that "the
almighty power of Spirit would simply burn him to a crisp until he let go of the Rod of Power.  The
spiritual leadership is always transferred at the instigation of spirit!" Wisdom Notes, Winter, 1983. Harold is wrong on both scores.  The Rod of Power is divine consciousness, manifested as love.  It is not electricity or other phenomena. It cannot burn or hurt anyone.  And Rebazar Tarzs is "the chief instrument in the spiritual selection of the Mahanta and passing of the Rod of power."  Paul Twitchell,The Master Discourses, p. 88.

(30)  Harold speaks of me as a "fallen master". Rami Nuri tells Paul "The higher one goes, the greater he must fall, once his feet are pulled off the path.  Even the Godman can fall if he so permitted himself.But it's hardly possible."   Paul Twitchell, Dialogues with the Master, Las Vegas: Illuminated Way Press, 1970, pgs. 171-172.  The problem is not of a fallen master but of a fallen trainee.   His feet were pulled off the path by dark arts.   However the dark force would not have found favor with Harold had he kept the spiritual law.  Had he honored his word, he would not have been so vulnerable.

(31)  "At the time of his passing, every Master turns over his work to another Master who is in the body and he carries on until his time to translate the human body into the other worlds.  Those who translate shall continue with the chelas they have initiated on earth, when those chelas have passed across the borders of death into the upper worlds.  Their master meets them and they begin their further studies under him in the heavenly worlds."  The Shariyat-ki-Sugmad, Book II, p. 48.

Harold acknowledges the Shariyat as his "bible" but doesn't want to admit he had to be trained by a master in the physical body, between Paul's translation and Harold's time to cross over.  It was a thankless task right from the beginning.  "The chela in a human body must have a Master in the human body". The Spiritual Notebook, p. 170.  "It is a fixed law that only the Mahanta in his human body can act as the Master for those still in their human bodies ... it is the chela himself who is so limited he cannot receive instructions and initiation from an invisible master." (Op. Cit. p. 171.)

Harold says he sat in the audience when Paul gave talks. However that is not meeting the master. Even his own writings give that away. It was up to me to bring him up to the mastership, to develop him. Now Harold has rewritten the history of the teachings to read as though he got it all from Paul and no mention of me. Anyone who cares to read his writings can see what Harold doesn't.  Jumping off a bridge into freezing waters, changing the weather, disrobing in airport lobbies -- he didn't get that from Paul or me.  We don't work that way.  It just shows how much work remained to be done with Harold.That is why I brought him in, way before my time to go, in order to work with him.  Then he started listening to Skelskey, as did others to their subsequent regret, and the takeover plot was hatched.

(32)  A chela wrote to me concerning close friendships of long standing.  "This friend stated very coldly and bluntly that I was not welcome in her space anymore and if I didn't leave immediately she would call the police.  She refused to answer my bewildered questions and slammed the door in my face.  My other two best friends ... presented me with the new and revised version of the history from 1972-82.Before I left these two Higher Initiates they made it perfectly clear that if I signed a written statement denouncing you as a black magician that I would be accepted back into the fold ... I literally got physically sick".R.D. 11-24-86.

10.  "You're stuck with the person who holds the Rod of Power." 

"Our organization is now set up where all the power in the organization chain is vested in the president"

"It's almost like a window of miracles that I was able to move in."

"He tried to sow up his power in the presidency." (Klemp, p. 5)

Harold moved in all right, but it was not through a miracle.  It was through a down and dirty conspiracy to defame me and seize control of the corporation at the same time.  The people in the audience know none of the advance planning the conspirators engaged in.

Nobody is "stuck" with anybody. It is always the right of every individual to choose for himself who he is following.  "The Teaching is an individual path.  All may travel it, but not as a collective religious group.Each must go his own way and experience that which is his own."(33)  This is the tradition of freedom and choice I received from Paul Twitchell.  In contrast and opposition,  Harold says he has remade the corporation into an organization where the president is all-powerful.(34)  That means Peter Skelskey, takeover architect, is now running the show.  He is president of all three corporations, Nevada, California and Minnesota. Harold has "stepped aside."  Harold is looking down the barrel of the same gun he once aimed at me.

Harold accuses me of trying to "sow up power in the presidency."  He is talking about himself.  He is the
one who has made himself the only voting member of all three corporations.  It is he who has "sowed up" the power, and the wrong power at that.  I was discharged wrongly, but at least it was by a majority of the trustees. Harold with the only vote there is dangles them all on his string.  If they want to enjoy trustee status and privileges they must toe the Klemp/Skelskey line. The trustees cannot vote out the dictatorial form of government Skelskey/Klemp induced them to install.  It is an irreversible power grab, irreversible except by the action of spiritual law that is.  Count on it as I do, and we must assist it in every lawful way we can.

11.  "He wants us to put his new address and eve ,r t hing in the Mystic World.  I won't do that, because it is counter to the purposes of the teachings, but I have no objection if people want to write to him. Like if he gets a hold of somebody and you want to pass it to your friend or something else you can do that." (Klemp, p. 6)

Harold is proving two things with his statement, whether he realizes it or not.  1. He is not a master in the tradition of spiritual freedom received from Sri Twitchell.  Both Paul and I have repeatedly said it is up to the individual to whom they look as spiritual guide, a tradition Paul observed in his own household.  2.  He is however a master of the "Catch 22" tradition. When you net out his rambling speech it says: "You can write to Darwin but you can't have his address!"

Paul referred to this sort of double-talk as sophistry, a misuse of the language to deceive which has bedeviled the human race down through time.  The sophists were a hardship to Pythagoras and have been to many other masters, as to Paul and myself.  They can generate misleading accounts faster than an honest person can refute them.  A false accusation takes only a few moments and a warped mind to originate, but it may take years to try and undo the damage, as this present effort powerfully illustrates.  That's because the Kal has a short-term advantage in the negative climate of the astral world, Harold and Peter's playground. Being bound,they bound others.  Harold speaks of 150 astral sub-planes he invites the membership to explore.  Paul and I take our charges through the negatively charged astral world as swiftly as possible.

12.  "I'd like to introduce Darwin's board" (Klemp, p. 7).

"Each member of the board was hand-picked by Darwin Gross.  This has been Darwin's Board ... Harold
any time for any reason, you can remove any of us ... We're going to see ... that no president, no general manager, can impugn the living Master again.  The living Master will pick the board.  Not as it was done in the past." (Skelskey, p. 7).

Can any listener unscramble this concoction?  It is in code, intended to confuse.  First, its said to be a
board handpicked by me.  Second it is said that Klemp will do the picking from now on.  Third it is said that the
second is not the way it was done in the first instance!  The sophists are hard at work confusing the audience.Didpeople fall for this contradiction in terms? You bet they did. Look at the results.  Ninety-five percent of those present were initiated under me, yet ninety-five percent of that number swallowed it like so many guppies.Like I say, Kal has a temporary advantage down here.

Just for the record, I did not introduce all nominations to the board. Peter Skelskey is a case in point.  I'm
glad I don't have that one on my conscience!  Klemp is quite enough, thank you.  I didn't put much time or attention on the physical organization, nor did Paul.  That is why so many tricks were slipped over on us,a circumstance not appreciated by the great majority who have never worked that close to what really happens with those carrying the true spiritual mantle. Most people think if it came from the office with corporationname on it, we must have approved it in advance. I got to see most things the same way everyone else did, after the fact.

Paul and I had more important things to do with our time, to get the message out and help the students. That is what I was trying to do for Harold, hanging in there, bad health and all; trying to keep the business off his back. He turned on me, beating me over the head with my concern for his success. I eventually got around to telling Harold how his returning of evil for good was so extreme a case he had given ingratitude itself a black eye, no easy task since it already has one of the worst names in the language.(35)

(33)   Paul Twitchell, The Spiritual Notebook, Santa Monica: DeVorss & Company, 1971, p. 26.

(34)  Harold sang a different tune while under my supervision, but he had not become stable in the way of spirit.  "You have the freedom to look for spiritual guidance and protection from whomever you wish, including Sri Darwin, Rebazar Tarzs, Peddar Zaskq, or myself.  The spirit is the spirit, no matter what body It uses to express Itself."  (The Wisdom Notes,March/April, 1982).

(35)   Harold went on to quote Paul's writings:  "How can you tell when the Kal power is greater in one man than another? You may say to him bless you and he will try to use the blessing for a stick with which to beat you ... he thinks vice is a virtue and virtue is a vice."  Harold did not apparently grasp the
irony of his quotation in the midst of doing the very thing Paul warned against.  "Out of his own mouth he stands condemned" is a phrase that seems to fit with uncanny accuracy.

Monumental ingratitude and a jugular instinct are the only two things I can think of in which he showed real proficiency. Both are negative talents and have no part in the tradition I received from Paul.  He was an extremely appreciative human being and compassionate beyond measure. Harold's claim to succeed me,and Peter's claim to succeed Paul Twitchell,(36), is lewdness in the Cathedral for sure, right off the astral plane, per The Tiger's Fang by Sri Twitchell.

I don't have time to cover the entire proceedings of 10-22-83.  Suffice it to say it is more of the same pious fraud.  How could this have happened? Paul warned in a special brochure he and I had widely distributed,of Dangers of the Psychic World for Truth Seekers.(37)   Harold has described his psychic experiences in Child in the Wilderness.  Had I known, I would not have nominated him for the stress of seeking the mastership.  It is not a role for those subject to mental breakdown. I would have worked with him first in an effort to help him get a stronger foundation.

A lot of things have happened since 10-22-1983, but I will leave that to another time.  The contradictions continue, I can say that much anyway. For example, Harold wrote in the Spring of 1984 "Why do so many paths to God compete with each other to lure innocent people away from their beliefs?"(38)  Yet in the Stranger by the River, (Klemp revision recently published), a spiritual master is portrayed with a field of crosses.  It is a blatant attempt to influence Christians, pulling them off their path. 

Paul and I have always emphasized that if people are satisfied in the church, temple of synagogue, they should stay where they are. Christian symbolism is misplaced in Paul's universal works.(39)  He respected the truth where ever he found it, not in one particular religion but in all.  It is not a proper presentation of Sri Paul's writings, I can assure you of that, just in passing of course!

(36)   In yet another bizarre twist, Peter Skelskey filed a claim with the California Secretary of State, pursuant to Section 990 of the Civil Code, alleging "successor-in-interest" status to Paul Twitchell as a "celebrity". Paul was a spiritual leader, not a celebrity. It cheapens his life work. But that is no problem for Skelskey, who has expressed a very low opinion of Sri Twitchell's life work, his many writings.
According to Skelskey, while being deposed under oath in Sri Darwin Gross v. Corporation, the lifetime production of Paul Twitchell, including such instant spiritual classics as Stranger by the River,The Tiger's Fang and The Flute of God are, in his own words, "almost worthless ... they were written in the 1920's or I930's style and had to be completely rewritten". (p. 57, September 12,1984).

According to this "logic" many of Ernest Hemmingway's most acclaimed works would have to be rewritten, to say nothing of Jack London, Rudyard Kipling and Henry James, to name only a few. That a man who breaths contempt for the works of Sri Twitchell has the sheer gall to file a successor-in-interest claim to him is worse than lewdness in the cathedral. It is rotten to the core. This same man Skelskey wormed his way in the presidency of the corporation, a position that requires him, by reason of the corporation's contract with Gail Twitchell Anderson, to preserve "the originality and proper presentation" of Sri Paul's works.

Is it any wonder that Skelskey is flaunting that contract by printing revised versions of work after work? He doesn't respect Paul's work, he doesn't respect the corporation's contract with Gail, and he doesn't respect himself.  If he did he would honor the obligations incumbent upon his office.  He would resign and go back to where he came from, before he started angling for a takeover of the corporation in order to run it, its founder and the founder's successor into the ground.

(37)  "So many of our mental hospitals are filled with persons who have dabbled in psychic phenomenon ... they are pushed over the borderline from normalcy to emotional disorder ... Unless the symptoms are recognized he may seriously damage the lives of those around him.  To satisfy his desires he will step on anyone regardless of injury to feelings or the reputation of an innocent person. He is a pathological liar but talks so convincingly that he is believed and is able to get ahead. But eventually his words and actions boomerang and cost him dearly ... Of all the mental ailments this is one of the most difficult to resolve, according to medical authorities. It is probably the most damaging and misunderstood of all."

Compare this to Harold's remarks before the Spring 1984 Youth Conference, that he is "going to change the sound" on the various levels of heaven.  All the levels of heaven, whether mentioned in the Jewish, Christian or Islamic bibles, or elsewhere for that matter, are constructed and held together by the Word, the Voice of God. God is pure energy and all worlds are taken off the divine current, just as are you and I. For anyone to seriously state they are replacing God, its not a sign of balance, to say the least! Even the plane lords cannot do what Harold proposes. Harold is no more God than you, myself or anybody else. We as soul are part of the spirit of God, that is all. We only differ in our degree of realization. I get up in the morning and put on my pants just like anybody else.  I make my share of mistakes too, as Harold's situation indicates. Harold's self-announced apotheosis into a medieval demi-urge, adjusting the creation, shows where his ambitions lie, nothing more.

(38)  The Wisdom Notes, Spring, 1984.

(39)   We teach that highest truth is recognized because it is explicitly universal, as in the good neighborpolicy of the golden rule; that soul exists because God loves it; that soul is eternal.  It is not difficult to understand if one is inclined to be even a little bit generous toward his fellow man and in his concept of God Itself.
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