Jak X: Combat Racing

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  • ESRB Rating: Teen
  • Crude Humor
    Fantasy Violence
  • www.esrb.org


Game Description

Jak X: Combat Racing for PS2 by Sony brings back many of the Jak and Daxter franchise's most popular characters, in an intensely competitive combat race atmosphere. Players have access to 31 diverse venues, 24 of which are racetracks, and seven vast combat arenas. With more than a dozen customizable vehicles, featuring multiple "snap-ons" body parts, paint patterns and colors, and fun add-on accessories such as helmets and antennae, each player can customize their vehicle to best reflect their personality. Combat Racing is compatible with Daxter for the PSP as you can unlock new characters introduced in Daxter as drivers in Jak X and a special vehicle for Daxter.








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Jak X: Combat Racing - PS2

the best racing game in the WORLD!

OMG! This is the best racing game in the world! If u dont play this game u could rather die. I love playing this game. DO NOT PLAY SPEED RACER THE GAME. It is the most gay game in the world.

Jak X: Combat Racing - PS2

jak x

i love this game. this is the beat raceing game i have ever played. there are great graphics to. my favorite track is the deathdorm. i love that track. its got great control to. i also like how you can upgrade the cars.

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