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Second bomb explodes at Russia train crash site

Sat Nov 28 2009 16:01:25

Second bomb explodes at Russia train crash site A second, less powerful bomb exploded at the site of a Russian train crash, though no one was injured, the head of Russia's state railway operator has said.

It is understood the bomb went off at 2:00pm (1100 GMT) near the site of the first blast.

The head of Russia's domestic intelligence service has said that bomb was behind the derailment of the The Nevsky Express that left at least 25 people dead and nearly 100 injured.

Earlier, Russia's prosecutor general office opened a criminal case on terrorism charges.

The train was carrying 661 passengers from Moscow to St Petersburg. It was derailed at 9:34pm (1834 GMT) near the village of Uglovkam, about 200 miles north of Moscow.

It is thought the death toll is likely to rise and that 19 people are still unaccounted for. There are reports 95 people have been hospitalised with injuries ranging from broken bones to head wounds.

The derailment is Russia's worst train accident for years and talk of sabotage is likely to raise fears of an upsurge in attacks on the Russian heartland by rebels from the North Caucasus.

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As the Russian intelligence service says Friday night's train crash was caused by a bomb, rescue workers are still trying to find more survivors.

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