Birthday: 23rd August 1978

Family:Julian's mother is Danish and his
father is Spanish. His father, John
Casablancas, founded the prestigious
'Elite' Model Agency in the 1971. Though
Julian grew up with his mother in
Manhattan. His mother won Miss Denmark
many years ago!

School: Julian was sent to a French
school in the city at the age of
five,[where he met Niko]. At the age of
13 Julian was sent to L'institut le
Rosey, a private boys' school in
switzerland where he met albert, they
became good friends because they were
the only Americans present. Julian had
been forced to attend spell in state
detox to curb his binge-drinking,
switzerland was the last resort. After
spending many unhappy ['it was a total
nightmare'. Julian] years in Switzerland
he moved to manhattan's private prep
school dwight school with fellow
bandmates fab and nick.

Instrument: His voice". He sings with 'a
pleading tear in his voice', buzzing his
message through what seems like an
intercom: insistent, desperate, leering,

Before the Band: Before the band, Julian
was working in a bar in Manhattan and in
his spare time putting the finishing
touches to his first demo tape.

The early spark that started the ball
rolling: Julian's stepfather sent him
'The Best of The Doors' tape, while in
Switzerland. [the RESCUE PACKAGE].
Julian stayed in his room and played the
tape over and over again. He listened to
every instrument, to every word, to the
way the choruses fitted, really
intensely then- poof! It all fell into
place. Julian knew then how music was

Julian is an avid reader of 12th century
Persian poetry by Rumi?

"You know that
Bob Marley?"
"I've been
listening to
that a lot. It
makes me
sad. We've got a
way to go."

Why did you start a rock band in New
York in the 21st century ?
Julian: To hear some good music at last
and also to meet people.
There was no plan, no certainty. Just the
need to find ourselves and it takes time to
overcome our
shyness. Anyway, in spite of all that has
happened around us, it's still hard to talk
to girls.